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Food and fitness-Tuesday!

Hi guys!

I hope you’ve all had a great day, Here is my food and fitness record for today:


I started today with some of this organic porridge with soya milk, I only picked it up for the first time last week from Aldi and it’s so good! I’ve been having it with a few blackberries thrown in but it’s just as good on its own.

Lunch and snacks

For lunch I had a peanut butter sandwich on wholemeal bread and I made some yoghurt pots with organic fat free yoghurt, pumpkin seeds and cranberries with a tiny drop of honey. It was so tasty! I had a banana to snack on, it was a busy day!


Tonight was an easy meal of scampi, cous cous and sweetcorn, sometimes you don’t have the time or food to make something amazing so simple it is!


I walked a mile before work with Poppy,

Tonight me and T did a 15 excercises in 15 minutes workout, and we decided to make the most of the warm weather and do it in the garden!

Here is the link to the workout we did, it was another Joe Wicks one with a tough ending but I still really enjoyed it.

And here is the 13 minute ab workout I did after!

I’m loving my new workout shorts for this warm weather too, a bargain at ยฃ4 in the sale!๐Ÿ˜„

That’s me done for today! I’d love to hear what you have done to keep fit the last couple of days!

Lou x

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Holiday Recap-Nissi Beach Cyprus

Good afternoon my lovely followers!

I hope you are all well, I just wanted to give you a little recap on our holiday to Cyprus so you can see for yourselves what a wonderful holiday destination it is.

When we booked the holiday we didn’t know just how hot it was going to be, we got up to a toasty 34 degrees! As much as we love the heat we all had to take turns in having a day in the shade and T ended up swimming in a T shirt after the first day because it was just easier than plastering suncream on every 30 minutes.

We stayed in Nissi Beach which is a beautiful beach, the water was crystal clear and the sand was soft and clean. There were bars and restaurants all along the top which are very reasonably priced and we had ice creams and even cocktails, well it would be rude not to! ๐Ÿ˜

There is a huge watersports platform on the beach with a variety of sports available, we decided before we went to try a jet ski and it was so much fun! They have a lot of power and really bounce off the waves but as scared as I thought I would be I really enjoyed it and am so pleased we did it!

Things to do
We were only a 10 minute taxi ride from Aiya Napa and costing only โ‚ฌ8 we decided to visit for a morning to check it out. The harbour was dotted with small fishing boats and lined with bars looking out to sea. After walking through the hilly streets in blazing sunshine a cold drink and a fan was very much welcome!

We had photos with the legendary sign of course which was fun and then looked round the monestary which was so interesting! I plan to write a separate post about this because there is a lot to say!

There are a lot of boat trips on offer round the island but as my Nan doesn’t like boats we didn’t take up the offer for any of them but they all seemed very reasonable and there is even a Black Pearl pirate ship you can go on!

The majority of our time was spent in and around our pool which was the biggest swimming pool in Cyprus so it never seemed busy! T was the most confident she had ever been in the water this year and would happily spend 2 hours in the pool without getting out either snorkelling, jumping in or just swimming underwater. We also took part in aqua fitness several times during the week which was brilliant fun if not exhausting after 45 minutes! Scott played water polo a few times but the best time had to be when it was guests vs reps! It was brilliant fun to watch and hard not to cheer on your team.

I make it my mission to try as many different foods as possible when on holiday and this time there was a healthy eating reward lanyard for the children which was a great idea. There were 15 spaces to fill and for each new food they tried they got a sticker which finished with them being given a certificate on stage. T was so determined to finish this lanyard that she tried 15 new foods within 4 days! We tried a lot of local foods but she was so keen to finish this she even tried squid rings, a favourite of mine! (We may not have told her what it was until she finished eating it but she didn’t hate it!)

Collecting her healthy eating award
Very proud of that full lanyard!
Cypriot Koupes served at breakfast, like mini balls of sausage meat in a crispy coating!
Greek meze, this was course number 3!

Kids club
Now I see myself as a very involved parent but if your child wants to go to kids club what can you do! Having been last year and loving it she was so excited to go back knowing it would be the same format so she went along one morning, got the free t-shirt and water bottle and had lots of fun making crafts and playing games. Then she made a friend in a little girl called Kayla who was the same age, they became inseparable and so wanted to go to kids club together, what can you do! Cue another child free couple of hours having a lazy lunch and relaxing by the pool and once again a very happy girl when we picked her up! If you are happy with the kids club at your hotel and your child wants to go I say do it, they are usually very well run and it’s just another fun activity for them while on holiday.

It’s no secret my daughter loves to dance, the kids disco is up there with the pool as the best part of her holiday so she could not wait to get up and dance. The hotel we went to was great for providing interesting and fun shows for the kids to get involved in and the reps gave their all every time. Cue us coming back singing lots of very catchy yet annoying songs!

So to finish I would say that I would thoroughly recommend Cyprus as a destination to anyone old or young. There is so much we could have done but didn’t, a water park, tours round the island, boat trips, go crazy on a night out in Aiya Napa! It really is what you make of it, and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune either. The best holiday souvenirs are always the cheapest ones I find, we came home with some keyrings for our collections and little dish for the kitchen and a couple of pretty bracelets.

Now I just want to do it all again ๐Ÿ˜Šโ˜€๏ธ

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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April workouts complete!

So April is over and this means it’s time for a new challenge to keep me and T going with our fitness! During April we challenged ourselves to complete one more squat every day of the month starting on 30. It’s been tough but we have done it!

With only one rest day, because my legs wouldn’t physically squat any more, we have finished the month on 60 which I am pretty proud of considering I was exhausted after 30 full squats at the start of the month! It just shows with consistent work you can improve and get better at a certain excercise and the sense of achievement it’s given me is amazing. No one would have minded if I gave up but me, I wanted to show T we could see this through to the end and I did and I’m proud of that.

We have also been using our kettle bells to complete 25 minute ab workouts using a DVD I have and have managed to squeeze in a whopping 17 workouts this month! This is our best month yet and I think T has really found the excercises achievable and enjoyable at the same time.

With April being a particularly wet month the amount of walking I did suffered as a result and I only managed 37 miles. Next month I intend to walk more and am hoping the weather helps me with this! May last year I managed 76 miles!! (I think this was in part because I was only focusing on me, I would walk on an evening instead of working out with T so I’m happy to sacrifice some miles this year.)

So next month we have decided to start our workout jar again. This is a jar full of easy and hard exercises, we randomly pick out 4 or more at a time and make a HIIT workout from them completing them for 30 seconds at a time then repeating 3 or 4 times. This month we have new excercises, some which we have taken from the kettle bell DVD and some which we have seen others do and found online.

I’m excited to get started on these new workouts with T and am feeling even more motivation with about 1 month until our family holiday.

I hope you have a fit and healthy month and thanks for reading!

Lou x

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What size is the right size for a child?

My little girl has always been slightly bigger than other children her age. She got a little tummy as a toddler and it’s never really left her. Throughout her 8 years I have struggled at times to clothe her. Jeans don’t fit and dresses have to be just the right cut or they accentuate her tummy.

Now mostly I just buy one size up and it’s all good but occasionally some things cause more of a problem than others.

Yesterday was a bad day. So the sun came out and for the first year of her school life I hadn’t already pre bought her summer dress. So I popped to the local shops and got her two of those summer playsuits that are now the fashion.

Perfect I thought, I had got the next size up and she would be happy to be like all her friends.

If only things were that simple.

Neither of the playsuits fitted so we went back to the shops in a mad rush after school on the way to ballet- which as it turns out doesn’t start back until next week so was all shut up with us being the only ones in the car park. Two more playsuits purchased in different sizes and we get home to try them on, one fits one doesn’t.

The problem is she can’t get it on and off herself, and if she can’t do that she is going to have to cross her legs all day at school because I’m pretty sure the teachers have better things to be doing than becoming a personal toilet attendant to my child all in the name of fashion.

So with only one playsuit that fits I ask Scott to pick up a couple of school dresses on the way home as these will be easier for her to manage. Scott dutifully arrives home with said dresses only for her to try them on and really if I’m honest the next size up would be better. But after tears, hers and mine, and scouring the internet for dresses in the next size we have decided to just let her wear them. They aren’t skin tight and she is comfortable in them they just aren’t the most flattering but hey it’s only school and as long as she’s happy.

The reason I was so upset, after T had gone to bed, was I try everything to make sure she has a healthy diet, We excercise, she rides her bike and has active hobbies but her shape doesn’t seem to change much. She’s getting taller, this we can tell from the side of our shed where we have measured her height for the last 3 years, but not losing her little belly.

Mostly I can be fine about it, she knows if something doesnt look right and we usually work her wardrobe choices to suit her shape but when she was struggling to get these bloomin playsuits on and off yesterday and getting more and more upset by the second I just felt like I had failed her. It may sound silly but all her friends are wearing these and the fact she was getting close to not being able to have one because of her shape was making both of us really sad.

The thing is my child is healthy, she is happy and enjoys excercise so why should she be made to feel so sad because children’s clothes in her age just don’t fit her? Who says a girl age 8 should be this size? You can’t say that for an adult so why is it ok for a child?

I feel like there is a gap in the market for this area, not every child is the same height and shape and she is already in size 4 shoe, some shops don’t even do children’s designs past size 3, try explaining that to an 8 year old! The clothes in sizes that fit her just seem to jump from cute and little girl to teenager with no middle ground.

Anyway after all the drama she went in today in a playsuit that fitted and she managed to take it off herself twice during the day ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Training Update!

At the start of this month T and I decided to start a squat challenge. We started on 30 and have added one more every day since.

It’s been tough for me, T is a little trooper, but we are still going! 48 squats today and I’m feeling proud we have stuck at it!

Scott has been doing the same but with press ups. He has also been feeling it but is determined to keep going too!

I’ve walked 26.1 miles so far this month! This is not counting my daily steps but is just every time I go for a walk with Poppy and record it on my phone.

T and I have continued with our kettle bell workouts too completing 10 so far this month mainly focusing on abs.

The nicer weather is definitely a boost to excercise. With lighter evenings I’m finding it less of a struggle to feel motivated and am finding myself doing workouts on sunny days when I’m on own just because I have time.

The main thing is T is still really enjoying excercising with us and now the weather is starting to warm up hopefully we will all be able to take more walks and get more excercise in as a family. Scott and T managed a run round the lake on Monday which was a great start!

I’m already on to the fruit salads and more colourful lunch boxes and have lots of ideas for healthy meal prep which I will share soon. As Scott continues training for his marathon in a couple of weeks we need to make sure he has plenty of protein in his diet so prep will be key!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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Workout update and our new Hyggekrog!

The start of this month saw a new workout routine for T and me. We both felt a little unfit after Christmas and T had started to get a little hung up on her tummy area so I knew as a Mummy it was my job to make her feel better. 

We started our workout jar on the 4th January and have now done 7 workouts together! T is really enjoying getting active with me and looks forward to picking the excercises for the evening and even really puts effort into them! 

She was infact enjoying it so much we decided to get her her own little kettle bell and she was so happy! 

We seem to have got into a little routine with the evening so she knows when we are going to do the workout and how long for, being a creature of habit like me she loves a plan! From the first day when she didn’t know what a burpee was and got upset she couldn’t do them to earlier when she shouted ‘yes!’ When burpees came out of the jar and did them double time I’m just amazed! 

Don’t get me wrong I’m not pushing myself to my full potential with 3 sets of 4 excercises but I can feel it the next day and it’s not about me. This is about getting T to feel more positive about herself and the more we do the more she will be able to do and still enjoy it. In my mind there is no point in pushing her to do 5 or 6 sets when by set 5 she isn’t enjoying it and ends up resenting the sessions, It’s needs to be a gradual thing. 

We have also started chocolate days again, we have chocolate two days a week and this week its today and Saturday. All the selection box chocolates are now away in tubs in the cupboard and we have great fun choosing what to eat on chocolate days ๐Ÿ˜Š Today T had some of her chocolate reindeer and an after eight mint from the reading nook, I will come onto that in a minute. 

Our packed lunches have seen a turnaround from Christmas too when they mostly consisted of cheese and buffet food! Our favourite lunches have to be these wraps at the moment. We stuff them full of ham or chicken then lots of salad and have them with chopped peppers on the side and fruit, they smell so good we just open the packet and want to eat them! 

Last week I followed a Jamie Oliver recipe too and made us jar salads for lunch. Oh my word they were so good and super easy! The wholewheat pasta with a little tomato,basil, chilli and lemon juice whizzed up and spooned over really complimented the rocket and tuna and the wedge of lemon to squeeze over at lunch time really made it! Well worth a try if you are looking for a quick and healthy lunch! 

So onto our reading nook, in my post about Hygge I mentioned creating an area that was great to relax and unwind in. Somewhere we could go and relax while reading a few pages of a good book and watching the world go by. Well I didn’t waste any time and using what we had around the house and shed I created our reading nook! 

It has been a big hit with T who has been in it every day since I made it! She will sit there while I’m cooking dinner all cosy under the blanket and read one of her new books and at the weekend she even had lunch there! 

One of the perks is when it’s chocolate day and you read in the nook you can have a chocolate from the box, I feel somewhat like Miss Honey from Matilda but hey! We love our little calm space so I’m pleased I made our little Hyggekrog and can hopefully add to it over time. 

Thanks for reading!

Lou x

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New Year Fitness Goalsย 

So the new year means new fitness goals, December saw a lot of slacking in the excercise department and as is customary an over indulgence in Christmas food. The result is a body I know can improve on and don’t feel completely confident about, Thank goodness for cold weather so hoodies and jumpers can cover the Christmas excess!

So we have a holiday in 6 months and this is every reason to start the fitness regime again now! That and the fact that I want to climb a mountain this year, hopefully Scafell Pike which I’ve written about before here. I really ramped up my walking last year and walked more miles every month until my finale in August where I walked over 80 miles in one month!

I plan to start walking more again and also tracking my miles again weekly. The only issue with this is I can only fit so much walking in before work and on my days off so as soon as the days start getting longer and I’m no longer coming home from work in the dark I will ramp up the walking and Poppy and me will start getting out for longer walks again!

I’m also going to restart my kettle bell ab workouts again twice a week. I follow a great DVD which gives me a 25 minute workout that focuses solely on your core and the excercises really do work, I used the same DVD for my holiday last year and also my honeymoon and I’ve never felt fitter so I just need to focus on completing this twice a week for now and will step it up in a few weeks.

T and I have also set ourselves a little fitness plan, now T has a little belly which she has always had and it doesn’t bother us and hasn’t bothered her much either until now. She eats well, has ballet and horse riding as her hobbies and is very active at school and with her friends but we have never been able to shake this little belly. About a week ago she got upset when it was just me and her because it was more visible in the top she was wearing than usual, I told her she was beautiful and no one would notice or even care but it was clear she needed more than that and so the fitness jar was born!
In this jar we have a a selection of excercises some more high intensity and others are more toning based excercises, There is everything from burpees to lunges from star jumps to over head press. We have colour coded them red for the harder ones and green for the easier. So the idea is we take out two red excercises and two green excercises every day we are together, usually 5 days a week, and complete each one for 30 seconds with a 30 second rest inbetween then repeat twice more.
Now I know this is no advanced HIIT workout but it is getting us out of breath and we are making small steps to making us both feel better about ourselves.

We have also limited our chocolate intake to just two days a week again. This is our usual routine after any big chocolate event, Easter, Christmas, Halloween, just so us and T don’t eat it every single day. T has decided chocolate days are Tuesday and Saturday this week so every other day we will ignore the piles of selection boxes and goodies that have arrived over Christmas and treat ourselves on Saturday!

Our diet will also involve less buffet food, cheese and crackers and Pringles now Christmas is over so I am planning to post some photos of the healthy recipes we try out too!

So all this said I’m ready to kick start my fitness back into action and make these changes!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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The New Mrs M makes a year!ย 

Wow I can’t believe I made a year! When I started this blog it was as an outlet to share my experiences with braces as an adult and to hopefully learn from other people’s journey also. The thing is it’s turned into much more than that! I’ve learned I love to document my life! Sharing experiences, hobbies, days out, trips away, special moments gives me real enjoyment and it’s the lovely comments and likes I get from readers around the world that keeps me writing. I have written about so many things in the last year from my experiences as a step parent to buying our puppy last year. I’ve talked about my love of being married and the happiness it brings to my struggles of trying to progress a career while still being a present parent. I’ve continued to document my experiences with braces and will keep on doing so in the hope that they help others deliberating whether or not to take the plunge or are already on their journey. My new found love of walking/hiking has been a hot topic over the summer months this year culminating in a walking challenge which saw me walk over 80 miles in a month!

This blog has been like a journal at times being the first thing I want to do when I’m going through a tough time and a way to vent my frustration while also sometimes allowing me to see my opinions in a different light.

Reviews of places I’ve been have almost become a part of the experience now and it’s a given to my husband that some of the many photos I take will be specifically for my blog. If I can show someone how great a place was or how dog friendly somewhere can be and they can enjoy it as much as I did then my writing is all worthwhile.

There are plenty of mum blogs out there and I don’t just write about my experiences as a Mum but this has also been a huge part of my blog. Again if I can show someone else what we get up to and they enjoy doing it then why not!

Whatever my chosen topic is I would just like to say thank you to everyone that has taken the time to read my posts, like them and leave a comment. Without your interest I wouldn’t have continued to write and had 2 pieces published, something I would never even have attempted to do before this!

My plan for the future is to keep blogging, sharing my happy times and my sad times too, hopefully helping others with my braces experiences and reviewing everywhere I go!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my journey so far and here’s to the next year!

Lou x

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Eating the rainbow

We are always looking for new and exciting ways to eat food in our house, whether it be counting our fruit and vegetables and trying to outdo each other or finding new snacks that are healthier than the pre packed alternative. This week we have discovered ‘eat the rainbow’ after seeing it on a tv documentary I was hooked at the way it encouraged young children to try new foods and the benefits that came from this. 

T has been really up for this from the minute I mentioned it, she loves a chart and couldn’t wait to get started trying new foods! 

To start with I downloaded this simple chart which is easy for us to complete every day and has a space for us to tick each time one of us has the colour food.

To go along with this I also downloaded these, 

These show T why is is good to eat as many different colours as we can and we can also record our new foods too.

There is a whole world of foods out there and it’s easy to get stuck in a rut when going shopping. So this week we tried 3 new foods already,

avocado –  unfortunately I still don’t like it and neither does T but at least we tried, 

Cherries- T was nervous at first, shouldn’t have done the avocado first, but she actually really liked them.

Apricot – these were an instant hit, We added them to yoghurt with blueberries and natural honey, delicious!

So now I don’t have T here for a couple of days it’s easy to fall off the bandwagon and stick to my beige plates but nope I’m determined to carry on eating colourful foods so I can show her when she gets back how much I’ve enjoyed doing it, this was my lunch today 

Alongside eating the rainbow I’ve also been made aware of the health benefits of apples, cutting cholesterol, lowering the chance of diabetes and aiding weight loss/fighting obesity. So from now on we are going to try doing various different recipes with apples to try and include them more too (I’ve not eaten an apple since I had my braces fitted 6 months ago so this will be good for me too!)

I’ll keep you all updated on how we get on and all the new and colourful foods we try along the way!

Thanks for reading 

Lou x