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Happy Anniversary to my husband

I am reposting this as it seems none of the text I lovingly wrote ever made it to the post! 😥

Two years ago today I became a wife. It was the best day we could have ever wished for and it really did fly past as everyone tells you it will.

We enjoyed every minute and spent a lot of time together savouring the special day.

Married life isn’t always easy, it takes work on both sides to be considerate to each other and show love and affection regularly and without being asked.

To love and support another person wholelheartedly while not thinking about your own needs is a wonderful thing and I feel incredibly lucky to be in the in this relationship every day.

The longer I am a wife the more I grow into the role, this is not just a regular relationship but a partnership. We work together to create the best life for our family we can and make as many happy memories along the way as possible.

I love being a wife and I love being your wife, Scott you complete me.

Happy wedding anniversary my darling,

Love your wife


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s day to you all! Valentine’s is for everyone in our house, we give a card to T and she gives cards to us. We give only small gifts just to show each other we care.

It’s all too easy to get caught up with life, keeping fit, working, socialising and keeping a house clean and tidy can all easily end up coming before showing those dearest to us that we care. Everyone is guilty of taking their loved ones for granted at times without even meaning to we come to expect that laundry done when we come home or that meal ready cooked for you. Yes this day is commercialised and retailers do make a lot of money out of it but if it reminds people to show a little love then what is the harm?

So stop what you are doing and think, have I shown my loved ones I care about them today? Do they know they are loved? There is always room for spreading a little love and happiness and it costs nothing to make someone else smile.

So instead of thinking of the financial gain the big guys make out of Valentine’s Day instead think of the emotional gain we could all get from it.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone & happy Valentine’s Day to my husband who I love with all my heart.

Lou x

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Poppy’s new year cut!

So Poppy has got a little fluffy over the festive period, party due to us wanting her a little longer because of the cold weather but partly due to the groomer taking two weeks off at Christmas. 
Poppy has had just as good Christmas as us if not better, as when does a dog start feeling guilty about how much they have eaten and start to excercise again? Cut down their calorie intake and eat more fresh fruit and vegetables? Spend less time lounging infront of the roaring fire and more time getting out of breath doing exercises you haven’t done in weeks?

Nope, dogs have no shame. They eat, excercise,play, and chill out just as much as you let them. Their whole life is defined by you and they feel no guilt over any of it! This is how Poppy manages to stay chilled, happy Poppy all of the time, unless it’s walk time or she wants to play pulling with her toy then she reverts to 4 month old puppy stage and we have to indulge her crazy cockapoo energy for a while.

Today is groom day for Poppy and she can finally see where she is going again, my attempts at trimming round her eyes are passable but I won’t ever make a dog groomer!

I think you will agree she looks adorable both fluffy and short but shorter is most certainly easier to manage in this wet weather! 6 weeks and she will be back under the clippers, this pooch now gets her hair cut more regularly than me! 😂

Ladies and gents I give you Poppy pre and post first 2018 cut! 

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Today my baby girl turns 8

Today my baby girl turns 8!  8 years ago today I saw those big eyes looking up at me for the first time and I have been completely in love with them ever since. Somehow my squishy faced chubby cheeked little baby is growing into a funny, clever, loving, thoughtful and determined little lady. I love every minute I get to spend with this beautiful little human whether we are watching dvds, spending time as a family, walking Poppy, creating arts and craft projects, baking or just tidying up! Somehow this little human loves routine, planning and order as much as me and enjoys nothing more than a good sort out of a cupboard! Her determination and perseverance to do well in her school work and hobbies is something I am so proud of and the good friend she is turning out to be is the reason she is loved by many not just her family. 
All this said her cheeky comments and fun sense of humour keeps us on our toes daily and as much as we sometimes have to keep her in check we would be lost without her making us laugh all the time.

Happy birthday baby girl, we hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy your trip to London at the weekend, we can’t wait to take you!

All our love

Mummy & Scott

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Week one of Christmas!

This week has been full of Christmas feeling, We have our trees up, we have one in the living room and T has hers in her playroom, and for the first time ever we have lights on the front of our house and a wreath on our door! Yep we are in full on Christmas mode! The morning routine now consists of turning off the outside lights that have been twinkling all night and opening the advent calendars!

We had our first fire of this Winter on Sunday and it was good! Until you have one you forget how good the crackle sounds and how the smell of the logs just reminds you of Winter nights in. Poppy particularly enjoyed this fire sleeping in her bed in front of it for some time!

This girl loves her cuddly reindeer and will sleep with him all through December!

Yesterday we went for the annual trip to see the Christmas lights in town with my best friend. We have done this every year since T was small and it’s always a lovely experience. We take in the lovely decorations inside and then always take a few pictures with the tree in town square.
This year we also handed in our gift to the gift tree so a little girl who might not get a Christmas present due to her family struggling to make ends meet will have present to open Christmas morning. We chose a few things to buy for this which she will hopefully like and enjoy doing. When we handed the gift in the lady at the desk told T she was very kind which made our day and we felt so proud we had made a difference.


Today was Christmas craft day! After helping out with the school Christmas sale and taking T to riding we had a girls evening in and made Christmas cards with ideas from Pinterest and baked Christmas cookies, something we have done since she was small. It was an exhausting but fun day and I loved spending so much time with her doing different things. Now we are both crashed exhausted ready for a weekend of wrapping presents and seeing friends!

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Poppy is back- her operation story 

So three weeks ago we had Poppy spade, something we did not decide on lightly and even left until she was over 1 to do as we couldn’t fully decide. What swung it for us was the risk of puppies was no longer there. We could have managed the season every 6 months but Poppy loves to run and if a male dog had got to her we just felt we couldn’t have looked after puppies while working so it wouldn’t have been fair to her.

So the operation itself was a success, We had a rough night the first night with lots of crying and whining from poor Pops but the very next day she was already starting to look a bit brighter. 

The below is day 1.

So we followed the rules and kept the cone on, we walked her for 10 days with that thing on and every other dog barking  at her while their humans ‘aahhh’d’. 

We went at 10 days at got her stitches out and everything looked great. The cone came off and we started walking and running again. She was so happy.

Then 5 days later a red lump appeared on her wound. The vet couldn’t tell if it was an infection/her body reacting to the stitches inside or what had happened so we were given antibiotics for a week and the cone had to go back on!

Poppy was sad again.

So every night and every day when we went to work we put it back on and looked at her sad little face. We had to get this wound sorted so there was nothing else we could do. My neighbour who let’s her out every day at lunch time had said Poppy wouldn’t even take a treat from her for 2 days which I think showed how sad she was! 

But I’ve given the tablets religiously twice a day for a week and we are now finally healed! The wound is looking great and the cone is finally banished forever 😁

Yesterday she had her first run in a long time and she loved it! 

Today Poppy is having a bath to get that stinky smell of the cone gone completely! 

We are so pleased to get out puppy back to strength, it’s been a long 3 weeks for her but it’s finally over 😊

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Love on the rocks contd.

So it’s been a great weekend for hunting rocks in the local area! At first we hadn’t found any and then there was a sudden post on the Facebook page saying there had been 8 hidden practically on our doorstop! At that moment it didn’t matter that it was 7.30 at night and dark and wet outside, me and my girl were going on a rock hunt! 

So armed with the clues posted on the page and my torch on my phone off we set to find some rocks! As it happened the closest two to our house had already gone! Persistence paid off though and we came home with three beauties! 

T was so happy with the unicorn she decided to keep it and so we were spurred on today to create our own! These are our creations in their hiding places today 😊

T’s emoji rock
This is some Japanese from my brother “enjoy your day”

“The little mermaid”
We also had a couple of added bonuses on a trip out today and as driving along a road Scott suddenly spotted a rock we looked for last night so quickly pulled the car over and we picked up this! 

The 2nd exciting bonus was when I was just checking the page and to my surprise I saw a rock had been dropped right outside our house on a wooden post! T quickly ran outside and picked it up and we hid it again outside her school ready to be found tomorrow.

We hid the balloon rock again and along with ours that meant we hid 7 more rocks today and Scott has just finished his design ready to go out tomorrow! This really is a game everyone can get involved in and we love how it’s taken off in our local area! 

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Poppy 1 year in- Its a cockerpoo life 

So it’s a year today year since we brought Poppy home and it seems like she has always been here. She’s T’s best friend and my furry companion. She is always so happy to see us come home, we are her family through and through and she would do anything for us and loves just being where we are. 
It’s crazy how much a little bundle of fluff can become part of your family and how you can’t ever imagine life without her.

Here are a few of my favourite Poppy moments over this summer:

Tea and a cockerpoo in bed, what could be better?

Running with me!
Windsurfing with Scott!

Agility with T!

Happy 1 year as part of our family Poppy we love you! 

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Reasons I love being married- 1 year today.

Exactly 1 year ago today I became a wife. I remember the day like it was yesterday, the nerves, the excitement, the pride at walking down the aisle with my Dad by my side then into the hands of my future husband and then elation at walking down the aisle knowing we had done it, we were husband and wife! 
So over the last year I have come to realise some of the reasons I love being married. I know I’m still a newbie to this but this is just  how I feel about it all;

1. I love my new name. My old name meant very little to me, infact it was a constant reminder of my birth father who I have no contact with and haven’t seen since I was 16. I thought it was me, it was who I was but since changing my name I’ve realised it was just a name, it wasn’t me, I’m still the same me just without the tie of a name I never liked. I feel more confident and sure announcing my name now than I have done in my whole life.

2. I love how it started off feeling alien,  to say I had a husband made me feel old, different and I wasn’t immediately comfortable saying it, over the phone, in conversation or to someone new. Now I love being able to say I have a husband. The security and pride I feel every time I can say the words “my husband” is something I hope never goes away.

3. I feel like I’m providing a secure, stable and happy home for T showing her how you can be happy before marriage, (we were together 3 years before our wedding day) and after being married. Our family has just got closer and closer since our wedding day and we talk about it all the time along with making references to being married, how Scott is my husband and I’m his wife and T is learning how being married means you are in a happy relationship full of love, fun and teamwork.

4. I feel like marriage brings us closer as a team. We look out for each other, the house is ran together, parenting is a joint responsibility, looking after our puppy is a team effort and any problems or issues that come up are faced together as a team. There is no longer a separation or independence but a togetherness that means we can face any challenges that come our way.

5. I married my soul mate. I’ve had ups and downs with friendships and even friendships end since I’ve been married but I know I will always have my husband by my side. Whether it’s to cuddle under a blanket and listen to my worries or  take me and the dog on a long walk round the lake one evening holding hands and watching the sunset I know he will always be there for me.

6. I love that we have so much more to come!  We are just at the beginning and even though we want to do it all now we have the rest of our lives to build more amazing memories and keep making each other happy.

Happy Anniversary darling, thank you for a wonderful first year xxx

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Revisiting our wedding venue, one hot week and some Wimbledon!

It’s so hard to believe that Sunday next week I will have been married a year! All the planning and build up and then the most wonderful day and now our first anniversary is fast approaching! We have a trip planned to the Peak District next weekend then will be back on our anniversary to celebrate with T but this week on our day off we decided to go and have lunch at our wedding venue!

It was one of those really impromptu decisions that on a sunny day the week before our anniversary just sounded perfect. The memories started flooding back as soon as we pulled into the village of our venue. Firstly how my wedding car pulled into the village and stopped outside the venue then when we got into the carpark how it felt walking outside as a married couple for the first time, sitting outside with our guests in the evening, standing down by the river for photos and the kids all playing nicely with the outdoor games. It was so nice to go back for the first time since the wedding just the two of us and remember it all. 

After sitting outside for lunch we walked down to the river and had a little hug, it really was the most wonderful day and we just took a moment to be thankful for it all. 

Here we are stood on that bridge in the background on our wedding day.

It has been a lovely hot week here and I’ve used the nice weather to get some miles in with Poppy, even today with it being a very hot day we made it to walking group and managed 4 miles! 

Now we are home it’s definitely time to catch up on some Wimbledon! It’s a real favourite of mine and I’ve grown up watching it every year so just took this love and interest and am now sharing it with T. From her being small we have watched it together and she now knows some of the main players just to look at! I think my enjoyment and passion when it’s a big game just rubs off on her and she ends up getting excited for it too. I thought I would mark my first day of watching it, if only work didn’t get in the way I would be watching every day, with some traditional Wimbledon favourites, Pimms and lemonade and strawberries and cream! 

Enjoy your weekend guys! 

Thanks for reading,

Lou x