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Food and Fitness- Saturday

Good evening everyone!

Firstly I’d just like to say I’m so chuffed to have made it over 200 followers this week! It’s great to have you with me and I am greatful for every like and comment and love keeping in touch with you all!

So today is a tough one, I had some ground to make up from cocktails and pizza at my mini Hawaiian Luau evening, but I’m in a lot of pain with my teeth because of my braces tightening and bands being fitted yesterday.

So here is my recap for today


All I could manage was the most watery porridge with a few blueberries in.


This was a strawberry and banana protein shake made with hazelnut milk. It was so tasty and again solid food was still a no no.

Because I wasn’t feeling up to eating much I took the time to prep lots of overnight oats and protein smoothies in different flavours to put in the fridge.


This being the first solid food I have eaten all day I was starving, it was tough going but I took my time and managed to eat it. Bbq beef with paprika sweet potato fries and kale.


I was up early with the pain this morning so decided to give the live workout a go and see what I could manage. I’m pleased to say I made the whole 30 minutes. It was a great full body workout using a kettlebell and some dunbells, I need to get some heavier weights so when I find the exercise too easy with mine I just switch and use the kettle bell and make sure I switch sides half way through.

This is not the actual workout I did this morning but it’s the same PT and I actually did this one with him a couple of weeks ago.

After this I took a slow walk with Poppy and we managed nearly 3 miles. It was such a lovely walk and we spotted this heron in a tree along with two foxes playing on the railway track. I am so greatful we have this on our doorstep.

This afternoon I sang with my choir at a village fayre and this evening after a 2 mile walk, I am going to relax in with my husband before a busy day tomorrow of an extra ballet practise for T and then a family bbq!

I’m hoping to squeeze in a 20 minute HIIT session in the morning along with a walk for Poppy so will keep you updated, (tomorrow will be the last day of my food and fitness diary but I will still keep sharing great workouts and healthy meals and snacks when I come across them.)

Have a great weekend everyone

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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Food and Fitness- Friday!

Hi guys it’s Friday! I’m excited because I’ve got some friends coming over for cocktails and pizza tonight which should be fun! I’ve been working hard on my fitness all week and so am really excited to relax my rules for an evening and have fun, after all everything in moderation!

Here is my recap on today


I’ve walked about a mile in total which isn’t the best but it’s been a busy day with housework and my orthodontist appointment so it couldn’t be helped. I managed to fit in a 25 minute kettle bell session this afternoon which felt good.


Today it was bran flakes with berries and some apple juice.


This was a quick snack on some tuna,pasta and sweetcorn with a few grapes.


This will be pizza and tear and share bread, in the garden with a few cocktails thrown in. (I intend to work extra hard tomorrow morning to make up for this.)


I am really not the best at keeping hydrated but try to finish this bottle every day and then have at least one glass of sugar free squash during the evening also. I find drinking from a bottle so much easier than a glass, it just seems more tempting and can be thrown in my bag wherever I’m going.

I hope you’ve all had a good week and are looking forward to treating yourselves this weekend after working hard all week ๐Ÿ˜Š

I’ll be up early tomorrow morning to do a live weighted workout on Instagram by @movewithben_ so will keep you updated on how that goes!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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Food and Fitness- Thursday

Today was rest day, after pushing myself to work harder this week and completing a HIIT workout Sunday, Tues and Weds and a run and ab workout Monday I felt it was time to give my body a rest.

Well as much of a rest as cleaning a house from top to bottom, food shopping,washing the car and walking the dog over 2 miles is! I certainly feel like I have really put the effort in this week and am aching a lot today but it feels good to know I’ve worked hard!

This was a nice walk round the lake in the sunshine though and I was pleased I got Poppy out.

Breakfast– this was a quick bowl of cereal today as I was out early.


I kept going till lunch on a vanilla protein shake which was super tasty and after my walk I relaxed for a short while before the school pick up with a cup of tea and half of this chocolate cookie.

Excuse the photobomb!


Almost as soon as I got back Scott made me poached eggs on toast which was well needed!


Tonight we had fishcakes with minted new potatoes, babycorn and sugar snap peas.

Tomorrow I am off to the orthodontist so plan to fit in a kettle bell workout after that before the pain kicks in!

When do you give yourself a rest day? And do you actually rest?

Lou x

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Food and Fitness- Wednesday!

Hi guys it’s the end of my working week woohoo! But no time to rest as Wednesday evenings that used to be set aside for date nights, as T is at her Dads, are now workout nights ๐Ÿ˜‚ Scott is off to run a 5k race with his club and I’ve completed a 45 minute HIIT workout and am shattered!

Along with a 1 mile walk this evening I’m ready for rest day tomorrow!๐Ÿ˜…

Here is my recap of today!


I was so looking forward to breakfast today as I made some overnight oats last night, thank you to Scott for running to the shop to get more soya milk and bananas for me!

Here is the recipe and this is the end product, they are delicious and really fill me up.


This was not the most exciting meal of the day with a tuna sandwich on seeded bread and a mango Greek yoghurt.


Tonight I made chicken with paprika,balsamic vinegar and chili flakes with some peppers and tomatoes on wholemeal pasta.


Today was an exciting day because I had a delivery! ๐Ÿ˜ My very own shaker and a few cheap goodies to try along with some more protein powder so I can finally try protein pancakes!

Now to celebrate as I’ve had some good news today, after a testing week it’s just what me and Scott needed ๐Ÿ˜Š

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Lou x

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Food and fitness-Tuesday!

Hi guys!

I hope you’ve all had a great day, Here is my food and fitness record for today:


I started today with some of this organic porridge with soya milk, I only picked it up for the first time last week from Aldi and it’s so good! I’ve been having it with a few blackberries thrown in but it’s just as good on its own.

Lunch and snacks

For lunch I had a peanut butter sandwich on wholemeal bread and I made some yoghurt pots with organic fat free yoghurt, pumpkin seeds and cranberries with a tiny drop of honey. It was so tasty! I had a banana to snack on, it was a busy day!


Tonight was an easy meal of scampi, cous cous and sweetcorn, sometimes you don’t have the time or food to make something amazing so simple it is!


I walked a mile before work with Poppy,

Tonight me and T did a 15 excercises in 15 minutes workout, and we decided to make the most of the warm weather and do it in the garden!

Here is the link to the workout we did, it was another Joe Wicks one with a tough ending but I still really enjoyed it.

And here is the 13 minute ab workout I did after!

I’m loving my new workout shorts for this warm weather too, a bargain at ยฃ4 in the sale!๐Ÿ˜„

That’s me done for today! I’d love to hear what you have done to keep fit the last couple of days!

Lou x

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My food and fitness record for the next 7 days!

Hi guys,

I’ve decided to keep a 7 day record of my food and fitness to keep me motivated and hold myself accountable for my training! This week I have only managed 3 HIIT sessions due to trying to get back into routine after our holiday and also squeezing in a trip to Wembley stadium and I know I can do more, so writing this will mean I have to share with you guys everything I do! I hope you find it helpful in planning your own training or just enjoy reading how a working Mum manages to keep fit around everything else!

I might not post every day but I will keep a note and post when I can so you can all see what I’ve been upto!


Today I’ve been back on the wagon with this 20 minute workout

I was so exhausted after, its a really great session!

To refuel afterwards I had a vanilla protein shake with cacao and soya milk and peanut butter on seeded toast.

Dinner was bbq pork and sweet potato fries.

This afternoon I watched Scott complete a relay race with his running club and after getting T to bed I’ve just done this 13 minute ab session! I really feel like I’m back in the groove and ready to conquer a week of fitness and good food!

Now who is with me? ๐Ÿ˜‹

Lou x

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Food,fitness and my week wrapped up!

This week I’ve been focused on eating well, training hard and keeping busy without my little girl here. Here is a recap on my week, I think I’ve done pretty well.


Incase you didn’t already read I attended the world’s first HIIT session in a football stadium run by The Body coach Joe Wicks. A 45 minute workout later and I was exhausted but happy.

I had a coffee and a duck wrap in Pret at the train station with a woman I met there then when I came home and finished my book in the garden.

The story has 3 different groups of people that you spend most of the book wondering how they are all going to link up. A wife finds a letter in the attic written by her husband years ago addressed “To be opened by my wife in the event of my death”. He is away on business, would you open it?

Nearly everyone I asked said they would! I said I wouldnt. It was tough going at times but the ending made it worth reading.

I’m now reading “Death in Bordeaux” which looks to be a crime thriller. You can thank my community library for my eclectic taste in books!


I was well prepped for Tuesday and we had a colourful chicken salad for lunch and then a huge egg and chicken salad for dinner!

I did a yoga session to get my body stretching and recovering from the brutal session the day before and then I couldn’t resist a 10 minute ab session too! My favourite workouts at the moment are from The Body coach TV on YouTube or Move with Ben on YouTube. They are both great for short, sharp bursts of activity with high intensity workouts that will leave you feeling the burn after just a few reps!

I spent some time moving T’s bedroom furniture around as she had decided she wanted a change. I’m really pleased with how it looks and hopefully she will like it when she gets back!


Lunch was a couscous and chicken mix with fruit to follow and for dinner I made honey and mustard chicken with potatoes and lots of yummy kale!

After dinner Scott and me completed the same workout I did on Monday! It was just as tough as I remember but I felt so pleased we did it and really energised afterwards. Here it is if you fancy giving it a go! HIIT on the Pitch!


I’ve been prepping like mad today and have made banana and chocolate overnight oats and healthy breakfast cookies using these recipes! I’m so excited for breakfast tomorrow!

Today I had more time so instead of a 1 mile walk Poppy and me managed a fairly decent 3 miles. Holiday prep has taken over most of the day but I’ve also found time to get a 13 minute abs burner in tonight- here it is if you fancy a go!

This brings my workout total to 23 for the month, most of which have been with T my little trooper! I’ve also walked 52.8 miles this month which I’m pretty chuffed with!

I’m feeling great about myself going into my week off and am so proud of me and T for the effort we have put in to make this month our most active yet!

Tomorrow I get to squeeze that little face again and I can’t wait ๐Ÿ˜Š

I hope you have a had a great week and I’d love to hear what your fitness goals are for next month or if you have any recipes you have prepped ready for the weekend!

Thanks for reading

Lou xx

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7 things that made me happy week 14!


Hi everyone, well it seems this week has flown by and it has been overall a great one with lots to feel happy about. Here are my 7 things that have made me happy this week;

  1. A great Saturday night spend at a friends house eating pizza while the kids played outside. This was such a nice evening, we managed a fair amount of actual conversation before the kids got bored and wanted us to play with them and it reallyย was great to catch up.ย 20180421_191821108984665.jpg

2. Cooking healthy food. This week even more so I have really focused on healthy eating in our house. With Scott training for a marathon and just a month until we go away on holiday we could all do with cutting out the sweet treats and focusing on healthier living. This week I tried a recipe from a great blogย tweedandthebeardย of prawn, veggie and egg rice with chilli flakes and soy sauce. It was so quick and easy to make and I managed to prep lots for the freezer too and with the most expensive ingredient being the prawns this is a real budget friendly meal! I have also introduced Rye bread into our diet because I had heard it has great health benefits such as extra fibre and doesn’t bloat you like regular bread can. I have found it a taste that has grown on me and after making Scott toasted Rye bread with quark, chopped banana and cinnamon I think he has come around to it too. The sunshine also re-ignited my love for salads and I have made us a couple this week with eggs for extra protein.


3. Spa day!ย For Christmas my best friend and I decided to buy each other a spa day voucher and this week we got to use it! With it being at a local gym we started the day off with a 30 minute workout before using the sauna and Jacuzzi before our treatments of a mini back massage and facial. Afterwards we picked T up from school and went to watch her ride before having a film evening in together. It was so nice for us to spend the day together and T really enjoyed the time too.

4. Tiana received an honours award at school!ย Throughout the year 10 honours awards are given in each class at school. The school call you up and tell you that your child has been selected for one and the assembly is the following week, you are not to mention anything to your child as all the parents of the children receiving awards enter the assembly together while the children are singing. If the child spots their parents they know they are getting an award. The excitement nearly kills us when this happens and we all say bye to T, have a nice day, see you later, the usual, then walk round to the school reception where we wait to go in. The awards are given for all different subjects and this one was for concentration. The children one by one are called to the front of the hall where they are given a sticker and a certificate and a hand shake from the head teacher. Their teacher then proceeds to read out a paragraph explaining the reasons they have been given this award. It really was a great assembly and T was so happy to be up there, very proud parent day!20180427_0939241674965484.jpg

5. A long overdue catch up with a friend.ย Sometimes life just takes over, its no ones fault, people are busy, things like moving house, stress at work and changing jobs mean there is little time for socialising and so it happens that months pass before you see each other again. T actually really started to miss Kali and Kaleb, my friends two children and so it was really great to see them again. We were lucky to become Guideparents to Kaleb last year and so we know that he will always be a part of our lives, more so if T had her way as she wanted to take him home!20180428_1139271043211323.jpg

6. Cheese and Prosecco evening!ย This evening at my friends house had been planned for a little while and turned out to be a lot of fun. We were treated to ham, olives, peppers, tomatoes and so many different types of cheeses! After a fair few glasses we ended up giggling the evening away. An extra workout and a 2 mile walk today and I’m feeling the cheese may be a small way to being being burned off!


7. Flowers.ย Scott surprised T and I with flowers this week and these are mine. I think they look so pretty in one of the jugs we used on our wedding day.


I hope you have had a great week, thank you for reading,

Lou x

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7 weeks of 7 things that made me happy!

So I’ve been appreciating the little things in life, for 7 weeks now! I know we all appreciate little things but writing this weekly post really helps me focus on the great things I have going on when I’m feeling flat or lonely. It’s just my little way of telling myself, and you guys, what how much little things can make you happy and how often spending money has very little to do with happiness.

1. Date day! Saturday we had the day together so we decided to do something completely out of character and walked to the local pub for lunch! We had such a nice time once we had walked to through the snowy woods, which was actually really pretty, to get there and enjoyed ourselves so much that with no deadlines and no T we decided to walk to the next one! It was like we were on a real date and was so fun ๐Ÿ˜Š Two alcoholic drinks before 5pm is only ever a thing on Christmas day in this house! Sometimes you just need to let your hair down, remember we only live once and play some scrabble!

2. Being a proud Mumma/Wife! Sunday T took Grade 1 ballet and Scott ran a half marathon. They both did so well and I spent the day being super proud.

3. T playing with her cousin. Sunday at Scott’s parents a few people decided to go for a walk to the nearby lake but T hadn’t brought a coat as I didn’t think we would be going anywhere so we stayed behind and she played with her little cousin Millie who is nearly 4. They built this tower and were very pleased with themselves.

4. Healthy eating. This was dinner Monday night, paprika chicken with jacket sweet potato and sweet corn and olives. It was so tasty and we all really enjoyed it. There have been a few meals this week where we have all said ‘that was a really healthy dinner!’ But so as not to bore you here is proof that we do have treats also with our breakfast one day this week of waffles with fruit and honey!

5. 40 Random Acts of Kindness. We are still enjoying this challenge so much and at the end of this week have undertaken two acts that I think have to top the list by far! One T and I completed together and one Scott did on his own. I will keep you guessing until my update next week but they have to be the most proud we have been so far in this challenge and will make the biggest impact for sure.

6. Wildlife! Ok so that might sound a little strange but today has just been a day for it,we have today been able to sit in our conservatory again thanks to the warmer weather and so have seen bluetits and a robin feeding from our bird feeders which is so lovely. Then this morning just pulling out of our road a small deer ran across in front of us and this afternoon driving home I saw another deer feeding next to a different road! I really do feel so lucky to see these rare little creatures and love living so close to the local country park. Here is a little squirrel having a nibble on the bird food!

7. Watching the six nations rugby with T! This weekend we got T back early because she wanted to watch the rugby with us so we got set up with crisps, drinks and even some Twirl bites which T let us have one each every time Ireland got a try! ๐Ÿ˜„ It was great fun cheering on Ireland with her.

Have a great weekend everyone, thanks for reading!

Lou x

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The New Mrs M makes a year!ย 

Wow I can’t believe I made a year! When I started this blog it was as an outlet to share my experiences with braces as an adult and to hopefully learn from other people’s journey also. The thing is it’s turned into much more than that! I’ve learned I love to document my life! Sharing experiences, hobbies, days out, trips away, special moments gives me real enjoyment and it’s the lovely comments and likes I get from readers around the world that keeps me writing. I have written about so many things in the last year from my experiences as a step parent to buying our puppy last year. I’ve talked about my love of being married and the happiness it brings to my struggles of trying to progress a career while still being a present parent. I’ve continued to document my experiences with braces and will keep on doing so in the hope that they help others deliberating whether or not to take the plunge or are already on their journey. My new found love of walking/hiking has been a hot topic over the summer months this year culminating in a walking challenge which saw me walk over 80 miles in a month!

This blog has been like a journal at times being the first thing I want to do when I’m going through a tough time and a way to vent my frustration while also sometimes allowing me to see my opinions in a different light.

Reviews of places I’ve been have almost become a part of the experience now and it’s a given to my husband that some of the many photos I take will be specifically for my blog. If I can show someone how great a place was or how dog friendly somewhere can be and they can enjoy it as much as I did then my writing is all worthwhile.

There are plenty of mum blogs out there and I don’t just write about my experiences as a Mum but this has also been a huge part of my blog. Again if I can show someone else what we get up to and they enjoy doing it then why not!

Whatever my chosen topic is I would just like to say thank you to everyone that has taken the time to read my posts, like them and leave a comment. Without your interest I wouldn’t have continued to write and had 2 pieces published, something I would never even have attempted to do before this!

My plan for the future is to keep blogging, sharing my happy times and my sad times too, hopefully helping others with my braces experiences and reviewing everywhere I go!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my journey so far and here’s to the next year!

Lou x