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Two days, two Christmas parties and the lessons learned

It's not often I get out without Scott or T, it's not often I get out full stop, so to have two Christmas parties in one weekend and actually be able to afford to go to both has been something very different! Last night was my work Christmas party. We shared a room at a… Continue reading Two days, two Christmas parties and the lessons learned

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‘Life has it’s ups and downs’

No one is a superhero all of the time. Sometimes we all just need to vent those frustrations, the anxiety that builds inside us about lots of different things can consume you if you let it. Then by the time that one thing tips you over the edge you can't take it any more and… Continue reading ‘Life has it’s ups and downs’

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7 things week 4

This week started really well but with a little dip in my mood smack bang in the middle I've had to work hard to pull myself around, although it might not look like I'm working hard on the outside I promise you I am trying Mr M. So here are my 7 things that have… Continue reading 7 things week 4

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The Little Book of Lykke

I got this book and the first book of Meik Wiking's "The Little book of Hygge" for Christmas and this week have finished the second book. This really is such a lovely little book which reminds us what is important to be happy and gives us an insight into how happiness is shown all around… Continue reading The Little Book of Lykke

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Getting a little Hygge in my life

For Christmas I got "The Little Book of Hygge", it was something I had seen a while back and just really liked the look of reading and it has not disappointed! It written by Meik Wiking who is from The Happiness Institute in Copenhagen, that itself sounds interesting to me! Hygge is a Danish concept… Continue reading Getting a little Hygge in my life

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Saturday sleepover 

Today has been a mini rollercoaster of emotions. It started off with breakfast for one in bed with Poppy resting on my feet. We watched a bit of tv in bed and scrolled my phone for a while before it kicked in, I was on my own for the day with not a single plan… Continue reading Saturday sleepover