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Happy Anniversary to my husband

I am reposting this as it seems none of the text I lovingly wrote ever made it to the post! 😥

Two years ago today I became a wife. It was the best day we could have ever wished for and it really did fly past as everyone tells you it will.

We enjoyed every minute and spent a lot of time together savouring the special day.

Married life isn’t always easy, it takes work on both sides to be considerate to each other and show love and affection regularly and without being asked.

To love and support another person wholelheartedly while not thinking about your own needs is a wonderful thing and I feel incredibly lucky to be in the in this relationship every day.

The longer I am a wife the more I grow into the role, this is not just a regular relationship but a partnership. We work together to create the best life for our family we can and make as many happy memories along the way as possible.

I love being a wife and I love being your wife, Scott you complete me.

Happy wedding anniversary my darling,

Love your wife


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Weekly food,fitness and family favourites!

It’s time for my weekly favourites! I’ve got a lot to talk about with my fitness and food this week because I’ve started the 90 day plan from the Body coach so this will just be a snapshot and a more detailed post on how the plan is going will follow this weekend.

Food and drink

I’ve lost count of the amount of new meals and snacks we have all tried this week as a result of the 90 day plan but some of my absolute favourites have been these:

Apple and peanut butter! A whole Apple and 25g of natural peanut or almond butter, as a snack this was so good!

Peanut butter butter and jam smoothie!

This has been my breakfast a few mornings this week and it is so filling! I’ve been so suprised how it’s filled me up right until lunchtime and T and Scott have enjoyed it a couple of days too.

Pork and lemon schnitzel!

Oh my word this was so tasty! So it might look a little rustic as I made my own breadcrumbs but it tasted amazing! I would say once the prep is done it cooks in under 10 minutes! Me and T demolished it!


So I’ve been following the bodycoach plan since Monday and today is rest day, woohoo! With a HIIT session every day for the last 3 days I am happy to give my body a rest tonight and relax. Oh and exciting news I finally ordered some heavier weights 😁 They should be delivered next week and I can’t wait to try them out! (What is happening to me! 😂)

T Moments

So this happened! (We couldn’t get a Tui bear in the airplane this year as they had ran out, I thought this was a bit naff just a few weeks into the season so I emailed them…and called them… and finally Facebook messaged them and T got her bear 😊 Happy girl is an understatement.

Today my girl finished year 3! I don’t know where the chubby faced little cutie is going and this tall and grown up little girl is appearing from!

I am just as excited as her that she is on holidays because what parent doesn’t need a break from school routine every now and then! The first day of our holidays is tomorrow and we are off to the library 😁

With a mixture of holiday club, time with us and time with her Dad I know T will have a great 6 weeks.


Today we took Poppy round the lake. It was not the most relaxing walk we have ever had as we were covered in tiny storm flies for most of it but we still had a really nice time despite being really itchy! 😄

I was listening to some Elvis earlier in the day, I’m a secret fan, and so Scott put on his greatest hits while we were walking round 😂 It was brilliant to just walk along singing and it was good to be outside together again. (With work and fitness taking over we haven’t really spent much time together since the weekend.)

Last night was an enjoyable evening, Scott ran another 5k with his club. This was a different course and it had a couple of hills in it but he still did amazing and came in at 17.48 with a sprint finish because I was shouting at him to go faster 😂

I love doing these posts because you realise no matter how much stress you have at work etc there are always things to be greatful for.

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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Our weekend in Somerset

This weekend we celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary in Somerset. It was just me, Scott and our dog Poppy and it was lovely.

We stayed at a dog friendly B&B called Westbury Cross House which is run by such a lovely couple. We were welcomed by tea and cake and homemade cookies in our room.

Breakfasts were delicious but I have to say the pancakes beat me!

Our main reason for the visit was to see Cheddar Gorge and it didn’t disappoint. We had a ticket which enabled us to visit two different caves, a museum and to take a cliff top walk.

Goughs cave was spectacular. We listened to the audio guides as we went round but it was nice that you could listen at your own pace and take time to process all the information, which was so interesting. The main cavern took one man 8 years to dig into! There are also 80 bats living in there but thankfully we didn’t see them! They are also making Cheddar cheese in these caves which is the only cheddar cheese still made this way!

After the caves we took a walk up Jacobs ladder, I’m not going to lie it was a good workout for the legs but I was pleased just to get to the top without stopping once, we will ignore the fact that Scott ran the 2nd half of it! 😄

The views of the gorge from up here were amazing and it was well worth the climb.

The edge of the cliff made me very nervous and I was pleased to get back down, it seems we have a fearless dog who thinks she is a mountain goat and is quite happy sniffing away while hanging over the edge!

The 2nd cave was Dreamhunters, it is a video tour which is projected onto the walls of the cave and leads you from one cave to another telling the story of our ancestors that lived in the caves. It was almost 4D with water falling from the roof during one part and wind blowing at us in another.

The best part was the loud noise of rocks falling above our heads when we entered another cave and a massive projection of a bear breaking into the cave above!

During our stay we also visited Wells which is the smallest city in England. It was lovely to walk around and we stopped for drinks looking out at the cathedral.

This little gem was in the village we were staying in! Yay for community libraries!

We ate and drank a lot of yummy things during our stay and to say I’m ready to start eating well and working out again would be very accurate!

Above is in the Cheddar cheese shop! After all you can’t visit Cheddar and not buy Cheddar cheese!

Now we are on our way home and are ready to see our little T again!

I hope you have all had a great weekend,

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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Weekly Favourites

Hi guys,

Time for my weekly roundup of all things favourite! I hope you enjoy reading and I’d love to hear some of your favourite things!

Food and drink

This week I tried a few new recipes all from The Body coach and really liked all of them! Here is a brocolli and goats cheese quiche I made Monday, it was so tasty and all three of us finished it off!

We also really enjoyed this prawn and chorizo stir fry, it was made with chili and a spicy sauce, even though there was only a teaspoon you could still feel the heat but it was just enough and not too hot.

This was a quick dessert one evening, natural yoghurt with fresh pineapple and fruit from our garden.

And tonight I made another body coach meal of meatballs with spinach and peas, sooo good!!


This week ive done a few different sessions which ive really enjoyed. This was a tough 1 minute on 30 seconds off for 15 minutes HIIT session

Scott and me also completed this on our day off which was tough but a great challenge. It was nice to use our kettlebells for something different and I enjoyed working out together.

This week me and T completed another run on Monday and I was so proud of her only stopping once during the whole first mile, a huge improvement from our first run 3 weeks ago.

I’m looking forward to a live workout on Instagram tomorrow morning with @movewithben_ it’s at 8am UK time so if you like a half hour challenge to start your day give it a go!

T Moments

This week was transition week so T found out her new teacher for next year at school and spent the week in her new class, she had a great week and this was her hair ready for the first day!

It was school disco night Thursday so after a quick change from her ballet uniform she was ready to party in the playground for an hour and a half 😄

Tonight she had a great riding lesson with some really strong cantering round the school then came home and spent an hour in the paddling pool 😁


It has been too hot to walk Poppy far this week but Wednesday night Scott ran a 5k race which was one in a series he is completing with his running club. It was at the country park near our house so we walked down there with his parents, who also came to watch. It was a beautiful sunny evening and he ran a great race finishing 20th out of several hundred runners with a personal best of 17.48. It wasn’t the furthest walk but I was really pleased for Scott and it was lovely being out in the sunshine watching him.

We will be back at the same place watching him run a 10k Sunday so fingers crossed he runs a good race!

Tonight I took Poppy over the meadow near our house, the sun was shining over the long grass and there was not a single soul around apart from me, it really was beautiful. I forgot to take my phone but brought these back so you can get an idea of what the fields look like, the smell of dry grass and the sound of crickets I can’t share but hopefully you can visualise it from these!

I hope you have all had a great week!

I’d love to hear any workout ideas or recipes I could try!

Lou x

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My food and fitness record for the next 7 days!

Hi guys,

I’ve decided to keep a 7 day record of my food and fitness to keep me motivated and hold myself accountable for my training! This week I have only managed 3 HIIT sessions due to trying to get back into routine after our holiday and also squeezing in a trip to Wembley stadium and I know I can do more, so writing this will mean I have to share with you guys everything I do! I hope you find it helpful in planning your own training or just enjoy reading how a working Mum manages to keep fit around everything else!

I might not post every day but I will keep a note and post when I can so you can all see what I’ve been upto!


Today I’ve been back on the wagon with this 20 minute workout

I was so exhausted after, its a really great session!

To refuel afterwards I had a vanilla protein shake with cacao and soya milk and peanut butter on seeded toast.

Dinner was bbq pork and sweet potato fries.

This afternoon I watched Scott complete a relay race with his running club and after getting T to bed I’ve just done this 13 minute ab session! I really feel like I’m back in the groove and ready to conquer a week of fitness and good food!

Now who is with me? 😋

Lou x

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Happy fathers day

You put us first in everything you do, nothing compares to the love we have for you

You are our start our middle and our end, on you we know we can depend

You bring the fun in every day, thinking of us all the way

You encourage and listen, you are there when we fall, it’s because of you we stand so tall

You are patient and calm, loving and strong, because of you we feel we belong

From the laughter we’ve shared and the tears that we’ve cried, we know through it all you feel so much pride

For our family is a great one, we love and we care, each person matters and we know you are there

So this message is to tell you, with all of our heart we love you and have done right from the start.

Happy Fathers Day Scott


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Scott’s marathon day!

Yesterday was the Milton Keynes marathon and my husband was running it. His first ever marathon and it was the hottest day of the year!

This is how the day went;

We left home about 7am and arrived at the MK Dons stadium where the marathon was due to set off about 10am. We had a wonder round and found the start line then went in the stadium and had a look round, the doors were open all day for you to come and go as you pleased which was great.

It was soon time to deposit Scott’s bag at the lockers and make our way outside so he could warm up. It was just after 9 now and it was already very hot outside. We applied sun cream while Scott went off to warm up then he was off to his pen while we made our way to a spot near the start line.

You can just see the start line in the distance!

The start line soon filled up and we were pleased to have a space along the roadside, even so it was tough to pick Scott out among the thousands of runners as they set off but we managed it! A quick wave and to us and he was off!

With time to kill we were off to explore, there were various stalls and rides around so we firstly stopped for an ice cream, then had a wonder round and kept ourselves busy until it was time to get into the stadium and find a seat.

We had an app we could track Scott on and we were on it all the time! He had family and friends at various points round the course so we were hoping they would keep him going.

We got our seats early in the stadium as there was a fun run coming back as well as a half marathon so there was lots to see and we wanted a good spot for when he came back.

A friend of Scott’s had messaged me saying he had ran past and looked great even having time to high 5 him on the way!

Little did I know that he had gone off like a rocket and the first 7 miles were all averaging under 6.40! Now this is not a problem for Scott on any other day but in 28 degree heat and when he had 26.2 miles to run not so good!

He realised at this stage he was going too fast and the next few miles averaged around 7.20 pace when it hit him at mile 12 and he slowed down to 8.07. He then got progressively slower and by mile 24 he was on an 11.58 mile!

By this time he was had taken all his gels,drank water at every station,been pouring water over head and he had eaten slices of orange, sweets and ice pops all from passers by on the route!He was just trying to finish now.

He picked his pace up slightly on mile 25 and 26 and actually looked good to us when he came into the stadium!

We had been waiting eagerly since 3 hours 30 into the race as the app had stopped being completely accurate and this was his target time. When he came through the tunnel at 3.48 we went mad cheering and screaming for him! He was so happy to see us and I was so pleased he was ok. He made it over the line in 3.49.50.

The feeling seeing him go over the line was just one of relief and pride. We left our seats and ran round to the steps we knew he would come up after collecting his medal and seeing him ran into his arms for an emotional sweaty hug!

He couldn’t believe how hard it had been and how it wasn’t that hard in training,it had never been 28 degrees in training.

He isn’t happy with his time but out of the few who ran from his running club he was the first one home and all of the others also had slower times, one wanted to do it in 3.45 but did it in just under 5 hours and another one did it in 4.45. Someone we knew had a sister in law run it who usually does it in 4.29 and she did 5.43. This just shows the heat was a killer.

Will he do another one? Today he is saying yes, maybe in the winter 😂

We are very proud of him though and know with all the stress and worry leading up to it I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to be there when he finished.

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So my husband is running a marathon!

A few months ago my crazy husband signed up to run the Milton Keynes marathon this coming Monday. He has been in a running club for just over a year now and has always been very good at running but this will be his furthest distance so far. With a half marathon completed last October and another one earlier this year he knows he can run the majority of the distance at a good pace with no problem but 26.2 miles is a challenge even with his natural running ability.

So over the last few months we have been through injuries which have resulted in sports massages, bought new compression socks, new trainers, a running belt, and various other new items of running attire all with this one day in mind.

There have been heated discussions, planning sessions and a whole range of emotions about whether he is doing the right thing and how he should train for it.

We have watched park runs, seen him run his longest distance so far and seen him go out and train in all weather’s often coming back caked in mud!

The last few weeks my role as chief meal planner has been stepped up as his need for protein and healthy food took over our shopping budget! This was our first week of protein crazy shopping.

Some new editions like quark and rye bread we all liked and will continue to eat and we all love a hard boiled egg as a snack but I have to say those almond bites aren’t all that tasty!

I’ve been prepping his lunches of chicken and pasta or chicken and veg for the last 2 weeks now and I haven’t seen a packet of crisps pass his lips in weeks.

This week we also had to incorporate red meat into his diet as he needs that before the race, apparently! So steak and veg it was last night.

This is just some of todays hoard of protein packed goodies and healthy snacks to lead him upto the big day.

After asking him what I needed to feed him this weekend all I got was ‘pasta’, So there will be lots more carb loaded cooking happening in the kitchen this weekend before we can start to relax a little more, just cooking healthy but not completely marathon focused meals.

T and I will be there to see him off and then he will have support about mile 11 and mile 20 before we meet him at the stadium where he crosses the finish line. I really am nervous/excited for him to take on this challenge and cannot wait to see him cross that finish line and give him a massive hug. I know he can do it and all his hard work will pay off.

Go smash it my love ✊🏼

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7 things that made me happy week 12

1. Cooking for my Nan. My Nan has lived on her own a long time and doesn’t have anyone cook for her much so I was really pleased to be able to make dinner and get all tidied up without her having to do anything.

Here is the chicken, garlic and thyme traybake I made with squash, tomatoes and new potatoes. Served with soft fresh bread it was so tasty!

2. Seeing the bond between these two. T and Poppy are best friends. They adore each other unconditionally and there is nothing that could replace this bond. T won’t ever have a brother or sister so she treats Poppy very much like a baby at times cuddling her and carrying her around but she has also had a big part to play in her training and is great at telling Poppy what to do, I don’t know where she gets that from! The responsibility of having a pet is something I am so glad we have been able to give T and she has developed this and not only has a dog but also a companion for many years to come.

3. Watching T and Scott’s together. T is very much a Mummy’s girl but if we have a week off she will often end up a lot closer to Scott by the end of the week. This week has been no different. Yesterday Scott bathed her and washed and dried her hair while showing her how to use her new snorkel in preparation for holiday and I washed my car. They were completely fine without me and got all cuddled up together on the sofa watching tv in the evening. I love their bond and feel blessed they have been able to get so close up until now. Here is a photo of them back in 2014.

4. Spending time with my Nan. It’s no secret I’m not close to my Mum and often think of my Nan more as my Mum. I ring my Nan a couple of times a week,She’s the one I text if anything is wrong or one of us has had an achievement. She is a massive part of our lives and knows what we are all doing because she involves her self. The only thing is she lives 2 hours away so we don’t see her anywhere near as much as we would like. I often envy Scott being able to go and see his parents on a day off as I would love to just pop to see my Nan but have to make do with video calls. Spending these few days with her was really great and I now can’t wait to take her on holiday with us in June.

5. Feeling closer as a couple. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say this but life is busy, tiring, stressful and sometimes hard work. We all need time away to unwind, relax and remember why we chose to spend the rest of our lives together in the first place. Having this time together makes us feel more connected because there is no rush to get things done before going to bed early to get up for work, we can take the time to just enjoy being together as a family and as a couple. Things are so often all about being parents that it’s hard to make time to appreciate each other but this is important. Just for a few days to put aside all the stress makes the world of difference and before you know it you have fallen in love all over again.

6. T’s innocent and funny little mind. A few days ago we were all watching TV and someone said ‘if there is something you want to do you should just go and do it, don’t let anyone stand in your way’, She sat up and said ‘ Well that’s not right because I want to be a unicorn but I can’t can I!’ 😂

Yesterday she was eating breakfast when she dropped her toast in her beans and just said ‘faceplant!’ 😄 I didn’t even know she knew that word.

7. Attending a Christening. Today was our friends little girls Christening and it was a lovely little ceremony. T loves Sienna to bits and enjoyed giving her a little cuddle afterwards. It was really nice to see so many people showing love towards this little girl and I was very impressed with how brave she was when the water ran down her head during the ceremony! I always get a feeling of security after a Christening, It’s like you know that little person will be alright now, They have Godparents to help guide them through life too.

This is one of the reasons I decided to give T Godparents even though she wasn’t Christened. It’s nice to know she has people in her life who she can turn to should she need them that aren’t her parents.

T and Sienna

I would love to hear something that has made you happy over the last week, looking past the obvious usually makes me realise there is so much more to be happy about than you first think.

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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Sunny Saturday

Today was our last day by the coast and the sun finally came out! It started off early as Scott ran the Clacton park run along the seafront. It’s a run which is 3 laps up and down hills next to the beach and handily enough starts and finishes next to our favourite cafe!

We saw him and around 150 others start and watched lap one and two before getting a table in the cafe by the window where T and my Nan could watch from the warm and I could see him pass by the window as he approached the finish!

I flew out of the door and ran after him as he closed in on a young lad before passing him to take 2nd place!

I was so happy for him I ran down to the finish line and gave him a big hug 😁

We all had breakfast in the cafe before walking along the beach looking for rocks we could use to decorate and make into love rocks.

We decorated a couple of rocks and left them at the local park after lunch and saw both of them get collected by different little children which was lovely.

After the drive home and the standard half an hour of unpacking/organising/washing clothes/cooking dinner I washed and cleaned out my car in the sunshine as it was like a skip on wheels after having us all off for a week!

Mission accomplished we settled down for an evening of Saturday night TV and Easter egg chocolate!

We have had a great few days with my Nan who I am so close to,finished off by giving her an early birthday present of a Pandora charm for her bracelet which she was thrilled with. We are taking my Nan on holiday with us this year so are now on countdown until we can see her again and spend a whole week together in what will be her first week abroad in years 🤗