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Dream Girls, London & lots of cake!

Sunday I turned 33 and what an awesome weekend I’ve had, so here goes I’m going to share my weekend with you all.


Two friends and I went for a drink at a local pub to celebrate all three of our birthdays in November. We each got each other a little present and card and had such a giggle catching up for a couple of hours.


After a busy day at the opticians, getting my nails done for the weekend, watching T ride and getting Poppy groomed I had two friends over for fajitas. My best friend bought me a beautiful bunch of flowers and a bottle of pink prosecco so we of course drank that and had a really fun evening. Nothing wrong with a few filters to get the giggles going!



Today Scott and I were off to London! The last time I went to London was January for T’s birthday so I was super excited to go back. We were also going to visit a few places neither of us had been before which was great. We started off in Carnaby Street. This eclectic mix of shops and restaurants was draped in the Carnaby Christmas Carnival decorations! It looked great with its vibrant colours and shapes!

Next we visited Choccywoccydodah! This is a chocolate shop and restaurant which fits right in on Carnaby Street, with its bright red walls and 3 foot high made entirely of chocolate statues and cakes in the entrance way its definitely one to remember! We went straight upstairs and I was really excited to get a table right away as I’d seen online you have to take a ticket and come back at busy times.

After looking at the menu I decided on a melted chocolate hot chocolate and a piece of chocolate cake, I know it sounds a lot but we were in a chocolate shop! Wow it was delicious, totally scrumptious but I have to say it beat me! Even so this place is well worth a visit for somewhere different to go in London and it wasn’t even too over priced.

Little tip if you do visit take a trip to the bathrooms, they are decorated like a secret garden and it really is something else once you shut that door!


23472720_10215159941971312_6443019816105680307_nNext we visited Liberty of London. This shop is 140 years old and the building is quite impressive on its own. You could spend hours there as they stock the high end of everything from clothes to homeware to makeup and Christmas decorations. As we were on a schedule I wanted to look at the Christmas displays so after walking up the 4 flights of stairs as the lift was busy, well we had to work off that cake somehow, we made it and they had some beautiful decorations! We bought a small Christmas present and a little present for T, she loved her little nutcracker and said she will always remember it came from Liberty bless her.

23376401_10215159942451324_4343892963367431247_nThen we went for lunch at Fire & Stone in Covent Garden, neither of us were very hungry but as lunch was already paid for I managed to eat some of this pizza topped with spicy beef, sour cream and guacamole.




Next it was on to our main event, Dream Girls at the Savoy Theatre! I have been so excited to see this show for such a long time and couldn’t contain my excitement even just arriving at the theatre! We had great seats and the show was epic! The performance of “I am telling you” was so emotional that by the end the crowd were all on their feet and cheering and crying! By the time the interval came I felt emotionally exhausted from the show in the best way possible! It really was one of those shows where you felt that all the actors gave 100% all of the time and I can’t recommend it enough! It really was the perfect end to my birthday day out.


Sunday I turned 33! My little T came back at 9.30 and I was treated to breakfast in bed before opening my presents, I got so many lovely things from family and friends I really did feel very lucky. Afterwards we went for hot chocolate and cake, marked the two minute silence for remembrance Sunday and had a lovely sunny, if a bit windy walk with Poppy. In the afternoon we played board games and stayed in the warm while Scott cooked dinner. It was a great day with my little family.

I have had such an amazing birthday weekend and feel very lucky to have spent it with those that actually wanted to be there. For some reason I let it bother me that only 1 person I work with out of about 12 I am friends with online wished me a happy birthday. Its not like I am new to the company having been there 6 and a half years and I always take the time to wish everyone a happy birthday if  see it come up but does it matter? no! I had a wonderful weekend with family and friends and have been treated, if not spoilt so I really am very lucky! I think the lesson here is focus on what you have got not what you haven’t!

The closer I get to my mid thirties the more lessons I am learning so if you are approaching your thirties or just starting them out, its great but there are a lot lessons to learn!

Thanks for reading everyone,

Lou x

The Poppy at Kings Cross Station London.
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Getting old, the birthday build up!

Hi everyone, this week has flown past and I think I was willing it to because this Sunday is my birthday! It doesn’t matter how old I get I still get just as excited about my birthday every single year! It’s not a big one, 33 is a pretty unexciting age I think but still I can’t wait for Sunday. What’s wrong with looking forward to that one day of the year where everything is all about you? Where you get to spend time with family and friends who pretty much all go out of their way to make sure you have an amazing day. 

Here are a few of my favourite things about birthdays:

  • Family time- whether it’s going for a coffee and cake, playing games together or taking Poppy for a walk on this day I get to choose because it’s my special day.
  • Seeing friends- ok so as I’ve got older my birthday celebrations have toned down but I’m ok with that, you come to realise that it’s better to have a few close friends than try to arrange big events that cater for everyone. Unless it’s your wedding there are always reasons people can’t come so instead of getting upset when you invite them and they give their excuses just see the people that you know actually want to be there. You will have a far better time in a relaxing enjoyable atmosphere than worrying how many people are going to actual turn up to your event!
  • Presents – throughout the year I do my best to make sure all my loved ones get thoughtful presents I would love myself and although I don’t give to receive I’m very lucky that on this day it’s my turn to get spoilt with wonderful things! 
  • Cake – everyone loves cake and on this day we have an excuse to eat lots of it! 
  • Getting older doesn’t have to be  bad thing- as far as I see it getting older is a fact of life, it happens to us all so we might as well celebrate it and not worry about our age, why not use it as a chance to make happy memories instead!
  • It’s a day to just have fun! There is no boring stuff like housework, cooking, no being a responsible parent, this is my day to just do whatever and I intend to make the most of it! 

This weekend I’m lucky enough to be seeing friends, taking a trip to London with Scott to see Dream Girls- I am so excited for this I cannot tell you, and spending my birthday with my little family! 

I will let you all know how our trip goes but for now I hope you all have a great weekend and thanks for reading! 

Lou x

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Cups of tea and an unexpected visit!

So today I had plans for a quick trip to the shops, a catch up with a friend and a visit to the vets. All of those things happened, the trip to the shops was great because I managed to pick up a Christmas present for T simply because it had Princess Tiana on and it’s so rare to see her on anything so I had to buy it. (T loves that she is also a Disney Princess.) 

The vets appointment was ok, poor Poppy seems to have a little lump at the site of her operation which could be either an infection, where her body is reacting to the internal stitches or just hard tissue where it is healing so she is now on antibiotics for a week. Here’s hoping it sorts itself out! For now here is a cute picture I took the other day! 

This afternoon I have also been painting conkers orange to look like mini pumpkins! We are having friends round tomorrow and I’m going to let the kids draw pumpkin faces on them, It was an idea I found a couple of weeks ago which I wrote about here so I will post pictures their finished products when they are done!

Then I had a friend round for tea and an overdue catch up which was lovely. We both seemed to have a lot to tell each other and she shared some good news about moving house which was great. Her cousin came to pick her up who I haven’t seen in years and it was so nice to chat to! You know when it’s just easy to talk to someone, there was no awkwardness, No why haven’t you been in touch, what happened to us as friends we simply moved in different directions at the time and there was nothing more to it. We have always kept in touch online so have a fair idea of what each other has been upto along with my friend keeping us both in the loop but today we ended up chatting for over half an hour when she was meant to be not stopping. It was just easy and made me think this is how life should be, It got me thinking about some difficult decisions I made about friendships nearly a year ago now and just reaffirmed that I made the right ones. 

Surround yourself with the right people and life can be good, the wrong people can drag you down and really life is too short and has too many worries and stresses for friendships to be one of them!

Who knows if I will see this friend again anytime soon but I know if I do it will be just as easy and comfortable and that’s how it should be

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My 20 mile week and more summer fun!

So in my last post I mentioned a walking challenge I had signed myself up to with my husband and best friend. Now I knew I had stiff competition as I’m more of a little and often walker/runner whereas those guys just go for it! So every day last week i made it my mission to get about 3 miles in, yes every day! My legs were aching by the time yesterday’s walk came and ordinarily I wouldn’t have made the effort to go but I felt I couldn’t let myself down when Id made so much effort the rest of the week so off Pops and I went in the sunshine racking my total miles for last week to just over 20! I’m so chuffed with this and now just need to keep the momentum going through the rest of the month! 

Other things I’ve been upto this weekend is dinner at my best friends house, secretly trying to fatten me up so I will do worse at the challenge, which was a really nice evening. You can’t beat hanging out with your best friend, daughter and the partners sometimes and it was really good to spend time with them.

Saturday I also picked T’s friend up and took them both to the library to continue their summer reading challenge. They really enjoyed being together and planning their sleepover for next Friday, wish me luck! 

With the good weather I used some time to get a few things done in the garden too, Scott is in the middle of painting our shed a really pretty green so can’t wait for that to be finished and tie in with all my other pretty areas. I’m just waiting for it to be warm enough that we can actually spend a whole evening out there! 

This weekend was new nails day and I don’t normally share my nails but I’m so in love with this pink design I thought I’d show you all.
Yesterday T had a great hack out for her riding lesson and I made lasagne and salad for the in-laws followed by cheesecake which went down a storm! One busy weekend over and our busy week off begins! 

Have a great one everyone!

Lou x

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All good things…

Well this weekend has been filled with fun times, friends and play dates for T, it has simply been great! I’m so used to sharing T for either part of or all of the weekend but this weekend I was lucky to have her right through until Sunday lunchtime. Anyone who is separated from their children’s father will know this is a luxury which needs to be made the most of and we did! 

Friday night we went to a friends and T had a great time catching up with a friend she used to go to school with. It’s so nice that they haven’t seen each other for a while and immediately ran upstairs to play without question or shyness. T then had a sleepover in my bed Friday night due to Scott being at work most of this weekend. Apart from her stealing the covers I love being in a bed with her and getting cuddles when she wakes up in the morning. Little people are so beautiful when they sleep.

Saturday we went to a friends for coffee then she tried ice skating for the first time in the afternoon, after some encouragement and a few tears she eventually enjoyed it and wants to go again, success. Later on we had a friend bring his children round for tea and another play. The kids loved making their own pizzas and dressing up was the favourite activity as usual! 

Yesterday we had another friend round and T spent 2 hours with her making a castle complete with draw bridge to take to school today and show their teacher! 

It really was such a great weekend that after Scott and I finally got to spend some time together last night I had a pang of wow I miss her. Every time she goes after we have had so much fun I get this, and I know she will be the same because she didn’t want to go yesterday. Just a day at work to go and then I get to kiss those little cheeks again. 

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Sunny Saturday 

So today I walked Poppy for over an hour round where we live. I walked a route round a beautiful area with pretty thatched cottages and huge set back homes with long driveways and expensive cars. It’s a beautiful area to walk round and in the sunshine especially. The way home I took a route I haven’t walked in 16 years, my old walk home from the school bus! It was so nice to walk round it again and have the chance to be a bit nostalgic about it all. Many memories were made walking this route from sharing a walkman earphone with friends as we walked along to laughing and joking about what had just happened on the school bus. I think about my school friends often and am always sad I am no longer in touch with any of them. (I moved away with my family at 16 and then moved back again later on.) This is why my best friend means so much to me I think. We have been friends since I was 20, wow I feel so old, and like any friends we have had our ups and downs but we always come out stronger. This weekend I’m looking forward to having her and her partner round for Sunday dinner so have been busy cleaning out the fire so we can make the most of our new fire place while the evenings are cold. 

I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday in the sunshine too! 

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I’ve been thinking about writing a blog about friendships for a little while and how we all change over time as we grow and evolve into different people. Some people don’t change, some stay the same as they always were. Others find they place in life, their happy and change to fit their lives around that. Because of this some friendships are built to last and some are not. Some people change with you, some do not. Then you meet new people with the same thoughts and values as you and start to realise the world is a big place and there could be more people out there like you its just a case of meeting them and starting a friendship. The ones that stick around, that accept your changes and are happy for you they are few and far between but that’s ok because life is full of people we meet and are in our lives for a purpose at that particular time. Some of these people end up in our lives for longer than others, some we become close to but then eventually drift away from. Some there are just too many differences to be close for ever. Some no matter how hard you try seem to want to close the door and say goodbye. Others the time comes when closing the door is the only option as the differences are too great.
All this is only important in a small proportion of our lives because the most important thing is family. When I had my daughter my world immediately revolved around her, then when I separated from her father my friends helped me get through tough times and my world still revolved around her. Now I have found my husband I have someone who wants to share her childhood with me and it’s amazing. If we are lucky in life we find friends who want to share this journey with us but building lasting friendships is just like building a lasting relationship, it takes work,  commitment, give and take, on both sides and most of all effort. Once the cracks start to show sometimes this is the beginning of the end, sometimes not.
The main thing is we surround ourselves with people we can be honest and open around and who make us laugh. Life is too short and full of too much stress to let anyone or anything else unnecessarily bring you down.
Be happy, if you can’t it’s time for a change.

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Best laid plans

When I started this blog I knew it would be honest if nothing else, so here goes today has mostly been a pretty rubbish day! Waking up to another grey and wet dreary day instantly put a block on my plans to test out my new walking boots and find a new place in the countryside to walk as it was a morning just us two. Instead as the rain came down we decided to work out our money situation up until payday, this was not a great start to the day. As usual we spent out over our Christmas ensuring our friends and family got everything we wanted to buy them but as usual we left ourselves short for January. Every year is the same and January is always a struggle but today working out just how much we dont have until we get paid really brought me down. I think it was a culmination of a few things that added to how much it affected me, I had a couple of friends that for various reasons let me down at the last minute on plans this weekend and as a large part of it was spent on my own that meant it was quite lonely at times. When this happens and I dont have T at home I just miss her even more and I found myself sitting in her room yesterday just longing for her to be home. On the flip side I did manage to arrange a couple of last minute plans with friends which worked out really nicely, I guess its not always the best laid plans that work out the best. I’m struggling to see where I fit in and am having a lot of self doubt with friends lately so it was just nice to have a couple of impromtu meets with people who I could relax around entirely and just be myself. Another positive was Scott’s Christmas work do last night, again I was not feeling up for going out and especially being in a room of people I didnt know and who I’d never met, nervous braces talk again, but it was actually a really fun evening, and he works with a lot of very lovely people!

So back to today after we wrote our spreadsheet on just how much money we dont have we took the dog on a short walk and I worked on my 1000 piece jigsaw for over an hour until T came through the door! It seems feeling like I dont belong, the bad weather spoiling my plans and our lack of funds just put me in a really low mood and all I needed was my little girl to come home and be close to me. The minute she walked in the door my mood improved, I was kissing her face, holding her on my lap while asking all about her weekend then dressing her up for a family birthday tea this afternoon. I think I just needed to feel like I had a purpose. I felt like I had failed at managing our money, failed at arranging an activity for me and Scott to do because the weather was awful and failed at meeting up with friends as for whatever reasons they cancelled on me. I needed the one thing here that I know I havent failed at, being a Mummy.