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Linkin Park remember Chester.

So I’ve spent today catching up on the Linkin Park tribute to Chester Bennington and I have to say it was amazing. 

At first I had mixed feelings about hearing other people sing his songs as Chester’s voice was so distinctive there is simply no replacing him. I felt other voices didn’t do the songs justice and like they were taking something away from him by giving the songs their own twist and style. It was like I was forgetting how Chester sounded because all I could hear were the guest artists. 

But the more I watched the more I realised that Mike and the rest of the band were just simply trying to remember their friend by playing the songs he loved to perform. Mike did a lot of the vocals and some songs he just let the crowd sing completely which as soon as I heard these songs start I actually said out loud ‘how are you going to sing this one?’ Turns out he knew he couldn’t and it had to be up to the fans which was the perfect thing to do.

The moments inbetween songs where they shared funny clips of Chester, My daughter and I will always love ‘Lollipops and Unicorns’ simply because it makes us smile and sing along, were all so personal and is something I’m sure the fans appreciated massively. To stand there and read from a script and pretend like it was any other show would have been wrong and that’s not what they did. They stood up there and celebrated a great artist, they had fun remembering their friend, the moments they shared and the great music they created and they shared that with the world, Not for profit, Not for a new DVD but for free online because they wanted it to be available to everyone!

They highlighted the charities they supported as a band and the One More Light foundation which has been set up in Chester’s name and his wife Talinda stood very bravely infront of the crowd for several minutes thanking the world for their support. This part was probably the most emotional for me hearing her voice break was tough but I willed her to carry on and she did finishing with a very poignant “fuck depression!” 

The artists and talent that came together to make this concert really did showcase Chester’s talent along with the rest of the band and did one hell of a job performing tracks that at times must have been very emotional for them. It was a rollercoaster ride of emotions from happy to sad, from rocking out to rapping and feeling great about the legacy that has been left from the years this band were together. 

Another tagline from the show was ‘Make Chester Proud’ well guys I think he would have been damn proud of what you all achieved there. It was something that will be remembered by fans across the world for years to come and thanks to you and your incredible music Chester Bennington will not be forgotten. 

I only hope his music continues to reach out to those in need and people who need it the most. Depression and mental health is real, it is happening, You never know the battle that is being fought in someone’s head even when there is a smile on their face a silent war could be raging so be kind, be interested, show compassion and be genuine, you never know when it might just make someone’s day.

RIP Chester, you will not be forgotten.

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Chester Bennington a life lost 

Linkin Park were a band I loved from the release of their first album Hybrid Theory in 2000. Their music was like nothing else I had ever enjoyed listening to before, Their lyrics were so powerful and the delivery by Chester Bennington was mesmerizing. They made me want to play the CD over and over again.
Throughout the years I bought every album they ever released and their lyrics reached out to me during difficult times. One particular song Braking the habit I listened to when a friend was going through addiction and I was trying to help. It was then I learnt how powerful the hold of addiction was and how you can only help someone if they want to help themselves. You can’t mind them 24  hours a day and their demons will creep in at some stage. Even if you are begging them not to listen and give in, if deep down they don’t want to it’s a fruitless task.

Chester Bennington had struggled with depression and drug and alcohol problems throughout his life and in the end even his wife and 6 children were eventually not enough to stop him from taking his own life on the birthday of Chris Cornell, his dear friend who had taken his own life only months earlier.

Mental health is real, it needs to be talked about and the stigma taken away so people feel they can be open about their problems and not have to deal with them behind closed doors. Chester was in the middle of a huge tour, the band had a new album out and everything was going great. He had everything to live for but sadly that wasn’t enough and who knows maybe if he had felt he could have just taken a step back and allowed himself time to deal with the grief of losing a friend in such a way and got the help he needed he may still be here today.

Chester Bennington was a talent, a star who will always be remembered and my thoughts go out to his family and friends left behind to pick up the pieces and rebuild after the hole im sure he has left in their lives.

“I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it doesn’t even matter.”  Linkin Park – In The End

RIP Chester