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The Christmas 25 – Day 23

Christmas Cookies Me and T have made Christmas Cookies every year since I can remember. This year we were a little late but it actually worked out well as we wore our new aprons and made the cookies for my next door neighbour coming round to do presents. There are no pictures of the finished… Continue reading The Christmas 25 – Day 23

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The Christmas 25- Day 20

The homemade Christmas card Every year I look forward to T making a Christmas card, I have done ever since she was in nursery and it was just scribbles. Then there were years I was on my own and the Christmas card meant even more because it was one of the few things she did… Continue reading The Christmas 25- Day 20

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The Christmas 25- Day 9

The giving tree This is in our local shopping centre, it's arranged by a local charity and holds gift tags with children's ages on. These are under privileged children who might not receive any Christmas presents without the help of this charity. You pick a tag and donate a present for that child. This year… Continue reading The Christmas 25- Day 9

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The Christmas 25- days 6 and 7

Day 6 of what Christmas means to me: Mulled wine Here is me at a Christmas fayre yesterday having a very over priced, yes I admit it Scott, but very tasty, cup of mulled wine. It's like Christmas on a glass in my opinion and I love it. Day 7 - Visiting Father Christmas We… Continue reading The Christmas 25- days 6 and 7

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Bye bye November

Well it's been one busy month and I have to say I'm happy to see the back of it! Yes my birthday was great and I've had some fun times but it's been a tough one for working lots of hours which I have to say I'm bloody glad is over! I want my Thursdays… Continue reading Bye bye November

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Christmas Update!

So I've been a little quiet but it's been all go around here full of Christmas activities, catch ups and just generally getting ready for the big day!  Here's a little update on what I've been up to; Christmas date night- this time of year gets a little crazy with friends, family and Scott's work… Continue reading Christmas Update!

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Week one of Christmas!

This week has been full of Christmas feeling, We have our trees up, we have one in the living room and T has hers in her playroom, and for the first time ever we have lights on the front of our house and a wreath on our door! Yep we are in full on Christmas… Continue reading Week one of Christmas!

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What Christmas Means To Me

Cosy evenings in- full on pjs on, open fire, hot chocolate, candles lit and cuddles in front of the Christmas lights. Christmas activities with the little one- anything from Christmas cookies to cards, seeing Father Christmas and the Christmas lights in town, anything with the C word at the start of it we will give… Continue reading What Christmas Means To Me

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Christmas Traditions 

Lighting an Advent candle- I've had one every year since I was expecting T, she was due on Christmas day so I wasn't only counting down to Christmas that year but also to meeting her too! It just happened she was 8 days late so I kept counting beyond Christmas but I've had a candle… Continue reading Christmas Traditions