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7 things week 17

Hello from a gloriously sunny East of England! How often do we get to say that and it stay like it for longer than 15 minutes! It’s been a really lovely sunny and warm week, I hope you have all had some sunshine too!

Here are my 7 things that made me happy this week

1. A bbq with friends. Sunday week we went to a friend’s who also have a miniature cockapoo the same colour as Poppy. Unfortunely he is not so much of a fan of the brush as Poppy is so he was looking a little on the short side after a good groom! They played like mad and we took them on two walks and had lovely food and drink in the sun. It was a great day.

2. My car got fixed! Ok so I may have accidentally reversed into the bin and it may have left a very small dent in the boot! But this week it got fixed and I’m so happy to have it looking awesome again.

3. Workouts! I seem to be in a stage where I can manage 4 days in a row before just not wanting to work out the next day and I’m really pleased about that! I feel like I’m making good progress and will hopefully feel great about myself on holiday in a couple of weeks time. This is a workout I did by myself yesterday, I did this whole set 4 times and was done in!

4. Walking. With this glorious weather comes walking and lots of it. I want to walk, I want to get out in the sunshine! Last week I walked 13 miles and this week I’ve walked just under that. This morning we went to Bluebell woods which is near us, We haven’t been since last year and unfortunately were too late to see the bluebells but it was really nice to get out and be some where different. Just going some where new means T managed the almost 3 mile loop easily.

5. The royal wedding! Who doesn’t love weddings? If you forget all the pomp and ceremony and remember they are just two people that love each other and are forced into displaying this to billions of people around the world in an open ceremony, then it is actually really lovely being able to watch a wedding we aren’t technically invited to! My favourite part was when she walked down the aisle and the music was still playing Harry looked at Megan and said ‘You look amazing’. Just beautiful and I just ended up feeling really happy for them.

6. My 2nd choir performance! We sang at a charity walk today and Scott,T and my best friend all came to watch. It was really hot but I think we all sang really well and I was proud to be part of it once again.

7. We have a bird nesting in our garden! This sweet little bird has made a nest in our tree so low down we can easily see! Of course if we pay too much attention to it that reminds Poppy that it’s there and it flies off so now we are in operation ‘ignore the bird’ while it sits on its eggs which we hope will hatch!

8. Doing fun things with T before she goes away for a week. May half term T goes away with her Dad to France for a week before coming back and going on holiday with us for a week. Because of this we are trying to fit as much in as we can at the moment with her so she’s had a pretty good weekend,and so have we. Friday she had a friend round for tea and it was so nice outside they played in the garden for the whole two hours. Saturday she went ice skating with my best friend then had a friend over for a sleep over. We decorated love rocks and hid them then they made bracelets and watched tv. Oh and we got an ice cream from the ice cream van because why not!

Ok so there is 8 this week but that must only be a good thing right!

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend.

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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What happened to age appropriate clothing?

Why are so many little girls clothes so inappropriate these days? I know it may sound cliche but in my day it was a t shirt and shorts and off you went. Today from age 5 upwards there are boob tube style tops everywhere.

Ok I may be biased because my daughter is not the right shape for this sort of clothing but even if she was I wouldn’t let her wear it!

Why can’t we let children be children and stop trying to turn them into mini adults?

How is it a good idea to put an 8 year old in wedge heeled shoes to go and play at the park? Even at a disco it would be risky, kids don’t know how to walk in heels and nor should they! They have their whole life to figure that out, why do they need wedges with tassels on age 8?!

Don’t even get me started on swimwear! Do little girls really want to be worrying about adjusting their bikini/ tankini because it rode up when the cannonballed into the pool? Or do they really want to sit still while you apply double the amount of suncream as they have twice the amount of skin on display? I doubt it!

There has to be a difference between dressing as an adult and dressing a child. In today’s society should we be putting our children’s skin on display for all to see in clothes that make them look much older than they are and take away their innocence?

Being a child is about being free, having no worries and just being able to go and play and have fun,let’s keep them that way for as long as possible!

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7 things that made me happy week 15!

As I sit in my garden after just eating a salad in the blazing sunshine I feel like I have a lot to be happy about! Ok my braces are killing me and am aching from my workout and walk and still have to get all this washing off the line and into the house yet but life is good ๐Ÿ˜„

Here are 7 things that made me happy this week,

1.Workout results. So along came the end of the month which meant time to take more progress pictures. (I always take pictures at the end of every month so I can the difference my workouts make, I don’t share them anywhere they are just for me.) So I took the usual picture, front on in my sports bra and joggers and was again pleasantly surprised with the difference since last month. The other picture was of myself in a bikini to see what a difference my squat challenge made. Wowzers. I am so happy I took a month out to do one more squat every day, the difference is amazing! So much so that I am going to continue with some squats every day just to keep this up! Workouts produce results if you keep at it long enough and this is why I love how I feel when I work out ๐Ÿ˜Š

2. Poppy. Come rain or shine this little pooch is always ready for a walk, She has gone a little crazy over tennis balls lately and will drive us nuts if one is stuck behind the sofa even though she has another 5 in her basket! She went through a stage of not wanting cuddles in the evening but lately she will ask to sit on our laps or next to us on the sofa and is happy to be cuddled for some time which we really love. I don’t know if it’s to do with her approaching 2 years old but whatever the reason she now loves to cuddle which makes me happy.

3.Healthy living! I don’t know if it’s the warm weather or the marathon diet Scott is following but I am all over eating well at the minute! I’m loving salads, bananas on toast with quark and cinnamon and this is some chicken I made Scott for lunch at work with a few herbs, pepper and tomato on green veg and sweetcorn.

4. Walking. With the better weather I have been so inspired to walk more and have really enjoyed it. I took Poppy for a 3 mile walk this morning after completing a 25 minute HIIT workout, I must be mad! (Really I just wanted to get out before it got crazy busy everywhere but it still felt good to go that far and I can’t wait to do it again another day.) So far this week I’ve walked 12.6 miles ๐Ÿ˜

5. I finished my book! I’ve been reading Chasing the Dream and the story line has just been so gripping I’ve struggled to put it down this week! The main character has so many traumatic events in her life but with it being set in the 1920-1930 England she just had to get on with it and she was a trooper! I loved this book and it’s made me eager to start another one. I’ve put a post it note inside saying Great Read and put it back in my library.

6. A little treat. Ok so it’s good to have a little treat every now and then or what is the motivation to work out? This was my treat this week and it was worth every calorie laden mouthful ๐Ÿ˜‚

7. T had a friend round to play. This particular little girl doesn’t speak at school, She is just incredibly shy and so whispers to the teachers, doesn’t answer questions in class or read out loud and whispers to all her friends. But when she comes here and it’s just me and T we can’t stop her talking ๐Ÿ˜ŠShe is a right little chatterbox and such a sweet little girl. They had a great time playing outside and even eating dinner and ice creams in the garden.

I hope you have all had a great week and I would love to hear something that made you happy!

Lou x

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April workouts complete!

So April is over and this means it’s time for a new challenge to keep me and T going with our fitness! During April we challenged ourselves to complete one more squat every day of the month starting on 30. It’s been tough but we have done it!

With only one rest day, because my legs wouldn’t physically squat any more, we have finished the month on 60 which I am pretty proud of considering I was exhausted after 30 full squats at the start of the month! It just shows with consistent work you can improve and get better at a certain excercise and the sense of achievement it’s given me is amazing. No one would have minded if I gave up but me, I wanted to show T we could see this through to the end and I did and I’m proud of that.

We have also been using our kettle bells to complete 25 minute ab workouts using a DVD I have and have managed to squeeze in a whopping 17 workouts this month! This is our best month yet and I think T has really found the excercises achievable and enjoyable at the same time.

With April being a particularly wet month the amount of walking I did suffered as a result and I only managed 37 miles. Next month I intend to walk more and am hoping the weather helps me with this! May last year I managed 76 miles!! (I think this was in part because I was only focusing on me, I would walk on an evening instead of working out with T so I’m happy to sacrifice some miles this year.)

So next month we have decided to start our workout jar again. This is a jar full of easy and hard exercises, we randomly pick out 4 or more at a time and make a HIIT workout from them completing them for 30 seconds at a time then repeating 3 or 4 times. This month we have new excercises, some which we have taken from the kettle bell DVD and some which we have seen others do and found online.

I’m excited to get started on these new workouts with T and am feeling even more motivation with about 1 month until our family holiday.

I hope you have a fit and healthy month and thanks for reading!

Lou x

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7 things that made me happy week 14!


Hi everyone, well it seems this week has flown by and it has been overall a great one with lots to feel happy about. Here are my 7 things that have made me happy this week;

  1. A great Saturday night spend at a friends house eating pizza while the kids played outside. This was such a nice evening, we managed a fair amount of actual conversation before the kids got bored and wanted us to play with them and it reallyย was great to catch up.ย 20180421_191821108984665.jpg

2. Cooking healthy food. This week even more so I have really focused on healthy eating in our house. With Scott training for a marathon and just a month until we go away on holiday we could all do with cutting out the sweet treats and focusing on healthier living. This week I tried a recipe from a great blogย tweedandthebeardย of prawn, veggie and egg rice with chilli flakes and soy sauce. It was so quick and easy to make and I managed to prep lots for the freezer too and with the most expensive ingredient being the prawns this is a real budget friendly meal! I have also introduced Rye bread into our diet because I had heard it has great health benefits such as extra fibre and doesn’t bloat you like regular bread can. I have found it a taste that has grown on me and after making Scott toasted Rye bread with quark, chopped banana and cinnamon I think he has come around to it too. The sunshine also re-ignited my love for salads and I have made us a couple this week with eggs for extra protein.


3. Spa day!ย For Christmas my best friend and I decided to buy each other a spa day voucher and this week we got to use it! With it being at a local gym we started the day off with a 30 minute workout before using the sauna and Jacuzzi before our treatments of a mini back massage and facial. Afterwards we picked T up from school and went to watch her ride before having a film evening in together. It was so nice for us to spend the day together and T really enjoyed the time too.

4. Tiana received an honours award at school!ย Throughout the year 10 honours awards are given in each class at school. The school call you up and tell you that your child has been selected for one and the assembly is the following week, you are not to mention anything to your child as all the parents of the children receiving awards enter the assembly together while the children are singing. If the child spots their parents they know they are getting an award. The excitement nearly kills us when this happens and we all say bye to T, have a nice day, see you later, the usual, then walk round to the school reception where we wait to go in. The awards are given for all different subjects and this one was for concentration. The children one by one are called to the front of the hall where they are given a sticker and a certificate and a hand shake from the head teacher. Their teacher then proceeds to read out a paragraph explaining the reasons they have been given this award. It really was a great assembly and T was so happy to be up there, very proud parent day!20180427_0939241674965484.jpg

5. A long overdue catch up with a friend.ย Sometimes life just takes over, its no ones fault, people are busy, things like moving house, stress at work and changing jobs mean there is little time for socialising and so it happens that months pass before you see each other again. T actually really started to miss Kali and Kaleb, my friends two children and so it was really great to see them again. We were lucky to become Guideparents to Kaleb last year and so we know that he will always be a part of our lives, more so if T had her way as she wanted to take him home!20180428_1139271043211323.jpg

6. Cheese and Prosecco evening!ย This evening at my friends house had been planned for a little while and turned out to be a lot of fun. We were treated to ham, olives, peppers, tomatoes and so many different types of cheeses! After a fair few glasses we ended up giggling the evening away. An extra workout and a 2 mile walk today and I’m feeling the cheese may be a small way to being being burned off!


7. Flowers.ย Scott surprised T and I with flowers this week and these are mine. I think they look so pretty in one of the jugs we used on our wedding day.


I hope you have had a great week, thank you for reading,

Lou x

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What size is the right size for a child?

My little girl has always been slightly bigger than other children her age. She got a little tummy as a toddler and it’s never really left her. Throughout her 8 years I have struggled at times to clothe her. Jeans don’t fit and dresses have to be just the right cut or they accentuate her tummy.

Now mostly I just buy one size up and it’s all good but occasionally some things cause more of a problem than others.

Yesterday was a bad day. So the sun came out and for the first year of her school life I hadn’t already pre bought her summer dress. So I popped to the local shops and got her two of those summer playsuits that are now the fashion.

Perfect I thought, I had got the next size up and she would be happy to be like all her friends.

If only things were that simple.

Neither of the playsuits fitted so we went back to the shops in a mad rush after school on the way to ballet- which as it turns out doesn’t start back until next week so was all shut up with us being the only ones in the car park. Two more playsuits purchased in different sizes and we get home to try them on, one fits one doesn’t.

The problem is she can’t get it on and off herself, and if she can’t do that she is going to have to cross her legs all day at school because I’m pretty sure the teachers have better things to be doing than becoming a personal toilet attendant to my child all in the name of fashion.

So with only one playsuit that fits I ask Scott to pick up a couple of school dresses on the way home as these will be easier for her to manage. Scott dutifully arrives home with said dresses only for her to try them on and really if I’m honest the next size up would be better. But after tears, hers and mine, and scouring the internet for dresses in the next size we have decided to just let her wear them. They aren’t skin tight and she is comfortable in them they just aren’t the most flattering but hey it’s only school and as long as she’s happy.

The reason I was so upset, after T had gone to bed, was I try everything to make sure she has a healthy diet, We excercise, she rides her bike and has active hobbies but her shape doesn’t seem to change much. She’s getting taller, this we can tell from the side of our shed where we have measured her height for the last 3 years, but not losing her little belly.

Mostly I can be fine about it, she knows if something doesnt look right and we usually work her wardrobe choices to suit her shape but when she was struggling to get these bloomin playsuits on and off yesterday and getting more and more upset by the second I just felt like I had failed her. It may sound silly but all her friends are wearing these and the fact she was getting close to not being able to have one because of her shape was making both of us really sad.

The thing is my child is healthy, she is happy and enjoys excercise so why should she be made to feel so sad because children’s clothes in her age just don’t fit her? Who says a girl age 8 should be this size? You can’t say that for an adult so why is it ok for a child?

I feel like there is a gap in the market for this area, not every child is the same height and shape and she is already in size 4 shoe, some shops don’t even do children’s designs past size 3, try explaining that to an 8 year old! The clothes in sizes that fit her just seem to jump from cute and little girl to teenager with no middle ground.

Anyway after all the drama she went in today in a playsuit that fitted and she managed to take it off herself twice during the day ๐Ÿ˜Š

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7 things that made me happy week 12

1. Cooking for my Nan. My Nan has lived on her own a long time and doesn’t have anyone cook for her much so I was really pleased to be able to make dinner and get all tidied up without her having to do anything.

Here is the chicken, garlic and thyme traybake I made with squash, tomatoes and new potatoes. Served with soft fresh bread it was so tasty!

2. Seeing the bond between these two. T and Poppy are best friends. They adore each other unconditionally and there is nothing that could replace this bond. T won’t ever have a brother or sister so she treats Poppy very much like a baby at times cuddling her and carrying her around but she has also had a big part to play in her training and is great at telling Poppy what to do, I don’t know where she gets that from! The responsibility of having a pet is something I am so glad we have been able to give T and she has developed this and not only has a dog but also a companion for many years to come.

3. Watching T and Scott’s together. T is very much a Mummy’s girl but if we have a week off she will often end up a lot closer to Scott by the end of the week. This week has been no different. Yesterday Scott bathed her and washed and dried her hair while showing her how to use her new snorkel in preparation for holiday and I washed my car. They were completely fine without me and got all cuddled up together on the sofa watching tv in the evening. I love their bond and feel blessed they have been able to get so close up until now. Here is a photo of them back in 2014.

4. Spending time with my Nan. It’s no secret I’m not close to my Mum and often think of my Nan more as my Mum. I ring my Nan a couple of times a week,She’s the one I text if anything is wrong or one of us has had an achievement. She is a massive part of our lives and knows what we are all doing because she involves her self. The only thing is she lives 2 hours away so we don’t see her anywhere near as much as we would like. I often envy Scott being able to go and see his parents on a day off as I would love to just pop to see my Nan but have to make do with video calls. Spending these few days with her was really great and I now can’t wait to take her on holiday with us in June.

5. Feeling closer as a couple. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say this but life is busy, tiring, stressful and sometimes hard work. We all need time away to unwind, relax and remember why we chose to spend the rest of our lives together in the first place. Having this time together makes us feel more connected because there is no rush to get things done before going to bed early to get up for work, we can take the time to just enjoy being together as a family and as a couple. Things are so often all about being parents that it’s hard to make time to appreciate each other but this is important. Just for a few days to put aside all the stress makes the world of difference and before you know it you have fallen in love all over again.

6. T’s innocent and funny little mind. A few days ago we were all watching TV and someone said ‘if there is something you want to do you should just go and do it, don’t let anyone stand in your way’, She sat up and said ‘ Well that’s not right because I want to be a unicorn but I can’t can I!’ ๐Ÿ˜‚

Yesterday she was eating breakfast when she dropped her toast in her beans and just said ‘faceplant!’ ๐Ÿ˜„ I didn’t even know she knew that word.

7. Attending a Christening. Today was our friends little girls Christening and it was a lovely little ceremony. T loves Sienna to bits and enjoyed giving her a little cuddle afterwards. It was really nice to see so many people showing love towards this little girl and I was very impressed with how brave she was when the water ran down her head during the ceremony! I always get a feeling of security after a Christening, It’s like you know that little person will be alright now, They have Godparents to help guide them through life too.

This is one of the reasons I decided to give T Godparents even though she wasn’t Christened. It’s nice to know she has people in her life who she can turn to should she need them that aren’t her parents.

T and Sienna

I would love to hear something that has made you happy over the last week, looking past the obvious usually makes me realise there is so much more to be happy about than you first think.

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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Fun Friday!

So today I thought I would share what we have been doing the last few days during our week off together.


We had a friend of T’s round all day in order to share the childcare costs between a friend and myself so we took the girls swimming and then to Mcds for lunch. It was a chilled afternoon after we all were shattered from swimming and the weather was cold and wet.

After our friends left we set off to stay with my Nan for a few days in Essex. We have all been looking forward to coming as we haven’t seen her since Christmas and we all just love going there.


Scott went on a long run during the morning for some more marathon prep and us girls all went shopping! We found a few summer bits for T and picked up some ingredients for dinner.

During the day we walked the dogs twice, Baker is a Lhasapso and him and Poppy get on so well. They play and chase and just love each other’s company.

I made us all a chicken traybake for dinner which turned out really tasty!

Then we played Essex monopoly for over 2 hours and had such a fun evening.


Today we had a lazy morning and then made our way to the seafront! I’ve been visiting the pier here since I was born and love taking T there. The weather was really chilly but that didn’t stop us having lots of fun winning prizes for T and eating a bag of hot doughnuts between us ๐Ÿ˜

We brought some love rocks to hide at the seaside too so left them both near the pier and hope they found good homes!

We have walked the dogs twice again today, been to see some friends this afternoon and watched a film this evening after having fish and chips for dinner! ๐Ÿ˜Š

It’s amazing how relaxed and at home you can feel just being back in a house you have known since you were born doing things you have done every year since you can remember.

I would love to hear what your favourite thing to do at the seaside is?

What did you do as a child that you love sharing with your family now?

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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Our family walks and why they don’t always turn out quite so perfect


It was a wet and miserable day, light rain coming down but I woke up determined to make the most of the day. All three of us were here and the rain wasn’t that bad that it warranted an inside day so we packed a picnic and drove half an hour to some local woods. We were all wrapped up in our hoods and wellies and Poppy had her coat on, we were prepared to eat the picnic in the car if we had to!

When we got there it was still lightly raining but nothing too bad and there was a nature trail for T to follow on wooden boards which took our mind off the rain.

We made it to the play area and Scott and T climbed into the crows nest, a little further down we found some purpose built huts and had our picnic in there.

We explored woods, collected pine cones and splashed in puddles, we even all ran up a huge hill, it was a really fun walk and Poppy had a nice warm bath when she got home.


After lunch we decided to take Scott and T’s bikes and Poppy round the local country park. We had spoken about walking on just the paths as it would still be muddy from the recent floods and Poppy was so clean and fluffy from yesterday.

Clearly we both had different ideas about where this walk was going! Scott wanted to show me a ramp him and T had found which was off the path into some woods and was very muddy.

Afterwards we carried on along a path that was still partly flooded and Poppy was getting blacker by the second. My little white trainers- perfect for paths, not so much for flooded and muddy areas were caked in mud and I was not enjoying this walk!

We turned round after some walkers told us the path ahead was impassable and made our way through the park and home.

I was in a grump at the state of Poppy, the state of my trainers, how dirty Scott and T were,well pretty much everything I’ll be honest!

It’s not that I can’t do mud, I just need warning. If I know we will be getting muddy and exploring flood plains and burst river banks I am fine because this is the plan but sudden muddiness does not make for a happy Mummy/wife!!

So two baths in 24 hours and two lots of muddy clothes washed and hung out and I am well and truly ready for Summer!!!

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9 things you didn’t know about my weekend

1. It was Scott’s birthday yesterday ๐Ÿ˜Š Me being me we had his presents bought several weeks ago and wrapped two weeks ago. Along with some clothes we got him a mug with Tiana’s hand print on, me and a few family members have had these since she was tiny and It felt really special to get him one. We also did a cookie jar where her hand prints made all 4 of us into elephants and Poppy a dog ๐Ÿ˜„

2. I have been to bed at 9pm the last two nights in a row. Not only have I been super tired due to a few awful nights sleep but the golf has been on so Scott has been left to watch it on his own until midnight! (Sorry any golf fans, It’s just not my thing!)

3. Saturday T and I went to our friends where we did arts and crafts and made cornflake cakes. We had a great afternoon.

4. I replaced the Christmas tree T got from father Christmas last year, I left it too long before planting it and it died, bad Mummy. She also got 3 free bunches of daffodils as it was in a layby local to us and towards the end of the day, She was so pleased and they are sitting on her desk in a jar.

5. My braces have been cutting into my mouth all weekend and every morning I wake up I pop my cheeks off the wires, ouch indeed. It’s crazy how I can go weeks without any pain then wake up one morning covered in sores and lumps before it all disappears again about a week or two later.

6. My Mum travelled to see my brother in Japan yesterday. He is there for a year at uni as he is studying Japanese. The only reason I know she went yesterday was because of Facebook. We haven’t spoken in months and haven’t text in weeks and even when we did she never mentioned she was going I found out from family. This is just the way things are with my Mum, I haven’t seen her since Christmas and I only live an hour away. It’s something that bothers me deep down but mostly I try to forget about it. I just know when T is older I will be on the phone all the time and will never go months without seeing her of my own choosing.

7. Yesterday we spent a couple of hours with my best friend and her partner at a bar we haven’t been to before. It was really nice just chatting and catching up because we don’t see the both of them that much since they live an hour away and both lead really busy lives.

Apart from a minor meltdown on the way to the bar because I knew one way to go and was happy to drive because I knew the way then Scott suddenly telling me to go a different way- I am not a confident driver and if I don’t know the way I generally don’t drive somewhere. I also don’t deal with change well at all, if things aren’t planned to perfection I get panicky and last minute changes really stress me out. Anyway we sorted it out and got there fine and had a really nice time.

8. I was really happy Scott’s son took the time to message him and post a picture of them both as he is on holiday with his girlfriend at the moment and is your typical 18 year old with keeping in touch usually. Scott was thrilled and it meant a lot.

9. Yesterday marked the start of our week off as a family. Ok we only spent a couple of hours together just us three but the main thing was Scott had a great day. Now I’m looking forward to having a week where we actually spend some time together. It’s been tough on us over the last couple of weeks with Scott working every day of the Easter bank holidays and I worked his day off in the week this week as extra. It’s ok to say it was worth the money which it was but it always takes it’s toll on us and really towards the end of a period like this we end up distant and unappreciating of each other. Anyway we have recognised this and it’s clear this week could not have come at a better time. T has been all over Scott the last day or so having hardly seen him so it’s clear she is going to enjoy this week just as much as us.

Anyway guys thanks for reading all that and I hope you had a great weekend!

Lou x