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Adult Braces- progress update!

So it’s been 8 weeks since my last visit to the orthodontist, I think because I have been pretty busy it seemed to go a lot quicker this time. So I knew today she wanted to get a few of the brackets on my top teeth taken off and repositioned to make the teeth all the same level. What I had forgotten about was the process of getting brackets put on as we are 9 months since I got them first fitted! 

Firstly the existing brackets were taken off, So I had never been through this before so wasn’t expecting them to just literally snap off with one of their fancy tools! A few snaps later and then the cold water jets started, then my teeth were cleaned and cleaned again then new brackets were applied using the glue and UV light. 

As it’s been a while since I had this done I somehow had forgotten about the wonderful mouth opening contraption you have fitted before this all takes place and also just how many people end up crowded right round your head with about a million different things happening at once! So the new brackets are in and also this time I have this coiled spring right infront of the only tooth that isn’t linked in the braces wire. This is to help make space by pulling the teeth back next to it and so hopefully I can get that one linked in next time. 

I wasn’t expecting the beautiful spring section so it was a shock when i looked in the mirror but hopefully it’s only for 8 weeks and next time it should come off, I’m hoping anyway. 

So time for a progress picture, the top is day one and bottom 9 months in!

I can’t help but feel happier when I look back at day 1 but have to keep reminding myself that these won’t be on forever when they don’t seem to be moving as quickly as I would like! 

End goal in mind heres the next 8 week’s!

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Adult Braces- 8 months in

So today I had my 6 week tightening and at first it all seemed like it was going fairly straightforward but then my lovely orthodontist started taking an awfully long time to look at my top teeth. She was swivelling her chair from behind me to the front and back, moving my lips up and down, getting me to bite and open again and again. 

She eventually decided to add a chain link across my gap on the right side to pull my tooth across into the space. She told me I might see a small gap appear from where the tooth moves from but not to worry as she will sort it.

She was pleased with how much my bottom teeth had moved forward but still can’t include my last bottom one that isn’t in the wire,  fingers crossed for next time!

Also next time she is going to take off a couple of brackets and move them to a slightly different position as she wants to pull the teeth straighter. I’m a little nervous about this as I’ve not had a bracket off yet, I’m hoping they will just use the same light they used when they put them on and they will pop right off! The only thing is if she has to move a bracket she will have to put a soft wire in for a month as new brackets won’t be strong enough to hold a stiff one. This basically means my treatment is on hold for a month until the brackets are ready to start getting pulled all over the place again. It’s a bit of a frustration but if that’s what it takes to get my teeth as straight as possible I know my ortho will know what is best.

So after a slightly longer appointment than normal there should be some more movement by the next time and more chain links to come over my other gaps so they will start to disappear too. It’s a slow process but the small differences I see each time is what keeps me motivated.

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Adult Braces- loose wire the update

So a couple of days ago I shared how I had a loose wire at the back of my mouth which kept coming out of place and digging into my cheek. Well after 2 days of being uncomfortable and struggling with it I booked an emergency appointment at the orthodontist. This was much easier than I anticipated and she was just happy to help get it fixed. She was so happy to help she actually did a full wire change and tighten! 

So really it was like a free appointment and I’m now moving along slightly quicker as a result! The downside is I am not used to going straight to work after an appointment and with the full afternoon training my mouth quickly became very sore. Wax was applied as soon as i got home but then as usual the pain started to travel down my jaw line on both sides of my mouth. This again was managed with pain relief and wasn’t too bad.

Until the standard morning after tightening waking up feeling like you have been hit by a bus. My whole face aches and now I have to go to work and take an important call from a new customer testing our system. Normally after an appointment I have a day off because there is no way I want to be in work like this so today will be a challenge.

I just have to keep in my mind how pleased with my progress my orthodontist was and this will be so worth it in the end,(while I eat soup and drink tea at work.) 

Have a good day guys I hope it’s better than mine!

Lou x

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Adult Braces – progress and pain

So a couple of days ago I shared just how pleased I was after my trip to the orthodontist meant that a couple more teeth could be included in my wires which meant they are that much closer to being lined up all nice and straight. Well today I am fed up. Fed up of being in so much pain! It seems my teeth were a little sore when I first left but talk about a delayed reaction! The next morning after my appointment I woke up with an ‘owww!’ My mouth was in agony. Not only did my teeth feel kind of numb and sore but my jaw also started to ache on the top and bottom. To go with this every time I touch my teeth together I get a shooting pain through one of them!

Now I knew this would be a painful process but I wasn’t expecting to be midway through a sentence and suddenly have to stop talking because my teeth had touched and I was in such excruciating pain it drove me to tears! 

So several painkillers later and yesterday was done with but I expected to wake up today fresh and hopefully clear of this pain. Not a chance,again my first word was ‘oww’ and again my breakfast was painkillers. Now there is no way my first tightening was this bad so is this just something that gets worse every time as they link more teeth in? 

So I managed my dinner tonight but it just took me a while longer and my teeth just hurt so much after any meal it’s almost just a necessity eating because I’m hungry, it’s not like I’m enjoying food at the moment. Which brings me on to cleaning,my god it’s painful to brush my teeth right now! The first night I couldn’t even brush them at all and every time since I’ve not managed the full 3 minutes because they are just too sore. 

I’m trying my best to clean them but with being in this much pain it’s really not easy. I’m just hoping this has eased off tomorrow or work is really not going to be fun! 

Does anyone have any advice or braces tales they can tell me?

Thanks for reading 

Lou x

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Adult Braces – the wobbly tooth 

So I’m nearly 4 months in now and I’ve noticed my teeth changing. My top teeth aren’t so pronounced and the one that used to really be almost sideways on has turned slightly already. My top gaps are nearly closed from my extractions and overall I’m really pleased with how my top teeth are moving. 

My bottom teeth are moving slower onto the spaces as I’m told the bone is harder at the bottom so it takes longer for the teeth to move into the gaps. Because of the angle of some of my teeth not all of them are included in the wires yet so I’m waiting for spaces to be made so they can be added in. This said I have noticed some movement and now I’ve noticed something I don’t like, I have a wobbly tooth!! 

Now I know this is normal as it happened with one of my upper teeth a few weeks back and it is now all fixed and solid again. This doesn’t stop the feeling of dred when you start to brush your teeth and realise one is moving! Especially when it’s one at the front! I’m hoping if I give it a few days it will have moved as much as it needs to and will start to feel a bit more solid again. All part of having braces I guess, just another thing they don’t put on the advertising! 😄

Here is an update of how my teeth are looking now.

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Adult braces- the first tightening 

So today I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be until about an hour before the appointment, I guess I have being busy at work to thank for that. Sitting in the waiting room I saw the same nice dental nurse take a woman upstairs for her appointment that I had when I had my braces fitted. This calmed me slightly as she really couldn’t have been nicer at explaining the whole process to me when I was slightly emotional at my new look. 10 minutes later she came and collected me, Scott was with me today because he had a day off and plus he likes to see how it all works, I guess it’s interesting when it’s not happening to you 😉  After apologising for leaving in a bit of a state last time, which they were all so nice about, we got down to business. 

First some wires were cut off in little pieces and dropped on the tray and then the main wire came out on the top. As soon as she started attaching the new wire I could feel the tightening, I was immediately remembering the previous appointment and the pain that came after and just thought ‘oh god here we go again!” Each section was tightened and reattached to each individual bracket, cue repeating the process on the bottom teeth and we were done! 

Well I say done, as I sat up I asked if my lower front tooth was included in the braces wire this time as this is where I have to place wax every night to stop it cutting my mouth to pieces. (I’m not just talking a tiny cute little ball of wax either, no I look more like a rugby player with a gum shield on! Good job I’m already married because this process is not attractive at the best of times!) So my orthodontist stops the chair from moving up and tells me there is a rubber coating you can have fitted to the wire to stop it cutting your cheeks so much and that shouldn’t be happening so before I know it back down I go and on it pops! It really doesn’t look great but it’s only on a very small section at the bottom and I’m hoping next time I will be able to have it off.  That particular tooth can’t be included in the wires just yet as there isn’t a big enough space for it apparently. 

So now I’m home and I attempted some soft food, ran my tongue round the edge of my mouth and oww there is a sharp piece of wire right at the back of my mouth which cut my tongue! Out come the nail clippers and I try to cut it off but it’s not budging so I will just have to try and avoid it from now on! 

One thing I am pleased about is my white wire is back along the top ☺ with all the brushing the coating had come off to leave it silver but it looks so much nicer white so that makes me happy. Now I’m just waiting to see when this tender feeling will wear off whenever I bite down again. I’m currently cooking the most delicious looking chicken dinner so fingers crossed I can eat it ok!

Here is a progress picture from day 1 until today with my first tightening at almost 3 months in.

Thanks for reading I will keep you updated! 
Lou xx

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Adult braces – the wax

So its been nearly 2 months since I has my braces fitted and the little strips of wax have been my lifesaver. At first I had to use it during the day as my mouth was so sore all the time but gradually I moved to just after work and now it’s only overnight. So there are two types of wax I’ve found, this first type which is what I was given from the orthodontist.

So this ‘wax’, I use the term loosely because it looks nothing like any wax I’ve ever seen, is basically useless. It comes in a cute little glittery pink case and that’s about the best thing about it! It either comes in a long strip or little cubes, neither of these roll into a ball or mould to your teeth like the YouTube videos show you! All this does is stick, lightly to your tooth in a square shape and when you open your mouth to speak the possibility of it falling out is a big one! Also because this wax doesn’t mould it makes your mouth stick out in the area you’ve applied it so you look like you’ve had a tooth out all the time it’s in!

The other type of wax is this;

This wax comes in little strips and you can actually pull off a section, roll it into a little ball and press it down onto the bracket that rubs your cheeks. It stays in the same place until you pick it off, doesn’t make your lips stick out and if you apply it thinly, ie a small ball rolled flat, you can hardly notice it when you talk. I now apply this wax every night in the same two places because otherwise I end up with deep lines in my mouth where the wires rub.

The thing with  braces though is your teeth are always moving so you get in a little routine which works and then bam your teeth move and you start to get pain somewhere else. Now my teeth along the sides seem to be getting attached to my braces in the night and I’m waking up with big sore lumps on the inside of my cheeks. Also I think the wax contributes to the nasty taste I have every morning I wake up but that may just come with having braces.Next step the first tightening! 

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Beautiful with braces

So its been 4 weeks since I had this contraption fitted to my mouth! 4 weeks since I could bite down properly on food, smile without feeling self conscious and get through a day without a pain somewhere of some sort!
Every single day I’m finding foods still I can’t eat without it hurting my teeth, gums or lips and some foods I can eat but still get caught up in the braces more than others.
I have no need to take pain killers any more but still every single day I will be in pain with my lips rubbing on the braces, always in a different place it seems! I guess this is because my teeth are moving so different areas of my mouth will get irritated on my wires all the time.
Bongela is still my best friend and I apply it first thing each day after cleaning my teeth, then again after cleaning them at work at lunch- not easy in a 30 minute lunch but has to be done, and then again before bed time.
I can now get through the day without using wax and just apply it overnight over all my main sore areas otherwise I start the day with deep lines in my inside lips where I have had my mouth closed all night.
There are some days I’m applying bongela more as I’m talking more in my job role some days more than others and some days as soon as I get home the wax goes on and it’s instant relief!
I’m slowly feeling more confident in my skin with my braces on. I’ve lost a lot of weight and so now feel uncomfortable in some clothes as they are too big on me but I’m finding I worry less about what people are thinking as I’m talking now. Although my hand still comes up to cover my mouth if I am full on laughing because I’m wary it’s quite a sight with a full on mouth of braces!
When it comes to eating I mostly cover my mouth if I have anything I have to chew much just because a lot of the time I’m worried about biting down too hard and braking my wires and it just doesn’t feel right biting down, it’s hard to explain.
Over the last week I’ve started to accept compliments on how I’m looking so much happier lately and how healthy I look along with even some saying my whole smile looks different already!
I think I can it takes time and the first month has been really tough at times but with the right support and encouragement you can feel beautiful with braces ❤

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Braces 2 days in

Well its been an emotional couple of days now being a brace wearer! Firstly I hated my face with this new jewelry! Yes the top brace is white and hardly noticeable but the bottom isn’t and that bothers me in a big way. But hey I woke up yesterday morning with bigger things on my mind, the pain in my teeth and lips! So I can’t bite down yet because the pain is horrid and if my teeth touch they are just so sensitive it’s painful too. Now also the pain in my lips is there all the time where the braces are rubbing on the inside of my lips I’m getting sores and deep lines where the wire is digging in.

All this means my lips are swollen and I look like I’ve had fillers! I’m talking with a slight lisp and not opening my mouth fully as it’s too painful.

Eating has to be soft as anything else gets stuck in the braces and my teeth and are so sensitive that cleaning them is painful still. I’ve been living off chocolate moose but today I branched out to mash potato, oh the joys!

I’ve taken less pain killers today but applied more bongela so I don’t know what is better. I just hope by the weekend my mouth won’t feel like its velcro being ripped apart each time I open it!

Some of time the comments I’ve received over the last 2 days:

“Wow I bet that’s expensive”

“Why have you had that done?”

“You should have waited until after Christmas”

“Bet you wish you didn’t do it now!”

Yes it wasn’t cheap but it’s my decision and I’m lucky we are in a position to afford it monthly. I’ve had it done because I’ve always hated my teeth and when T started smiling with her mouth shut I knew I had to do something about it. Maybe I should have waited until after Christmas but what am I really missing out on, Christmas buffet food and red wine so far, I’ll be alright because I know this is worth it in the end. And nope, however much pain I’m in I know I will thank Scott for convincing me to do this one day, I would never have been able to pluck up the courage to do it alone and there is no going back now!



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Adult braces- here we go!

Well the day had finally arrived where I was able to have my braces fitted. I was fine up until an hour before the appointment when I got so unbelievably nervous I had butterflies.

I arrived at the the appointment and they were all very lovely and told me how it wouldn’t hurt. I didn’t really know what to expect today, and what did happen I could never have imagined. First of all no one told me about the huge plastic mouth opener you have to suffer so that your teeth stay dry while they fit the braces . Then there is the water. Lots of cold water sprayed over the gel they put on your teeth, so much water I had to keep telling myself I wasn’t going to drown! A little dramatic I know but I think the fact my face was being pulled apart by this cheek opener and my tongue was kind of crushed by something else it felt like I could hardly breathe so the water really didn’t help! Once the water stopped she applied the little ceramic squares. Once they were all in place they were set with a UV light pointed at each tooth. After this I could sit up and rinse before having the wires fitted. Again no one told me there would be long wires sticking out of my mouth and pinging against my face while they were twisted in place! This didn’t hurt until the last twist when I felt my teeth really tighten!

So this was the point I was done. I felt like I had this alien in my mouth and I had to struggle to get my lips over it.I asked for a mirror, took a deep breath had a look then burst into tears! I was not expecting what looked back at me. I mean I knew there would be braces but all the pictures you see are of braces on straight teeth.  No one said now remember when you get your braces fitted it will really accentuate how wonky your teeth really are, be prepared for that! Nope no one thought to tell me that.

The dental nurse was lovely. She took me aside and told me exactly what to do to look after them and how I would notice a fair bit of movement before my next appointment so I should be pleased.

A few more tears in the car and when I got home and then I had my first visitor. My next door neighbour came round with T’s Christmas present. She told me they don’t look anywhere near as bad as I thought which was nice. I took a few pictures and sent them to my family and they were all very encouraging too. I think it was just the initial shock of seeing all this stuff in my mouth that did it. If you are getting braces just prepare yourself you will not like them when you first see them! I’m hoping over the next few months and years I will see a lot of change and become used to my braces as I have the metal bar across the roof of my mouth.

I have to remember this is long term investment not an instant fix.