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Back from Kos 😊

Hi guys, I know it's been a while since I last posted but I have to say it's been a combination of things, firstly I've been on holiday with my little family 😊 We have only been back a few days and it's been tough playing catch up with life. Secondly I've been having a… Continue reading Back from Kos 😊

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Adult Braces Update and another week closer to our holiday 😊

Hey everyone, So yesterday was my orthodontist appointment, this was the first time I've had just a 4 week gap between appointments in 2 and a half years so it seemed to come round really quickly. I wasnt expecting much to come of it because I knew she just needed to change the bands and… Continue reading Adult Braces Update and another week closer to our holiday 😊

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Welcome to Friday part 3!

Hi everyone, I hope you've all had a great week! It's time to celebrate those little wins again, the things that might seem small to everyone else but made a big difference to you this week. Here are mine for this week! Getting a new kettle and toaster! You don't know how much you rely… Continue reading Welcome to Friday part 3!

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Little wins in blogging, burpees, miles and braces!

This is just a post to celebrate a few of things I feel I've achieved this week; 1. My 2 year blogging anniversary! How have I been writing on this blog for 2 years?! I am struggling to believe it has been that long but just want to say thank you to everyone who follows… Continue reading Little wins in blogging, burpees, miles and braces!

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Adult Braces- finally some progress!

It's been a bit quiet on the braces front the last couple of months but I've been plugging away every day quietly just getting on with it all! Today was my 8 week check and the orthodontist couldn't have been happier with my teeth! She could tell id been wearing my bands all the time… Continue reading Adult Braces- finally some progress!

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Adult braces- so no one told me this!

Another 8 weeks gone, Another ortho appointment rolls round. Today I was looking forward to my appointment as I always do lately, I'm just keen to get on with things and get it all done. After a little telling off because my wires were pretty bent at the back, whoops, She got to work removing… Continue reading Adult braces- so no one told me this!

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A slow weekend but an exciting week ahead!

This weekend has been a slow one. The weather has been pretty wet and dreary and I've spent most of it feeling really ugh. Yesterday I ran some errands and spent time making a photo collage of Louis 18th birthday for his room then walked Poppy in the rain and spent the afternoon watching the… Continue reading A slow weekend but an exciting week ahead!