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7 things that made me happy week 16

1. Church fete fun. Last Sunday was the annual church fete which we are invited to every year by our friends. The children are given a little score card and have to visit 6 game tents where they receive a stamp for each game they complete,once their card is full they get to visit the prize tent. There is always a lot to see, do and eat there with donkey rides and a climbing wall along with a hog roast and candy floss stall it’s no surprise we had a great few hours.

2. Watching Scott run his marathon. As you may have seen in my previous post I’m just a teeny bit proud of Scott for completing the Milton Keynes marathon in 3 hours 49minutes. Still proud today 😊

3. Frozen fruit! It may seem like a small thing but over the last couple of weeks I’ve started buying bags of frozen fruit, We love soft fruit but often with T at her Dads on the weekend and Scott working it either goes off too quickly or I end up eating it all! Frozen fruit I’ve decided is the way forward! This week we have frozen mango and pineapple and when we want some I just empty it into a bowl and a couple of hours later it’s ready to drizzle some fat free yoghurt on or just eat as is!

4. Reading. This week I have been reading The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks. Now I’m not one for soppy films or books usually choosing to avoid them but this book has me hooked! I only started it last weekend and I’m already on chapter 15, if I have to stop reading and come back to it later I’m finding myself wondering what is going to happen next! I can’t wait to read a bit more when I’ve finished this post actually πŸ˜‚ Nicholas Sparks you have converted me!

5. An unexpected evening! One evening this week we decided to take Poppy for a walk over to the field near where we live, only this particular evening a hot air balloon was setting up to take off from there! We had all never seen one so close so stayed and watched while it was set up and eventually took off! Poppy ran around in circles with another cockapoo and we were in awe of the balloon!

6. Holiday shopping! Who doesn’t love buying summer clothes for their holiday?! When this time of year rolls around we all start to get excited because we know our week away can’t be far off! Here is the little haul T came away with!

7. Tiana’s riding. This week I had asked if they could use the poles in their lesson as T really enjoys doing that, so out the poles came and all 4 girls had such a great lesson riding over them. T just looked happy and confident this week,like she really knew what she was doing and was happy doing it.

There are my 7, I hope you have all had a great week and are still enjoying some nice weather!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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7 things that made me happy week 13

1. New wellies day! During the winter I live in my wellies, to walk our dog in, to go to the stables to take T riding in, even just to do the school run in when it’s rain and snow. My lovely wellies have been through a lot with me, and it showed! Over the last couple of months more and more holes have developed until Scott could take my complaining no more and used a recent sale to buy me some more! Now we have the hottest day of the year so far I’m really pleased I have new wellies πŸ˜‚

2. Date night! Wedsnesday evening was lovely and after a healthy dinner of grilled chicken and rice we walked to the local pub and had a drink next to the golf course. I’ve missed sitting in a beer garden relaxing in the sun and am so happy these days may be coming back!

3. Our Ed Sheeran tickets arrived!! 😁 You know when it gets close to a gig and you start to worry if your tickets will arrive ok? Well no more worrying for me because I think the neighbours in the next street now know they have arrived! Super super excited for this day to come around.

4. Warm weather! Our day off this week was a beauty! 24 degrees and wall to wall blue skies meant to was time to turn the heating off and dust off the shorts! β˜‰After spending the morning stocking up on suncream, school summer dresses and sunhats for T I mowed the lawn and cleaned the fire place out ready for Summer! We had lunch in the garden and it really felt like summer was on its way!

5. Our tree came into blossom. It’s always this time of year it really starts to feel like warmer weather is on its way when our tree blossoms. It just makes our garden look so pretty and I love the couple of weeks we get of it.

6. We had our first dinner in the garden! It was so nice to eat outside again and we all really enjoyed it.

7. I had friends over for dinner! Friday I had three friends over for pizza and drinks and we had such a fun evening! It’s been ages since I had an evening like that where everyone turns up, everyone is in a great mood and everything just goes to plan! After a few people people letting me down at the last minute for a night out last year for a little celebration meal I had felt disheartened and haven’t really tried to arrange much with more than 1 or 2 people since. Last night reminded me why it is good to have friends and it really was good for my soul.

I hope you have all had a great week and I would love to hear what you have got upto that made you happy!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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Sunny Saturday

Today was our last day by the coast and the sun finally came out! It started off early as Scott ran the Clacton park run along the seafront. It’s a run which is 3 laps up and down hills next to the beach and handily enough starts and finishes next to our favourite cafe!

We saw him and around 150 others start and watched lap one and two before getting a table in the cafe by the window where T and my Nan could watch from the warm and I could see him pass by the window as he approached the finish!

I flew out of the door and ran after him as he closed in on a young lad before passing him to take 2nd place!

I was so happy for him I ran down to the finish line and gave him a big hug 😁

We all had breakfast in the cafe before walking along the beach looking for rocks we could use to decorate and make into love rocks.

We decorated a couple of rocks and left them at the local park after lunch and saw both of them get collected by different little children which was lovely.

After the drive home and the standard half an hour of unpacking/organising/washing clothes/cooking dinner I washed and cleaned out my car in the sunshine as it was like a skip on wheels after having us all off for a week!

Mission accomplished we settled down for an evening of Saturday night TV and Easter egg chocolate!

We have had a great few days with my Nan who I am so close to,finished off by giving her an early birthday present of a Pandora charm for her bracelet which she was thrilled with. We are taking my Nan on holiday with us this year so are now on countdown until we can see her again and spend a whole week together in what will be her first week abroad in years πŸ€—

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Fun Friday!

So today I thought I would share what we have been doing the last few days during our week off together.


We had a friend of T’s round all day in order to share the childcare costs between a friend and myself so we took the girls swimming and then to Mcds for lunch. It was a chilled afternoon after we all were shattered from swimming and the weather was cold and wet.

After our friends left we set off to stay with my Nan for a few days in Essex. We have all been looking forward to coming as we haven’t seen her since Christmas and we all just love going there.


Scott went on a long run during the morning for some more marathon prep and us girls all went shopping! We found a few summer bits for T and picked up some ingredients for dinner.

During the day we walked the dogs twice, Baker is a Lhasapso and him and Poppy get on so well. They play and chase and just love each other’s company.

I made us all a chicken traybake for dinner which turned out really tasty!

Then we played Essex monopoly for over 2 hours and had such a fun evening.


Today we had a lazy morning and then made our way to the seafront! I’ve been visiting the pier here since I was born and love taking T there. The weather was really chilly but that didn’t stop us having lots of fun winning prizes for T and eating a bag of hot doughnuts between us 😁

We brought some love rocks to hide at the seaside too so left them both near the pier and hope they found good homes!

We have walked the dogs twice again today, been to see some friends this afternoon and watched a film this evening after having fish and chips for dinner! 😊

It’s amazing how relaxed and at home you can feel just being back in a house you have known since you were born doing things you have done every year since you can remember.

I would love to hear what your favourite thing to do at the seaside is?

What did you do as a child that you love sharing with your family now?

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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9 things you didn’t know about my weekend

1. It was Scott’s birthday yesterday 😊 Me being me we had his presents bought several weeks ago and wrapped two weeks ago. Along with some clothes we got him a mug with Tiana’s hand print on, me and a few family members have had these since she was tiny and It felt really special to get him one. We also did a cookie jar where her hand prints made all 4 of us into elephants and Poppy a dog πŸ˜„

2. I have been to bed at 9pm the last two nights in a row. Not only have I been super tired due to a few awful nights sleep but the golf has been on so Scott has been left to watch it on his own until midnight! (Sorry any golf fans, It’s just not my thing!)

3. Saturday T and I went to our friends where we did arts and crafts and made cornflake cakes. We had a great afternoon.

4. I replaced the Christmas tree T got from father Christmas last year, I left it too long before planting it and it died, bad Mummy. She also got 3 free bunches of daffodils as it was in a layby local to us and towards the end of the day, She was so pleased and they are sitting on her desk in a jar.

5. My braces have been cutting into my mouth all weekend and every morning I wake up I pop my cheeks off the wires, ouch indeed. It’s crazy how I can go weeks without any pain then wake up one morning covered in sores and lumps before it all disappears again about a week or two later.

6. My Mum travelled to see my brother in Japan yesterday. He is there for a year at uni as he is studying Japanese. The only reason I know she went yesterday was because of Facebook. We haven’t spoken in months and haven’t text in weeks and even when we did she never mentioned she was going I found out from family. This is just the way things are with my Mum, I haven’t seen her since Christmas and I only live an hour away. It’s something that bothers me deep down but mostly I try to forget about it. I just know when T is older I will be on the phone all the time and will never go months without seeing her of my own choosing.

7. Yesterday we spent a couple of hours with my best friend and her partner at a bar we haven’t been to before. It was really nice just chatting and catching up because we don’t see the both of them that much since they live an hour away and both lead really busy lives.

Apart from a minor meltdown on the way to the bar because I knew one way to go and was happy to drive because I knew the way then Scott suddenly telling me to go a different way- I am not a confident driver and if I don’t know the way I generally don’t drive somewhere. I also don’t deal with change well at all, if things aren’t planned to perfection I get panicky and last minute changes really stress me out. Anyway we sorted it out and got there fine and had a really nice time.

8. I was really happy Scott’s son took the time to message him and post a picture of them both as he is on holiday with his girlfriend at the moment and is your typical 18 year old with keeping in touch usually. Scott was thrilled and it meant a lot.

9. Yesterday marked the start of our week off as a family. Ok we only spent a couple of hours together just us three but the main thing was Scott had a great day. Now I’m looking forward to having a week where we actually spend some time together. It’s been tough on us over the last couple of weeks with Scott working every day of the Easter bank holidays and I worked his day off in the week this week as extra. It’s ok to say it was worth the money which it was but it always takes it’s toll on us and really towards the end of a period like this we end up distant and unappreciating of each other. Anyway we have recognised this and it’s clear this week could not have come at a better time. T has been all over Scott the last day or so having hardly seen him so it’s clear she is going to enjoy this week just as much as us.

Anyway guys thanks for reading all that and I hope you had a great weekend!

Lou x

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A well needed Easter Weekend and a proud Mummy moment.

I love Easter weekend, ever since I’ve had T I’ve been excited for it to come around. The promise of Easter playdates with friends, arts and crafts, Easter baking, hunts, making our little Easter display on the coffee table and of course the Easter bunny visiting!

This year is no exception, We have all of the above planned and I can’t wait! With T being on a residential trip last week and then at her Dad’s for most of the weekend I feel like it’s been a long time since I spent a whole day and night with her so I can’t wait to just have some fun times together.

It’s been a stressful week at times with money stresses causing me and Scott to snap at each other. With a two week half term it’s easy to get caught up in the “how many expensive activities are you doing this half term” race. We are very lucky for two reasons; T doesn’t expect anything expensive to happen. If we come out and say we are going to do an activity for the day she would be super happy and very greatful but she isn’t someone who wakes up asking to do expensive things like go out for dinner or go to the cinema. Secondly she is easily entertained and doesn’t need these activities to be entertained. She is just as happy going on a nature walk round the local country park as she is at a bowling alley, I could make cakes with her at a cost of Β£1.50 and she would be as happy with her creation as if we had gone and made some expensive pottery some where.

She’s a good kid and I’m thankful with how she’s turning out.

This weekend is going to be spent appreciating my time with her as per usual I have to share so from Sunday evening she is gone. Unfortunately this weekend isn’t one we can spend as a family as Scott works the whole weekend so we just have to make the most of doing things just me and her.

Today has been a great start, she got her Grade 1 ballet exam results and she passed with Merit 😁 She is super happy as you can see and so are we. What better way to celebrate than a fish and chip dinner! It’s been a long time since we had fish and chips and we don’t really buy takeaways so this was a real treat for both of us!

I hope you all have a great weekend planned with your loved ones and I would love to hear what you are getting up to.

Lou x

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7 weeks of 7 things that made me happy!

So I’ve been appreciating the little things in life, for 7 weeks now! I know we all appreciate little things but writing this weekly post really helps me focus on the great things I have going on when I’m feeling flat or lonely. It’s just my little way of telling myself, and you guys, what how much little things can make you happy and how often spending money has very little to do with happiness.

1. Date day! Saturday we had the day together so we decided to do something completely out of character and walked to the local pub for lunch! We had such a nice time once we had walked to through the snowy woods, which was actually really pretty, to get there and enjoyed ourselves so much that with no deadlines and no T we decided to walk to the next one! It was like we were on a real date and was so fun 😊 Two alcoholic drinks before 5pm is only ever a thing on Christmas day in this house! Sometimes you just need to let your hair down, remember we only live once and play some scrabble!

2. Being a proud Mumma/Wife! Sunday T took Grade 1 ballet and Scott ran a half marathon. They both did so well and I spent the day being super proud.

3. T playing with her cousin. Sunday at Scott’s parents a few people decided to go for a walk to the nearby lake but T hadn’t brought a coat as I didn’t think we would be going anywhere so we stayed behind and she played with her little cousin Millie who is nearly 4. They built this tower and were very pleased with themselves.

4. Healthy eating. This was dinner Monday night, paprika chicken with jacket sweet potato and sweet corn and olives. It was so tasty and we all really enjoyed it. There have been a few meals this week where we have all said ‘that was a really healthy dinner!’ But so as not to bore you here is proof that we do have treats also with our breakfast one day this week of waffles with fruit and honey!

5. 40 Random Acts of Kindness. We are still enjoying this challenge so much and at the end of this week have undertaken two acts that I think have to top the list by far! One T and I completed together and one Scott did on his own. I will keep you guessing until my update next week but they have to be the most proud we have been so far in this challenge and will make the biggest impact for sure.

6. Wildlife! Ok so that might sound a little strange but today has just been a day for it,we have today been able to sit in our conservatory again thanks to the warmer weather and so have seen bluetits and a robin feeding from our bird feeders which is so lovely. Then this morning just pulling out of our road a small deer ran across in front of us and this afternoon driving home I saw another deer feeding next to a different road! I really do feel so lucky to see these rare little creatures and love living so close to the local country park. Here is a little squirrel having a nibble on the bird food!

7. Watching the six nations rugby with T! This weekend we got T back early because she wanted to watch the rugby with us so we got set up with crisps, drinks and even some Twirl bites which T let us have one each every time Ireland got a try! πŸ˜„ It was great fun cheering on Ireland with her.

Have a great weekend everyone, thanks for reading!

Lou x

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40 Random Acts of Kindness continued!

With the recent snow and Siberian winter weather not to mention nasty winter germs we have kept our acts of kindness a little more simple this week. We have still carried out one every single day but it’s been tricky conditions to do anything outside.

Here are the acts we have carried out this week:

11. Leave nice comments on random blogs. Saturday I was home alone all day and not feeling particularly well so inbetween batch cooking I found time to search out 5 Random blogs, have a read and leave nice comments. It wasn’t a drive for followers although I did get some more, it was about connecting with new people and letting them know I enjoyed their posts. It did make me feel good and I think they were all pleased to receive the comments too.

12. Let your spouse sleep in. Sunday I let Scott sleep in until 10.30! 😲 This never happens! He is so used to being up early he usually wakes up early even on a day off but as we had no plans Sunday and he was tired I simply left him to it. It wasn’t my planned act of kindness but he was certainly happy after! πŸ˜„

13. Make cakes for work and school. I have to give full credit to Scott and T for this one, due to horrible winter germs they made rocky road for my work and T’s teachers. They had a great time doing it and her teachers were really pleased. My work was a tough crowd, there were 15 pieces, They all went but only 3 people said thank you or that they enjoyed it and I was met by silence when I stood up and told everyone I had brought it in, oh apart from the one person I put it next to asked me to move it because they weren’t eating chocolate! I was certainly a little deflated but when I got home that day Scott made me realise there were at least 3 people that were greatful for it along with T’s teachers so it was all worth it.

14. Talk to the shy person today. One day this week I spent time talking to someone I wouldn’t usually talk to. I found out a bit about their home life, their pets, hobbies and we had a great little chat. There is no reason not to talk to this person again in future I just hadn’t made the effort before!

15. Let your spouse choose what to watch on TV! Scott was chuffed to find this note Wednesday night and chose a film for us to watch, that was funny, with an okish plot, and we did both enjoy it! Ok it was the new Baywatch but it was actually really funny πŸ˜‚ Of course along with completely far fetched but it was an easy watch.

16. Make your spouse breakfast in bed. We had a slow morning today and ate porridge and drank coffee in bed while watching the snow come down, it was a nice relaxing morning.

17. Surprise someone with a random gift. This is technically tomorrow’s act but as T is at school then riding then with her Dad I won’t get much time to do this so she will be doing it today. We made these little bundles with a few chocolates in each and she is going to give one to her ballet teacher.

That’s all for this week! We will continue to do some over the weekend and I already have a few ideas for next week that I’m looking forward to doing with T.

Oh a bonus act- a couple of weeks ago Scott had a man approach him at work asking for the manager, he said his wife had dropped him off and he had forgotten his wallet and needed just Β£2.50 so he could get to work. Scott got his wallet and gave the man the money who promised to return it the next day. The cinic in me said he would never see that money again and sure enough the next day came and went and no money. Ah well.

This week there was a bag left for Scott at his work which contained this note, a receipt for the bus ticket, Β£5 and an expensive bottle of wine!

Good things really do happen to good people and this actually made me really emotional! 😁

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7 things week 4

This week started really well but with a little dip in my mood smack bang in the middle I’ve had to work hard to pull myself around, although it might not look like I’m working hard on the outside I promise you I am trying Mr M.

So here are my 7 things that have made me happy this week, it’s weeks like this I need to focus on this list even more!

1. Pancake day! As is tradition in our house we had nothing but pancakes lemon and sugar for dinner on this day and finished up with tummy aches vowing to not eat another pancake for 12 months! I was super proud of the pancakes I managed to flip and only a small amount escaped the pan and was eaten by Poppy!

2. New water bottles! So I am really awful at keeping hydrated, some days I can go all day and only drink about an inch of my water bottle! Recently my work colleagues have been reminding me to drink and I’ve been doing much better but still no where near as good as them. Tuesday Scott came home with a new water bottle and travel mug for us both! There is no way of escaping how much I’ve drank with this bottle and even though it is a lot bigger than my old one I love the design and vow to one day finish the whole thing!

3. Valentines Day– so we did cards Tuesday evening as T isn’t here on a Wednesday and I was so lucky to have not just a handmade card from T and a card from Scott but also a cute little woollen heart she had made for me at holiday club! I got them both a little chocolate cake and decorated the plates with hearts left over from our wedding day. It was a lovely evening.

4. I got 1000 likes on my blog! When I started this blog in Oct 2016 I wondered if anyone would even read it so to think people have pressed that like button 1000 times is really quite something and made me really happy 😊

5. I became a book fairy! So while searching online for a book club or something similar I came across The Book Fairies. They are a worldwide group that spreads the love of reading by leaving free books for people to read and pass on! You simply sign up on their website and order some stickers for your books then share your book drops on social media. My stickers came on Thursday and it made me really excited to start!

6. We started on our 40 Random Acts of Kindness! So far we have donated 2 games to holiday club, left a love rock in the swimming pool changing rooms, left a note on a random car and today I set up the shed library for my street! It’s really felt great to do and T has enjoyed it too, I’m looking forward to seeing how it works with us being back at school and work next week.

7. Flowers from my best friend. Friday night she came to watch T ride then we had a night in and I cooked us chili while we sat and caught up on each other’s lives. She brought me and T flowers to cheer me up after reading my previous post which really made me smile. The card is one T made at a little club we went to with our friends this week, I thought it went well on the window.

8. I know it says 7 but this week there are 8 and hey it’s my blog so I make no apologies πŸ˜‹ Date day– Scott and I went to the cinema to watch the Greatest Showman! Wow what an amazing film! We both loved it from start to finish, the soundtrack is amazing, the storyline, even though at times you can tell what is going to happen it doesn’t matter because it’s a story of how love and friendship is all you need and in the end how everything you need is usually right in front of you. If you haven’t seen it I completely recommend you do because you cannot leave that theatre in a bad mood, it’s just impossible!

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend, thanks for reading,

Lou x

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7 things – No 2

Hi guys,

I enjoyed sharing my 7 things that made me happy in 7 days last week so I’ve decided to make it a regular feature on my blog.

It’s so good to look back at the week and say ‘meh, I didn’t get up to much’ when if you look back at all the little things there is a lot to be thankful for.

So here are my 7:

1. Having a family party for Louis 18th. Last Sunday we all suprised a very embarrassed 18 year old with balloons as big as him, Well almost, a cookie cake which is his favourite, a few token ‘You are 18 now so you need one of these’ gifts and a big fat family sing along. It was cheesy, embarrassing and he loved it. Job done.

2. T got over her sickness in just one day! The little trooper took just one day in pjs to kick that nasty bug into next week and was back at school before we knew it. A day off work affects the whole household and having a poorly person to worry about does too so I’m so pleased she didn’t take long to bounce back and is now eating normally again, which brings me on to my next point….

3. Cooking good food. This week has been one for tasty meals that you can’t wait to eat. Food that you are desperate to be ready and sad when it’s gone. The sort of meals you take your time over every mouthful and make those ‘mmm’ and ‘oooohh’ noises when you eat. We started the week with Tarragon chicken, had a delicious steak with sweet potato jackets Wednesday and today had slow cooked gammon, delicious!

4. Watching T in her ballet. 4 years ago this week my little dot started ballet lessons. She was so excited to go and do ballet like she had seen Darcy Bussell do on her ballet DVD and hasn’t stopped loving it since. In this time she has been in 3 major productions and taken 3 exams with her 4th scheduled in a months time. Sometimes she might get a little grumpy if she can’t get a step right at first but she is a determined little thing and won’t give up on something until she gets it right. I was so proud watching this week, we only get to watch the lesson right before an exam, with Scott, his Mum and Ts Dad all there to see her too I was beaming and so happy to see her enjoying her dancing so much.

5. These pictures.

I got sent them and told how much I was loved and it made me very happy ❀

6. T had a fantastic riding lesson and her confidence continues to soar 😊Today they did pole work for the first time and she had a great hour. Her instructor is leaving at the end of this month which we are very sad about but I’m hopeful whoever takes over the class will see how much she tries and how far she has come.

7. A Friday night movie night in with my family. Usually every Friday Scott will work a late and T will be at her Dad’s so I am mostly alone. Tonight they were all home 😁 We lit candles, had a fire and watched UP while munching on fruit pastilleeees- fruit pastilles to the rest of the world that aren’t 8 years old. It was so nice to have them here.

8. I know it says 7 but I had to mention I finished my book and it was good I have a whole post planned for it this weekend so watch this space.

Thank you for reading,

Lou x