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7 things that made me happy week 13

1. New wellies day! During the winter I live in my wellies, to walk our dog in, to go to the stables to take T riding in, even just to do the school run in when it’s rain and snow. My lovely wellies have been through a lot with me, and it showed! Over the last couple of months more and more holes have developed until Scott could take my complaining no more and used a recent sale to buy me some more! Now we have the hottest day of the year so far I’m really pleased I have new wellies πŸ˜‚

2. Date night! Wedsnesday evening was lovely and after a healthy dinner of grilled chicken and rice we walked to the local pub and had a drink next to the golf course. I’ve missed sitting in a beer garden relaxing in the sun and am so happy these days may be coming back!

3. Our Ed Sheeran tickets arrived!! 😁 You know when it gets close to a gig and you start to worry if your tickets will arrive ok? Well no more worrying for me because I think the neighbours in the next street now know they have arrived! Super super excited for this day to come around.

4. Warm weather! Our day off this week was a beauty! 24 degrees and wall to wall blue skies meant to was time to turn the heating off and dust off the shorts! β˜‰After spending the morning stocking up on suncream, school summer dresses and sunhats for T I mowed the lawn and cleaned the fire place out ready for Summer! We had lunch in the garden and it really felt like summer was on its way!

5. Our tree came into blossom. It’s always this time of year it really starts to feel like warmer weather is on its way when our tree blossoms. It just makes our garden look so pretty and I love the couple of weeks we get of it.

6. We had our first dinner in the garden! It was so nice to eat outside again and we all really enjoyed it.

7. I had friends over for dinner! Friday I had three friends over for pizza and drinks and we had such a fun evening! It’s been ages since I had an evening like that where everyone turns up, everyone is in a great mood and everything just goes to plan! After a few people people letting me down at the last minute for a night out last year for a little celebration meal I had felt disheartened and haven’t really tried to arrange much with more than 1 or 2 people since. Last night reminded me why it is good to have friends and it really was good for my soul.

I hope you have all had a great week and I would love to hear what you have got upto that made you happy!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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Ed Sheeran and me

It’s 2011 and I had just started listening to Ed Sheeran- he releases “The A Team” and a friend introduces me to his back catalog of albums including “Loose change” and “No 5 Collaborations project”. I’m instantly hooked.

I quickly picked up all the words to songs like “Little bird” and “Firefly” and listened to his songs whenever I could. The talent this guy had was amazing and he had worked so so hard from nothing to get his music out there. I read somewhere his first music video cost him Β£20 to make and that was for him to borrow the video camera off his friend to shoot it with. His collaborations were so real and from the heart and it was clear it wasn’t just him struggling to get his music out there but all the other artists he recorded with too.

Of course I bought his album “+” when it was released and have bought every album of his ever since.

2012 I had a tough year and lyrics like;

Tell her that I love her, tell her that I need her, tell her that I love her more than anyone else if you don’t I’ll tell her myself”

“I wanna see you happy, I wanna see you smiling because you’ve been trespassing and you won’t leave my mind.”

Made me long for a happy ending, for someone to say those words to me and mean it. I wanted to be loved again.

2013 I met Scott and he shared my love of Ed’s music. After just a short time we were happy to spend date nights in listening to “Kiss me”, “Fall” and “Give me love”. I was falling in love again.

In December of this year Scott took me to see The Hobbit- The desolation of Smaug, Ed Sheeran sang the soundtrack “I see fire” and we stayed until the titles had finished to listen to this song, along with most of the cinema.

2014 Scott took me to see Ed Sheeran at the O2. It was and still is one of our best days together.There are no words to describe the talent this guy has live. He is the singer, the backing, percussion and bass all rolled into one. He captivated that audience for the whole show and everyone left singing his song just as he asked them to. Months later Scott told me he was thinking of proposing at this concert, he had the ring but decided to do it on my 30th birthday instead.

We got married in 2016 and T sat and sang every word to “Thinking out loud” as we danced out first dance. This song will always be special to us.

This year we are going to see Ed perform at Wembley stadium! I was online for almost an hour, my hands shaking and my body becoming more and more tense as I tried on multiple platforms to obtain these tickets. I was in complete shock and rang Scott at work to tell him I was booking it and did it matter if was only 4 days after we get back from our family holiday? No it did not, book it quick he said! I was so upset to miss out last year and so getting these tickets to see Ed 4 years after we first saw him together was honestly magical!

I can listen to Ed’s songs day or night, I’ve got the DVD, t-shirt, wristband, every song he’s ever released and given away free when his albums did well. I can recite verses of his songs on command and never get bored of hearing his lyrics.

Ed Sheeran’s music has been a massive part of my life over the last few years and so many of his songs I can link to a particular moment. They evoke happy memories and remind me of good times.

Thanks Ed for some great songs that have given me some wonderful memories with many more to come.

“Life is more than fitting in your jeans”- Ed Sheeran

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7 things that made me happy week 9!

1. Hiding love rocks with these two. Sunday was bitter cold, There was snow on the ground and after playing inside for a few hours these two were desperate to walk Poppy so off we went and hid a few love rocks we had collected over the last few weeks. Even though it was freezing the girls had fun hiding the rocks and posting clues online so they could be found.

2. T going off on her first residential super happy and excited. Not only did she go off excited she came back having had a brilliant time! She has memories she will treasure forever and took part in some great outdoor activities along with filming in their little film studio. Apart from being completely shattered she loved it and so I’m so happy she had the chance to do it.

3. Playing monopoly. What’s the best way to cheer yourself up when you are missing your little person? Monopoly of course! Just because Scott beats me every time we play scrabble it doesn’t mean he is going to beat me at this right? Wrong! Turns out I’m no property tycoon and end up winging my way through each round but still losing in a big way! What a giggle though.

4. A mini spa day! Friday my sister in law and I went for a spa treatment at a local spa. We both had vouchers to use and it was such a lovely morning finished by a spot of lunch at the nearby pub it was a perfect way to spend a Friday morning and I would like to do it every Friday please! 😁

5. Finding a bargain body warmer for T. I always like to get T a little present for Easter rather than a really expensive Easter egg and this year in particular I thought she deserved something nice after our 40 acts of kindness are drawing to a close. She’s been after a bodywarmer for a while and after searching around a whole load of shops I finally found one for a bargain price and I’m thrilled to bits with it. I can’t wait to give it to her next Sunday now.

6. Booking in lots of dates with my best friend. Now my best friend, who is probably reading this, is ditzy to say the least. The last two dates we have said we will visit her she has double booked us and cancelled and with her living 1 hour away now we don’t see each other anywhere near as much as we used to. Last night we actually booked in more than one date where we have plans together and with T also which is great as she is T’s godmother and T loves spending time with her. Now I’m not holding out much hope that all of them will happen but I’m hoping for at least 2 out of 3 so fingers crossed! πŸ˜‚

7. A coffee date with a friend. This morning I met up with a friend for coffee at a new Costa near us. It was great to chat and enjoy a vanilla latte for an hour or so and the amount of sugar in the coffee gave me enough energy to come home and walk Poppy for 3 miles! πŸ˜‚

I hope you have all had a great week and I’d love to hear what you have got upto!

Thanks for reading,

Lou x

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7 things that made me happy in 7 days week 8!

1. Mothers day! I love this day so much because T puts her heart and soul into showing me how much she loves me and it just melts my heart! This year I was woken up with a beautiful card, a plant pot she had spent over 1 hour making by herself at after school club, a bunch of flowers and a charm for my bracelet. We went out for coffee and cake and then a 2.5 mile walk/run in the sun before going to see Scott’s parents for dinner. It really was a lovely day. Oh, I sent my Mum a card saying I would love to take her out for afternoon tea but I’m not holding out much hope because I said the same thing last year and she was too busy all year. We aren’t very close so we will see.

2. Receiving this beautiful drawing in the post for T really made our day. The time and effort taken was honestly so thoughtful and we love how it looks in a frame in T’s playroom.

3. Muddy walks. This was a 1.5 mile walk with Poppy after it had been raining all morning. I decided to go through the woods as she had her coat on but it didn’t make much difference and she went straight in the shower when we got home! This said it was a lovely walk and just nice getting out in the small amount of sun we had that day.

4. A reassuring ear. So I have a tendency to get a little worried when I know we have a lot coming up to pay for. I think about a month or two ahead when it comes to finances and quite often get in really panicky about it. Scott will let me go on like this for only so long before just giving me a huge hug and telling me we will be Ok! We will manage, things will get sorted and I don’t need to worry. I need this and appreciate it more than he knows.

5. Parents evening! I know those words may put the feeling of dread into some parents but I have yet to get to that stage! T loves school and loves working hard to do well, so much so that our parents evening was over in less than 10 minutes πŸ˜‚

6. Brunch with a friend. I was treated to a great catch up, pastries, muffins and coffee. The perfect way to spend a morning!

7. Seeing T so happy at her riding lesson! Today was the first day she had no jumper for her lesson this year,the sun was shining and she went on a hack with two other girls and the manager which she was so excited about then she came back with the same smile!! 😁

Makes these boots all worthwhile!

I hope you have all had a great week and I would love to hear what made you happy this week!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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40 Random Acts of Kindness continued!

So I wasn’t planning on writing this today but when we got an unexpected gift in the post I knew I had to post about it! So here goes, creeping up towards 30 days of random acts of kindness now!

24. Scott gave blood. Ok so I did sign up with him but there was only one appointment left the following day so I obviously let him go first! Yes I’m a bit of a baby when it comes to needles, They hurt and I usually end up almost passing out on most blood tests so the idea of giving blood as amazing as it is scares the life out of me because I just know I’m going to be the one person that faints! I’m still undecided on if I can do it or not yet but I was really proud of Scott for doing it. He is signed up now so will keep going regularly and even if I can’t get past my fear he has stepped up the Acts of Kindness by doing this one!

25. Surprise someone you haven’t seen in a while. Ok so it’s only been a few weeks since T saw her friends Chloe and Matthew but when we went for a playdate last week she suprised them with a little bundle of lollipops which they were really pleased with 😊

26. Make activity packs for the children’s ward at your local hospital. This one really made me proud. T spent ages with me sorting through her vast collection of activity books, pens, stickers etc and ended up with 6 little piles of ready to donate to the poorly children in hospital. The hospital were so thankful for us thinking of them and T was so excited to gift these little bundles away it really was a lovely experience and one I would encourage anyone to do.

27. Give a compliment. So without thinking I do this several times a week anyway but this day just happened to be a girl at work who had her nails done in a pretty pale blue colour. I said they looked beautiful and someone else said they looked like unicorn poop so hey ho! πŸ˜‚ T also told me my beef casserole dinner was really lovely bless her.

28. Be encouraging. So we had a chat about this one before going to work and school and I was really pleased to hear that T had told a boy in her class ‘Well done, You did It’ after he progressed from coming last in the maths test yesterday to first today! I also tried to be extra encouraging at work, even though I’m more than frustrated with the place at the minute!

Acts of Kindness towards us this week;

So today we received the most lovely parcel. Inside was a beautiful drawing of a horse for T along with an inspiring card. She was so happy to receive it and can’t wait to put the picture in a frame in her playroom so thank you very very much Thefatdormouse 😊 you have not only made a little girl very happy but Scott and I were also thrilled you took the time to write such a lovely message and create a piece of art just for our little T! I was inspired by you to start the acts of kindness in the first place and so to receive one back was just lovely.

Keep giving everyone! You just might put a smile on someone’s face after a tough day. 😊

Lou x

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7 weeks of 7 things that made me happy!

So I’ve been appreciating the little things in life, for 7 weeks now! I know we all appreciate little things but writing this weekly post really helps me focus on the great things I have going on when I’m feeling flat or lonely. It’s just my little way of telling myself, and you guys, what how much little things can make you happy and how often spending money has very little to do with happiness.

1. Date day! Saturday we had the day together so we decided to do something completely out of character and walked to the local pub for lunch! We had such a nice time once we had walked to through the snowy woods, which was actually really pretty, to get there and enjoyed ourselves so much that with no deadlines and no T we decided to walk to the next one! It was like we were on a real date and was so fun 😊 Two alcoholic drinks before 5pm is only ever a thing on Christmas day in this house! Sometimes you just need to let your hair down, remember we only live once and play some scrabble!

2. Being a proud Mumma/Wife! Sunday T took Grade 1 ballet and Scott ran a half marathon. They both did so well and I spent the day being super proud.

3. T playing with her cousin. Sunday at Scott’s parents a few people decided to go for a walk to the nearby lake but T hadn’t brought a coat as I didn’t think we would be going anywhere so we stayed behind and she played with her little cousin Millie who is nearly 4. They built this tower and were very pleased with themselves.

4. Healthy eating. This was dinner Monday night, paprika chicken with jacket sweet potato and sweet corn and olives. It was so tasty and we all really enjoyed it. There have been a few meals this week where we have all said ‘that was a really healthy dinner!’ But so as not to bore you here is proof that we do have treats also with our breakfast one day this week of waffles with fruit and honey!

5. 40 Random Acts of Kindness. We are still enjoying this challenge so much and at the end of this week have undertaken two acts that I think have to top the list by far! One T and I completed together and one Scott did on his own. I will keep you guessing until my update next week but they have to be the most proud we have been so far in this challenge and will make the biggest impact for sure.

6. Wildlife! Ok so that might sound a little strange but today has just been a day for it,we have today been able to sit in our conservatory again thanks to the warmer weather and so have seen bluetits and a robin feeding from our bird feeders which is so lovely. Then this morning just pulling out of our road a small deer ran across in front of us and this afternoon driving home I saw another deer feeding next to a different road! I really do feel so lucky to see these rare little creatures and love living so close to the local country park. Here is a little squirrel having a nibble on the bird food!

7. Watching the six nations rugby with T! This weekend we got T back early because she wanted to watch the rugby with us so we got set up with crisps, drinks and even some Twirl bites which T let us have one each every time Ireland got a try! πŸ˜„ It was great fun cheering on Ireland with her.

Have a great weekend everyone, thanks for reading!

Lou x

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40 Random Acts of Kindness- still giving!

Another week down in the 40 Random Acts of Kindness we are doing for lent this year and here is an update on what we have got up to! I’ve also added some acts of kindness that we have had done to us this week at the bottom!

18.Talk to the check out worker about his day.
So I actually made the effort and asked him how his day was! Don’t get me wrong I would normally say ‘Hi but to actually have a full blown conversation about the snow and how he was felt a little strange. I hope he left feeling it was nice to have someone make an effort for once.

19. Make hot chocolate for your family on a cold day. So with the ‘Beast from the East’ bringing us a lot of snow last week we had plenty of cold days to choose from but we chose Sunday for this treat. Yes it was as good as it looked 😊

20. Leave a loving post it note in your partner’s car. Monday T left this cute note in Scott’s car so when he went out to help his Dad with his Nans garden he saw it. He was really pleased 😊

21. Do not complain today!! Now I’m going to admit this was a toughie! All you have to do is say ‘phew I’m tired’ or ‘Wow it’s cold outside’ and you have failed! By the end of the day I had turned it into being maybe a teeny bit sarcastic with Scott and T and T found it hilarious. Scott on the other hand was not so pleased at me saying ‘I know I asked you to take the bin out last night but I know you must have been so tired from work and this morning you probably just forgot because you get up so early so if you could possibly manage it now I would be so greatful my darling husband’ πŸ˜‰ I don’t think we realise just how much we love a good moan! Maybe it’s just us Brits or maybe it’s the same worldwide but I did find this one hard.

22. Make gifts for your neighbours. Tuesday morning we left these cute little parcels on our neighbours door steps. We knew one would be found during the day and another was slightly more hidden so it hopefully stayed safe until the evening. T loved making and hiding these.

23. Tell others you are spreading kindness and encourage them to do the same. Today I received my bracelet from Spread It. I found these guys on Instagram a few weeks ago and they share stories that just make you happy and have a motto of ‘Be Kind, Do Good, Show Love!’ They have a small range of merchandise and I got sent a bracelet which I love and as well as sharing it on my Instagram I’m going to tell everyone that asks about it. 😊

Acts of Kindness towards us!

  • So this week so far I have had an elderly man let me go ahead of him in the shop as I only wanted one thing, I said thank you and as I left told him to have a good day!
  • Yesterday 4 more books were left in our community library that we set up in a little shed next to our house at the start of our acts of kindness! I’m so happy people have taken to the idea and I’m fast collecting plenty of reading material!
  • T made something secret for me at her after school club and when she went to collect it to take it home she found another child had taken hers home! The after school club were so great they actually rang the parent of the child and it was brought back into school the next day! 😊

Anything you can do to help someone, however big or small can make a difference,imagine if everyone did just one thing today how much happier everyone would be!

Give it a go, Make someone smile! 😁

Lou x

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7 things that made me happy week 6!

Hi guys,

I feel like this week has disappeared under a blanket of snow! It’s definitely been a week of woolley hats and wellies and some skilful driving with the Siberian winter weather we have had! Having almost survived the week here are the 7 things that made me happy this week!

1. Making wintery meals that warm you up! So Saturday I made a chicken casserole type meal with olives, mushrooms, red wine and butternut squash and we had it with seeded bread. It was so tasty and really warmed us up. I also made an apple and blackberry crumble that day and Tuesday we had slow cooked bbq pork which was amazing but I forgot to take a picture!

2. Seeing Scott and T spend some quality time together. Sunday we had a Mummy down! I had been feeling poorly with a cold since Friday but being a Mummy I didn’t let it take me out until I absolutely had to, Sunday was that day. Scott took T for a walk to the lake, played games with her and helped her make rocky road to take to school the next day. They then left me at home to rest while they went to my in-laws for dinner- I wasn’t banished I just didn’t want to make everyone else ill and in all honesty just feel awful. But seeing those two hang out together all afternoon was really great, Every cloud and all that.

3. I joined a choir! Monday night I found a big ball of courage from some where and went along to my first week at a pop choir! There was just something about singing with a group of people, some of which kept going wrong just like me and most of which were amateurs, that just made me really happy!

4. New shoes day for T! This little face was so excited to get new shoes this week! More than a little than I was at having to buy them half way through the school year, but having spoken to a few Mums I didn’t feel too bad knowing that it’s actually more common than you think to get through more than one pair in a year! This was the day before the snow came.

5. Snow! Ok so I can’t say I felt happy because T’s school was open and I had to get to work and so did Scott and he has to drive for about 40 minutes but you can’t deny it does look pretty! Seeing Poppy run around all covered in the white stuff too did make us giggle. Thursday was a nice day though, we both had the day off so just spent it inside doing jobs and actually had a really productive morning. I can’t say I’m enjoying the-6 temperatures but if it wasn’t so cold and treacherous out Scott would have gone running for a large portion of the day so there was a positive about it that day.

6. Scott won some tickets to the indoor athletics championships this week and so has gone off to watch it tonight! He has gone with his brother as athletics really isn’t my thing and I’m so happy he has gone off for a really fun evening all for free 😊

7. Today in the snow.

Scott pulled T to school on her sled, She was so happy!

It only started snowing again from about 4pm today so I finally ventured out with Poppy! She loved running around in the snow and wasn’t even too bothered by her coat!

T had a riding lesson, her first ever in the snow and although it was a tough one she was really determined to keep trying and got through the lesson and I was so proud of her for that.

Now I’m in the warm with a fire and a jacket potato, what could be better than that 😁

Have a great weekend everyone, I hope its not too cold wherever you are!

Thanks for reading

Lou x


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40 Random Acts of Kindness continued!

With the recent snow and Siberian winter weather not to mention nasty winter germs we have kept our acts of kindness a little more simple this week. We have still carried out one every single day but it’s been tricky conditions to do anything outside.

Here are the acts we have carried out this week:

11. Leave nice comments on random blogs. Saturday I was home alone all day and not feeling particularly well so inbetween batch cooking I found time to search out 5 Random blogs, have a read and leave nice comments. It wasn’t a drive for followers although I did get some more, it was about connecting with new people and letting them know I enjoyed their posts. It did make me feel good and I think they were all pleased to receive the comments too.

12. Let your spouse sleep in. Sunday I let Scott sleep in until 10.30! 😲 This never happens! He is so used to being up early he usually wakes up early even on a day off but as we had no plans Sunday and he was tired I simply left him to it. It wasn’t my planned act of kindness but he was certainly happy after! πŸ˜„

13. Make cakes for work and school. I have to give full credit to Scott and T for this one, due to horrible winter germs they made rocky road for my work and T’s teachers. They had a great time doing it and her teachers were really pleased. My work was a tough crowd, there were 15 pieces, They all went but only 3 people said thank you or that they enjoyed it and I was met by silence when I stood up and told everyone I had brought it in, oh apart from the one person I put it next to asked me to move it because they weren’t eating chocolate! I was certainly a little deflated but when I got home that day Scott made me realise there were at least 3 people that were greatful for it along with T’s teachers so it was all worth it.

14. Talk to the shy person today. One day this week I spent time talking to someone I wouldn’t usually talk to. I found out a bit about their home life, their pets, hobbies and we had a great little chat. There is no reason not to talk to this person again in future I just hadn’t made the effort before!

15. Let your spouse choose what to watch on TV! Scott was chuffed to find this note Wednesday night and chose a film for us to watch, that was funny, with an okish plot, and we did both enjoy it! Ok it was the new Baywatch but it was actually really funny πŸ˜‚ Of course along with completely far fetched but it was an easy watch.

16. Make your spouse breakfast in bed. We had a slow morning today and ate porridge and drank coffee in bed while watching the snow come down, it was a nice relaxing morning.

17. Surprise someone with a random gift. This is technically tomorrow’s act but as T is at school then riding then with her Dad I won’t get much time to do this so she will be doing it today. We made these little bundles with a few chocolates in each and she is going to give one to her ballet teacher.

That’s all for this week! We will continue to do some over the weekend and I already have a few ideas for next week that I’m looking forward to doing with T.

Oh a bonus act- a couple of weeks ago Scott had a man approach him at work asking for the manager, he said his wife had dropped him off and he had forgotten his wallet and needed just Β£2.50 so he could get to work. Scott got his wallet and gave the man the money who promised to return it the next day. The cinic in me said he would never see that money again and sure enough the next day came and went and no money. Ah well.

This week there was a bag left for Scott at his work which contained this note, a receipt for the bus ticket, Β£5 and an expensive bottle of wine!

Good things really do happen to good people and this actually made me really emotional! 😁

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40 Random Acts of Kindness Update!

Hi guys, just to update you on our 40 acts of kindness! T and me are really enjoying ourselves carrying out these acts and I’m as ever completely inspired by her selfless nature. Not once has she asked for something in return, not once has she asked for the gift that we are leaving/donating/making herself and the joy she gets when she knows someone has found her gift and it made them happy just makes me so proud!

I am only reminded she is just 8 years old when she says things like “mummy who invented humans?” 😁

Here is a list of everything we have done so far which I will continue to update as we carry out more random acts 😊

1. Donated two games

2. Left a love rock for someone to find

3.Left a nice note on a wing mirror.

4. Set up the communal shed library.

5. Left a book for someone to find at the park.

6. Left a gift for our cleaner at work.

7. Sent thankful notes to Scott and my best friend Emma.

8. T drew a picture for my Nan and we posted it to her.

9. Left Β£1 in the trolley at the supermarket.

10. Tomorrow I will leave these flowers on my neighbours car windscreen for all she does for us- she lets our dog out Monday to Wednesday about half way through the day so she has some company and isn’t alone all day. Poppy would be fine now she’s older but our neighbour is a widow and really quite enjoys doing it. She is always there if T needs raffle tickets buying for school or we need a stamp or a certain baking tray we don’t have and she is just an all round good egg who we are very lucky to have live next door to us.

Thanks for reading and I hope you are all having a great week!

Lou x