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7 things week 10

1. Completing our 40 Random Acts of Kindness! I was so happy we finished this on a day where we could get out in the sun and feel like we made a difference. This project showed my little girl that giving is just as much fun as receiving and it’s not about getting things back in return but making other people happy with our random gifts. This is something that will stay with us for a long time.

2. Workouts with my girl. This month we smashed 13 workouts using kettlebells and our own body weight. A combination of HIIT and Ab workouts with some cycling and walking thrown in has meant this has been our best month this year and I am so proud of T’s commitment and enthusiasm even when she has had a long day she will always do just a few little exercises. Her confidence is improving and so is her strength. Next month we plan on changing it up a bit with new exercises to beat the Easter chocolate bulge!

3. New hair day! I decided to go lighter for the summer months and am so happy I did. Not only am I pleased with my hair but I also got a really good deal at the hairdressers so ended up getting two items for free which made my day even more!

4. My little ballerina made her Grade 1! 4 years of ballet and 4 exams later and she is now a Grade 1 and finally got her shield. Happy days!

5. Girls day. Friday we played beauty salons and made the most of no school for two weeks with hair chalks, braids and painted nails! After a great riding lesson we watched David Walliams Mr Stink and played games until T went to bed. I loved this day with my girl and will keep remembering it all week while she isn’t here.

6. Easter playdate! Our friends Zoe and Ruby came over for lunch and Easter fun, the girls had a great time making lots of Easter crafts and hunting Easter treats. I made the hunt a bit more testing this year and they had to complete an exercise for 30 seconds for every treat they found and with about 7 treats each that really got them moving! They were giggling and I felt good they managed to squeeze in some exercise even with the terrible rain we have had for the last two days.

7. Easter day with my girl. I picked T up from a sleepover this morning and when we got back the Easter bunny had been so we had the wettest, coldest Easter hunt I can remember round the garden! After counting up the bounty we stayed in the warm colouring for a while before braving a 2 mile walk with Poppy. We found a love rock on the way so it was all worthwhile! T was super happy with her new body warmer we got her for Easter too even if it wasn’t quite warm enough to wear it on the walk!

We were really pleased with how our Easter table turned out!

I will miss this little face now until Friday, it’s been so great spending the last few days with her but I know she will have a lovely week and hopefully I will get to talk to her at some point.

Being happy isnt as easy when you are suddenly all alone but it’s these times when it’s good to look back on the fun you’ve had and the happy memories you’ve created together. Still, sharing never gets any easier and I will be counting the days until she is back home again.

I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter and I’d love to hear what you got upto,

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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A great day in our little world

Today has been a day for being proud of my two favourite people. When a big event comes up everyone gets a little nervous me included. All week I’ve wanted to wrap T up in bubble wrap and sit her in a padded room ready for today. If I am honest I would have put Scott in there with her too! Snow, ice, slush and just generally freezing temperatures meant the mumma bear in me just wanted to keep them safe for the big events they had been working hard for.

But I watched her go off to school in snow storms, have a riding lesson in the snow and even saw Scott go for a run with several inches of snow on the ground. Of course they survived, my aniexty was squashed and they both woke up ready for their big day.

At 12 noon T had her Grade 1 ballet exam, This is her 4th exam since she started ballet 4 years ago. We got there in plenty of time and she was prepped to within an inch of her life, not a hair out of place, clean nails and ears and with a freshly ironed ballet dress- this may all sound extreme but they deduct points if their presentation isn’t as it should be so I really try hard to make sure she looks great. She was happy she didn’t need to practise her routine and with the other two girls in her group both there that just left her to be called by her teacher. An anxious half an hour wait ensued and although I chatted with the other mums I was really feeling nervous for her the whole time.

The smile on her face when she came back through the door told me there was no need to be! They were all thrilled with their performance and said the examiner was really nice. Really as a parent what more can you ask for?

Our other big event today was Scott running the Cambridge half marathon. Although he hadn’t done as much training this week as he would have liked he has done several long runs since his last half marathon in October with his furthest distance being 17 miles so I knew he could handle today. The only thing I was slightly concerned about was the conditions, but luckily the temperature raised and the snow had mostly gone by the time he ran.

There was an app we could use to track his race but with it continuously crashing there was nothing we could do but wait for the phone call to say he had finished. It came just as we were leaving the house ready for the exam.

He was over the moon with his run as he had beaten his previous half marathon record by 6 minutes completing the course in 1 hour 20 minutes! We were so happy with him and couldn’t beleive he came in the top 100 of over 7000 people!

The free non alcoholic beer he was given at the finish!

No one knows how hard I’m working with T on her body confidence, we have been doing HIIT workouts mostly 3 times a week since January started, and focusing on healthy eating and positive attitudes. She is changing in body shape and attitude. She is happy to work out with me, she looks forward to our excercises and she can tell she is getting stronger and fitter from it. The most important thing is she hasn’t told me she doesn’t like her belly since we started these workouts. She will always be my beautiful girl but days like today where she looks and feels amazing in herself and I’m sure danced beautifully if our practise showing was anything to go by, I feel like I am doing a good job.

It may only be a dance exam and Scott may only have run a running race but in our little world these were big things and I am so proud of everything they achieved today.

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Ever feel like you are searching? Searching for that place that you just fit into? Your ‘thing’. That thing that people can identify you by when they talk about you. I feel like I’ve been searching for that thing a long time. I think motherhood is that thing really but unfortunely I have to share my beautiful T or I wouldn’t be writing this.

I love planning things for us to do, having friends over for her, baking, walking the dog or having a rainy day in and watching a film in the evening. I love seeing her happy and flourish in something, most recently being our workouts with the difference in both our fitness in just one month being amazing. But she isn’t here all the time, and when she is gone what do I do? Well with the weather too cold and wet most of the time long walks have been out of the question lately.

Last year I joined a walking group on a Friday from March till August I went regularly and loved walking 3 to 4 miles every week with a group of lovely people. Sadly I started to work more and more Fridays and so lost the chance to be able to do this. I do intend to take longer walks again once the evenings are lighter and the weather not so bite your face off cold.

So for now I read; I have got back into reading since getting three books for Christmas and am really enjoying it. I’m currently reading The Hobbit, something I once read as a teenager but now am really enjoying again as a huge fan of the films. I’m planning a little community library in the shed next to my house for my street to use I just need to get it slightly clear so I can fit a small table in there with some books and bookends on. Oh and pluck up the confidence to put a note through my neighbours doors to tell them what I’ve done, there is no way I’m doing this face to face!

I also watch the Six Nations rugby when it is on so that will keep my Saturdays a little busier for the next few weeks, would be nice to watch it with someone though.

Yes I do have friends but weekends are family time and I can’t expect people with families to want to socialise with someone that is lacking a child. Friends without children tend to work weekends and are also part of couples, something else I lack on weekends due to my husband’s work.

So like I did last year I’ve started searching again. I searched for the walking group and really enjoyed it for a few months but it had to come to an end and now I’m looking for something to fill my Saturdays with. So as sad as it sounds I’ve been looking online but it’s not easy searching when you don’t exactly know what you want to do.

I want to be a Mummy 24/7 but since I can’t do that I’ve been searching for reading groups, not that any seem to meet on a Saturday. I maybe need to visit my local library again, with T getting a load of books for Christmas we haven’t had the need to go but maybe I need to think about me for once and not her all the time.

Searching is tough when there is one thing you want to do but can’t, trying to find a substitute to fill your time isn’t easy. Plus new people are always scary, but I would go to a club, I want to meet new people, I just can’t seem to find anyone.

So today I’m going to be doing a few jobs, probably writing another post later, walking Poppy and then watching the rugby. Oh and reading in our reading nook.

Have a lovely Saturday everyone,

Lou x

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Weekend round-up and an unscheduled day off!

Today is an unscheduled sofa day. My T was poorly last night and so it’s meant a day off work and Pjs all day for her. She is on the mend now so normal service will be resumed tomorrow but that doesn’t stop me feeling guilty about not being at work. I don’t have a very important job with the most important part of it being training new staff, Today there were three starting. Fingers crossed their first day hasn’t been a complete disaster and at least 2 of them come back tomorrow for me!

Until then it’s Alice though the looking glass on tv, blankets,cuddles and a recovery day.

The rest of the weekend was actually really great; with Scott being away all weekend we had a lovely time just us two.

Saturday- T went to a party for my friends little boy and I had a nice time catching up with the Mum’s there. Then we collected some balloons for Louis birthday celebration on Sunday and spent the afternoon inside away from the rain before watching Zootropolis with homemade lasagne and garlic bread.


Sunday- T went on a hack as an extra lesson today which she hasn’t done in ages because of her usual lesson time now being in the dark. She was so happy to be going out and even though she found it tough to keep her pony in line at times I think overall she enjoyed herself.

Sunday afternoon we headed over to my in-laws and got ready for Scott’s son Louis surprise 18th birthday get together. T really enjoyed helping set up the balloons and banners and even made him a card which he really was greatful for. We had a lovely time and embarrassed Louis a good amount with the customary singing of happy birthday as soon as he walked in the door and lots of baby photos! A great end to his weekend of a zombie run and go karting!



I hope you all had a good weekend, i’d love to hear what you got up to,

Lou x

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Workout update and our new Hyggekrog!

The start of this month saw a new workout routine for T and me. We both felt a little unfit after Christmas and T had started to get a little hung up on her tummy area so I knew as a Mummy it was my job to make her feel better. 

We started our workout jar on the 4th January and have now done 7 workouts together! T is really enjoying getting active with me and looks forward to picking the excercises for the evening and even really puts effort into them! 

She was infact enjoying it so much we decided to get her her own little kettle bell and she was so happy! 

We seem to have got into a little routine with the evening so she knows when we are going to do the workout and how long for, being a creature of habit like me she loves a plan! From the first day when she didn’t know what a burpee was and got upset she couldn’t do them to earlier when she shouted ‘yes!’ When burpees came out of the jar and did them double time I’m just amazed! 

Don’t get me wrong I’m not pushing myself to my full potential with 3 sets of 4 excercises but I can feel it the next day and it’s not about me. This is about getting T to feel more positive about herself and the more we do the more she will be able to do and still enjoy it. In my mind there is no point in pushing her to do 5 or 6 sets when by set 5 she isn’t enjoying it and ends up resenting the sessions, It’s needs to be a gradual thing. 

We have also started chocolate days again, we have chocolate two days a week and this week its today and Saturday. All the selection box chocolates are now away in tubs in the cupboard and we have great fun choosing what to eat on chocolate days šŸ˜Š Today T had some of her chocolate reindeer and an after eight mint from the reading nook, I will come onto that in a minute. 

Our packed lunches have seen a turnaround from Christmas too when they mostly consisted of cheese and buffet food! Our favourite lunches have to be these wraps at the moment. We stuff them full of ham or chicken then lots of salad and have them with chopped peppers on the side and fruit, they smell so good we just open the packet and want to eat them! 

Last week I followed a Jamie Oliver recipe too and made us jar salads for lunch. Oh my word they were so good and super easy! The wholewheat pasta with a little tomato,basil, chilli and lemon juice whizzed up and spooned over really complimented the rocket and tuna and the wedge of lemon to squeeze over at lunch time really made it! Well worth a try if you are looking for a quick and healthy lunch! 

So onto our reading nook, in my post about Hygge I mentioned creating an area that was great to relax and unwind in. Somewhere we could go and relax while reading a few pages of a good book and watching the world go by. Well I didn’t waste any time and using what we had around the house and shed I created our reading nook! 

It has been a big hit with T who has been in it every day since I made it! She will sit there while I’m cooking dinner all cosy under the blanket and read one of her new books and at the weekend she even had lunch there! 

One of the perks is when it’s chocolate day and you read in the nook you can have a chocolate from the box, I feel somewhat like Miss Honey from Matilda but hey! We love our little calm space so I’m pleased I made our little Hyggekrog and can hopefully add to it over time. 

Thanks for reading!

Lou x

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Today my baby girl turns 8

Today my baby girl turns 8!  8 years ago today I saw those big eyes looking up at me for the first time and I have been completely in love with them ever since. Somehow my squishy faced chubby cheeked little baby is growing into a funny, clever, loving, thoughtful and determined little lady. I love every minute I get to spend with this beautiful little human whether we are watching dvds, spending time as a family, walking Poppy, creating arts and craft projects, baking or just tidying up! Somehow this little human loves routine, planning and order as much as me and enjoys nothing more than a good sort out of a cupboard! Her determination and perseverance to do well in her school work and hobbies is something I am so proud of and the good friend she is turning out to be is the reason she is loved by many not just her family. 
All this said her cheeky comments and fun sense of humour keeps us on our toes daily and as much as we sometimes have to keep her in check we would be lost without her making us laugh all the time.

Happy birthday baby girl, we hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy your trip to London at the weekend, we can’t wait to take you!

All our love

Mummy & Scott

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Sleepovers for beginners – age 7

So having a girl it was inevitable that one day she would start to want friends over to sleep because the standard two hour playdate/coffee date would no longer be enough. Now I’ve had a few of these I feel I’m ready to share my knowledge of how these things roll with rookie sleepover parents! 

  1. Sleepover- Do NOT be fooled by this word- sleep will be minimal, for everyone.
  2. Excitement is the word of the evening/night/morning. This will be the state of mind at all times and will change normally calm children into balls of bouncing energy with a never ending battery life! 
  3. There is never enough time to do everything on the sleepover, I’m sorry kids but unless we stay up until 2am there is no way we will be able to fit in all your activities! 
  4. It will take at least 30 minutes to get ready for bed. By this I mean change into pjs, clean teeth and wash faces- 30 minutes people!
  5. Don’t be fooled by the fact the little people are ready for bed for it will take upto another hour for them to actually be asleep! During this time be prepared to tuck their cute faces in all snug and say goodnight, only for them to have multiple trips to the toilet, bed swaps, secret talks and anything else they can think of rather than go to sleep! 
  6. No matter what time they get to sleep- in my case only half an hour before I went to bed, yes they are 7- they will still wake up long before the sun the next day full of the joys of spring! 
  7. If you are lucky they will entertain themselves for an hour before the requests for help with activities start again! 

All this said I love that T has friends she can have sleep over because it is the closest she will ever get to having a sister and is the longest she has a play mate for other than in school. Also nowadays leaving them to get on with it and not getting too involved in any disputes encourages them to resolve their own issues which is good for them. 

So to close sleepovers are a necessary thing especially when you have an only child and now I’ve only managed 7 bullet points, who knows how many there will be once mobile phones and boys become involved! Hey it may be testing at times but that’s parenting so here’s to the next 10 years of sleepovers! šŸ˜‚ Wish me luck!!  

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Saturday sleepoverĀ 

Today has been a mini rollercoaster of emotions. It started off with breakfast for one in bed with Poppy resting on my feet. We watched a bit of tv in bed and scrolled my phone for a while before it kicked in, I was on my own for the day with not a single plan to my name. It was a really sunny morning, cold and icy but a lovely day, great dog walking weather. All this said I couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed. What was the point? No one would know if I stayed there all day, No one would care. With only a few minor errands to do I could get all that done in the half an hour before T came back, why bother getting ready and making the most of the day when I wasn’t going to speak to another person until 4pm? I sank further and further into this hole for another hour until I finally forced myself out of bed.

I forced myself to walk Poppy round the lake which I knew would take nearly an hour. It was windy and cold but it was what I needed. The sun was shining and it felt good to have made an effort although I did keep thinking how easy it would be to have stayed where I was becoming more and more miserable at being alone. I was so thankful I had Poppy this morning.

After lunch I did some more prep for T’s party at the end of December. The pile of homemade Willy Wonka signs, photo booth props and games is growing bigger by the week and I’m feeling more and more prepared which I like.

After lunch and a few chores I had time for some of a Christmas film before T and her friend arrived ready to start their sleepover šŸ˜ This was what I had been waiting for all day, yes I had kept myself busy on my own, I’d managed to motivate myself to pass the hours but this evening I felt like I’ve had a purpose again. 

We started with loom bands then after dinner I surprised the girls by taking them out for Mcflurrys because they had both tried so hard in their riding lessons this week, they were so excited! 

When we got back we played beauty schools, hair,makeup, nails all done on each other it was like a glimpse into the future! In 10 years time these girls will be 17 going on 18, will they be doing the same thing on a Saturday night, I’m pretty sure they will!! It made me smile to watch them and think about their adorable little friendship growing over the years.

After this we made candy canes from pipe cleaners and beads which the girls will use to decorate their Christmas trees once they go up. 

Now they are playing upstairs before bed and I feel lucky. Lucky that I have my beautiful little girl even if I do have to share her and even if those times aren’t always easy. Today I was lucky I had Poppy as my reason to get up. She didn’t know I was lonely and getting more miserable by the second and she only got happier the happier I got. I’m lucky my girl has such lovely friends and is happy and I’m lucky I will get to spend some time with my husband tomorrow afternoon after a whole weekend apart.

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A tough start but a better ending!

So this week started off pretty rubbish mainly due to me missing T but for a few other things as well but Wednesday night was date night which cheered me up massively. We went for dinner and shared this beauty of a dessert which was as good as it looks! Warm cookie with melted ice cream and fudge pieces, delicious!

Thursday I got my T back so we had a playdate with some friends at ours first thing and the girls coloured in Halloween pictures which was really nice. After this T and Scott went and did some secret birthday shopping for me as it’s only a couple of weeks away. I also had my hair done for the first time in months which felt really nice and really gave me a boost.

Yesterday we went for a playdate and baking session at my friends house. The girls made cupcakes and iced them and we had a great time.

Then came T’s riding lesson, she had a different teacher but still went off pretty confident on a bigger pony but one she had ridden before. But Frosty had other ideas and cantered off around the arena right at the start of her lesson causing T to bump right out of the saddle and end up sitting on his neck! 

T on Frosty
The teacher straight away swapped Frosty for Spirit as she didn’t want T to lose her confidence for the whole lesson and apart from him needing a bit more leg to turn and he’s a much bigger horse she really enjoyed riding him! 

Last night I did something that doesn’t happen very often, went out with friends from work for dinner! It was a last minute thing just because it’s payday but it was actually really nice to all get together and talk about, Well mostly work but hey it was still nice to get out! 

This morning after some family stresses I’ve taken Poppy for a nice long walk and just let it all melt away! I’m fairly confident I’m going to get some help with stress calming techniques in the near future along with a couple of other things but for now Poppy, the woods and a bowl of butternut squash soup is the perfect solution! 

This weekend I’m looking forward to carving our pumpkins, catching up with friends and cooking a roast! 

I hope you all have a great weekend,

Thanks for reading 

Lou x

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What my 7 year old still doesn’t understand about Lady and the Tramp

So the other night was movie night, we have a good sized collection of Disney classics, as any home should and Lady and the Tramp happens to be one of them. 

Now we have watched this film countless times but probably not for a few months and this time I came to realise how much my little persons mind is changing. There were a lot of questions she has never asked before and I guess I just assumed she knew the answers to or I didn’t want to explain because I thought she would get upset.

So I thought I would share with you her questions and my answers to give you some idea of how a 7 year olds mind works. 

T-  Why is there one puppy at the end which looks like tramp and the rest look like lady?

Me- Well because they had puppies together.

T-  but how did they get one looking like the dad because puppies go in the mummies tummy?

Me- well because he is the Dad and Lady is the Mummy so some look like each one, like Poppy looks like her Daddys colour but her Mummy’s size. (I bailed at this point and did not go any further into why the dogs look like the Mum and Dad! She’s only 7!)

T- what does lost your sense of smell mean?

Me- that dog is a hound so he uses his sense of smell to hunt things out so as he’s got a little older he can’t smell things as well any more which for him is pretty sad.

T- where is the dog in the pound going?

At this point the dog is being taken for the ‘long walk’ from which he never returns.

Me- well in the old days when they had a dog at the pound and no one came to claim him they would kill it after a few days because they didn’t have enough space to keep them all.

*watches T’s face for reaction*

T- and the dog just thought he was really going for a long walk, he was excited to go out the door.

Me- yes babe.

*realises this film is actually pretty sad in places*

T- Why does Lady get that put on her face?

Me- because the Aunt thinks she is going to bite the baby so they put those on dogs that aren’t very nice to keep them from hurting anyone.

T-why does the Beaver need that log in the river?

Me- because they like to build a dam to stop the water so they have a home to live in.

And that’s all folks!

The lesson for today- no matter how much you think your kids can follow these films and they have watched them since they were tiny there is still a lot they really don’t understand so one day be ready for the questions! 

Thanks for reading 

Lou x