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100 posts down still blogging!!

Wow so I made it to 100 posts! When I started this blog I wasn’t sure I would even have anything to write about but the more I write the more I enjoy sharing my life with you guys. I’ve had so much lovely feedback and support from you all over the few months I’ve been doing this and love keeping you upto date on my braces,  fitness goals, family life and Poppy the cockapoo as she approaches a year old! 

So for my 100th post I can tell you I have reached my walking goal of 60 miles in May! Woohoo I’m so pleased I managed to achieve this! For anyone that doesn’t know I work 3 days a week, am a Mum, wife and puppy owner so am not able to just pick up and go walking any minute I choose, it has to be a carefully planned and scheduled event around all other duties! Plus the great British weather doesn’t always play the game so quite often it’s a washout and walking is cancelled! So now for the good news, I’ve not just reached my target I’ve actually smashed it with a total of 72 miles!!

So how do I feel after walking this much in a month?

– I feel better in myself, fitter, I’m able to walk 3 or 4 miles and not need a nap straight after now! I feel proud I’ve set a goal and stuck to it.

 – I’ve made myself go out and walk on evenings where I would really rather not and I’ve always felt like I’ve achieved something after.

– I feel like I’ve finally started to explore the area I live in more and I’m finding new routes all the time so walking isn’t boring to me.

– Mostly I’ve enjoyed walking Poppy so much, I love being a dog owner, getting out and meeting other dog owners and dogs is so interesting and fun for me and Poppy. She is now learning not to be so scared of other dogs and I’m learnim how to deal with it when she is nervous thanks to puppy classes so walks are now so much more enjoyable.

Tips from walking 72 miles in a month

– Good, comfortable shoes are a must. Yes I sound like my Nan but you can’t walk very far with blisters can you? I remember my first week at walking group being nervous that I would be the only one wearing walking shoes but getting there and seeing everyone was wearing them! I would never have been able to walk so many miles without them, fact.

-If you don’t want to walk on a certain day or at a certain time then don’t! I’ve had days I really didn’t want to go out so I made a promise to myself I would make up the miles another day. This is meant to be fun not a chore!

– Food and hydration are key! If I know I’m going to be out a while I will always make sure I eat and drink enough before I go or take something with me, for me and Poppy, usually if I’m thirsty so is she!

-You can never explore too much. Just when you think you are getting to know your area you can bet there will be another route you will find you never even knew about!

My goals for walking in June

Well I only have 3 weeks to walk in June as we are away for a week so I plan to try and manage at least 16 miles a week. I think before and after our trip this should be easy as before I will be sad I’m leaving Poppy for a week so will take her out lots to compensate and after I will need to walk/run to burn off the holiday pounds I have gained!!

So far I have learned I really love walking, getting out and exploring, seeing the countryside and finding new places to go has been so much fun so here’s to many more miles!!

Thanks for reading!

Lou x

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So I’ve decided to climb a mountain! 

So recently I decided I wanted a new focus. Scott has joined a running club which meet twice a week and he is enjoying focusing on that which leaves me at home to get fit. I’ve been using my kettle bell to workout again while he’s out again am feeling better for it but I know in a few weeks it won’t be testing me anymore and will start to feel easy again.

So yesterday I joined a walking group. I looked it up online and went along to the meeting point where I was met with lots of friendly faces. I took Poppy, to break the ice if nothing else, and she certainly did that. We walked a route I had never been before then stopped for a drink halfway and walked a different route back again. There were all ages and abilities there, some had been going years and others only a few months. I spoke to most of the group as we walked and they really were all so nice and pleased I had joined them I felt so welcome.

So the aim of my walking is not just to improve my fitness, to meet new people  and give me something else to focus on when I don’t have overtime at work but to build myself up for the challenge I have set myself.

Next year I aim to climb Scafell Pike, the tallest mountain in England.
Scafell Pike is 978m tall and sits in the Lake District. The views from the top are stunning and there are several different routes you can take up and down ranging from 6 to 12 miles. It’s tricky terrain so I will need to prepare myself for this in a big way, walking 5 miles yesterday is a good start I think! Scott will be climbing it with me and we are both really excited to have such a challenge to focus on next year.
The reason we are doing it next year is a few things, firstly fitness; I’m sure i could do it now but I’m nowhere near as fit as I should be and would like to be, secondly cost; we already wanted to visit the Lake District so will be including this climb in a trip to stay on Lake Windermere for a few days and already have a holiday planned for this year and thirdly time; we have a lot planned for this year so just wouldn’t be able to fit it in.

I am so excited to get ready for this challenge with both with my fitness and actually planning for it I can’t wait to get myself a notebook and start planning! We already took a trip to Go Outdoors for something else and spent a few minutes looking at all the outdoor clothing, backpacks and supplies you can buy, we already have walking boots but the rest will be new to us and I think after all the work we are going to do to get fit for this it will be great to treat ourselves to some new clothes to go in!

I don’t think we will climb until about May time but I’m still looking into this, I’ve read some stories of people climbing just a couple of weeks ago and there being a few feet of snow at the top so ice picks and crampons being needed! I’m feeling adventurous but I think that is taking it a little too far! Also it doesn’t look like the right terrain for Poppy with her being so small and how rocky it can be so we will have to leave her behind for this one.

Here are some pictures of the mountain and scenery to give you an idea of why I’m so excited to do this. I plan to keep my blog updated with information about my trip as I go along so hopefully you guys will all get excited with me during the next year!