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Bursting with pride 

I love being a parent, yes it has it’s stressful times, moments where you wonder if they will ever stop talking, normality will ever be regained or a meal will ever be eaten without a play buggy being parked at the side of the table but I have to admit I really do love being a Mum.

T makes me proud on a daily basis but the last week she has really blown me away. So it started last Saturday when we went swimming with some of our friends and T discovered all the new skills she learnt on holiday could be used back home and she wasn’t scared anymore. Infact she was trying to show her friend just how easy it was to put her head under the water! (This is the same girl that would cry if she got splashed a few months ago!)

Sunday we took T riding, she was a little nervous as it had been 3 weeks since her last lesson due to our holiday. The lesson had one of the biggest groups I’ve ever seen and at the start it didn’t go so well when she forgot a turn. After that things picked up and they ended up playing tig on horseback! T was giggling away and you could see she was really enjoying herself, it really was just lovely to watch.

All lined up ready for lesson to begin!

Yesterday was her weekly ballet lesson and we were looking forward to going as we thought she might find out about her exam results. Well after the lesson she comes running out with her certificate and she got a Distinction! 😁 I’m so proud of her, She really does love ballet and sees the exams as just another part of the lessons, there is no stress or worry at all. We checked back on her 3 previous exams and this is the highest mark she’s achieved and the most complex exam. Needless to say she got massive cuddles and kisses after this!

Yesterday was a busy one so right after we got back from ballet we had a super quick turnaround and T was off to the school disco! Yes it does seem like I live my life for T but I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way, she’s my mini me, my tiny best friend and my little ray of sunshine and I would be lost without her ❤ 

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16 miles, a ballet exam and a happy girl.

So this week was another tough one at the start with lots of short walks due to bad weather but I made up for it as much as I could on my days off racking up 6 miles yesterday! It felt so nice to walk a different route and actually get a tiny bit lost at times. I knew roughly where I was all the time but trying to find the exact way home was a little challenge that I think I needed to push myself to rack up the miles. Throw in a short walk with Tiana and Poppy this afternoon and my weekly total is 16.2 miles! 

I’m so pleased I’m well on my way to my target of 60 miles this month with just over a week to go so if next week is a good one I might even break 60 miles! Still can’t believe how much I’m enjoying walking, It’s not costing me anything, I’m building my fitness and I’m still finding new routes from my house. I feel so lucky to live where I do with so many nice paths to explore all within my reach.

This morning was also very exciting because T had a ballet exam that she had been preparing for a long time. I felt like I should be part of dance moms being up at 7am on a Sunday to plait and clip her hair into the neatest, most hairsprayed ballet bun possible! T is too small to be nervous yet which is great so we just get one excited little girl ready to try her best for the examiner! There was a group of 3 and they all had solo parts also but all in all the whole thing only took about 10 minutes at the most. The best part was when they all came out smiling ear to ear really happy with their performances. Some people would wonder why I would want to give up my Sunday morning to put T through an exam at only 7 years old but that is why  because she loves it! She was so happy after her performance and so pleased with how she had done there was no stress or anxiety and not a single hint of worry. Some people may say that she will never be a ballerina but neither will a lot of the girls that go to her dance school but for me it’s not about that. It’s about a hobby that she enjoys learning and having fun doing and as long as she wants to continue ballet I will continue to give up my Sunday morning lie ins to ready her for exams.

My little ballerina
Ballet bun hairsprayed within an inch of its life!
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Christmas Cheer

So here it is a whole week since I had 4 teeth out ready for my braces to be fitted and today is the first day without any pain relief! What a week, I’ve lost half a stone, been tired, emotional, powered through work and existed only on a liquid diet but I can still say I’m pleased I did it all in one go. The thought of going for two separate visits and doing all this twice is pretty awful and as a Mother and working wife I’ve still managed this week as usual just pumped on pain relief so it can be done people!

This week is definitely ending on a much better note than it began, T had her last ballet lesson this year yesterday which means it’s time for us to watch! This is not something we get to do very often so it was a really enjoyable 45 minutes watching what she is learning for her next exam. No I’m not one of those pushy parents, T has done ballet since she was 4 after she started dancing to a ballet dvd with Darcy Bussell and she hasn’t looked back since. We go once a week and she does a show each summer and an exam each spring. When she first started she didn’t know a single child in the room and apart from needing to be walked in the room she didn’t need me at all. Since then she has had friends join and leave but this doesn’t bother her and she always looks forward to her lesson every week and always comes out with a smile. I love that this is something she can do and enjoy that doesn’t take up too much of her time and I don’t need to push her into. Plus her cousins who are now 19 and 16 have been ballerinas since they were tiny too so I think watching them just makes her excited to be like them as she gets older.


So not only did I get to watch ballet yesterday but it was also the Christmas nativity performance at the school during the evening, yes it was a busy day, and it really was a fantastic Christmas story with plenty of humour and lots of singing so just perfect for a nativity. My little innkeeper did me proud!


So finally tomorrow is our family Christmas! All my family will be enjoying a Christmas dinner, exchanging presents and playing games, after a 2 hour drive to get there! So the presents are packed, the puppy is bathed and our outfits are set for the morning, here is to the chaos that will follow! 😊