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How to get over your holiday blues!

We have all had it, the day, week or even month after returning from an amazing trip away can seem miserable! Your life back home is never as interesting as the people in the countries you have visited, you miss the food, sunshine, culture and lifestyle you had on holiday and it's very easy to… Continue reading How to get over your holiday blues!

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7 things that made me happy week 13

1. New wellies day! During the winter I live in my wellies, to walk our dog in, to go to the stables to take T riding in, even just to do the school run in when it's rain and snow. My lovely wellies have been through a lot with me, and it showed! Over the… Continue reading 7 things that made me happy week 13

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Ed Sheeran and me

It's 2011 and I had just started listening to Ed Sheeran- he releases "The A Team" and a friend introduces me to his back catalog of albums including "Loose change" and "No 5 Collaborations project". I'm instantly hooked. I quickly picked up all the words to songs like "Little bird" and "Firefly" and listened to… Continue reading Ed Sheeran and me