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Workout update and our new Hyggekrog!

The start of this month saw a new workout routine for T and me. We both felt a little unfit after Christmas and T had started to get a little hung up on her tummy area so I knew as a Mummy it was my job to make her feel better. 

We started our workout jar on the 4th January and have now done 7 workouts together! T is really enjoying getting active with me and looks forward to picking the excercises for the evening and even really puts effort into them! 

She was infact enjoying it so much we decided to get her her own little kettle bell and she was so happy! 

We seem to have got into a little routine with the evening so she knows when we are going to do the workout and how long for, being a creature of habit like me she loves a plan! From the first day when she didn’t know what a burpee was and got upset she couldn’t do them to earlier when she shouted ‘yes!’ When burpees came out of the jar and did them double time I’m just amazed! 

Don’t get me wrong I’m not pushing myself to my full potential with 3 sets of 4 excercises but I can feel it the next day and it’s not about me. This is about getting T to feel more positive about herself and the more we do the more she will be able to do and still enjoy it. In my mind there is no point in pushing her to do 5 or 6 sets when by set 5 she isn’t enjoying it and ends up resenting the sessions, It’s needs to be a gradual thing. 

We have also started chocolate days again, we have chocolate two days a week and this week its today and Saturday. All the selection box chocolates are now away in tubs in the cupboard and we have great fun choosing what to eat on chocolate days ๐Ÿ˜Š Today T had some of her chocolate reindeer and an after eight mint from the reading nook, I will come onto that in a minute. 

Our packed lunches have seen a turnaround from Christmas too when they mostly consisted of cheese and buffet food! Our favourite lunches have to be these wraps at the moment. We stuff them full of ham or chicken then lots of salad and have them with chopped peppers on the side and fruit, they smell so good we just open the packet and want to eat them! 

Last week I followed a Jamie Oliver recipe too and made us jar salads for lunch. Oh my word they were so good and super easy! The wholewheat pasta with a little tomato,basil, chilli and lemon juice whizzed up and spooned over really complimented the rocket and tuna and the wedge of lemon to squeeze over at lunch time really made it! Well worth a try if you are looking for a quick and healthy lunch! 

So onto our reading nook, in my post about Hygge I mentioned creating an area that was great to relax and unwind in. Somewhere we could go and relax while reading a few pages of a good book and watching the world go by. Well I didn’t waste any time and using what we had around the house and shed I created our reading nook! 

It has been a big hit with T who has been in it every day since I made it! She will sit there while I’m cooking dinner all cosy under the blanket and read one of her new books and at the weekend she even had lunch there! 

One of the perks is when it’s chocolate day and you read in the nook you can have a chocolate from the box, I feel somewhat like Miss Honey from Matilda but hey! We love our little calm space so I’m pleased I made our little Hyggekrog and can hopefully add to it over time. 

Thanks for reading!

Lou x

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Just a little birthday trip to London!

So for T’s birthday present we decided to take her to London. We went just the two of us last year to see Matilda and we had a great time so we decided to do the same this year. All our family give her spending money for her birthday with it being so close to Christmas she never needs anything so she takes it to London. 

This year Scott came too and we decided to visit the science museum. It really was fantastic, there is so much to see and do and T was in awe of the huge rockets suspended from the ceiling at the entrance to the space zone! 

We looked at everything from how energy is made to the first airplanes and trains.

It really was so interesting looking at all the different levels and T even got excited about how many materials we use in the home when she saw this massive piece of artwork! 

I can’t recommend it enough for FREE And something really different to do for a few hours, we even took our own lunch and ate it there! Of course we spent a little time in the souvenir shop afterwards but I was even impressed with how reasonable that was when T only spent  ยฃ4 on 2 items!

Our next stop was the London Eye! We did have to queue for this but it moved really quickly and it was nowhere near as busy as it can be. It was T’s first time on the Eye and she loved it! She took lots of photos on her new camera and enjoyed going so high up! 

From here we went to Hamleys toy store. This has been a favourite place of T’s since we first visited last year and Scott had never experienced it before so we had to go. It is honestly like another world in there, it’s like a cross with a bustling London market with stall traders all competing to sell their wares and the biggest most wonderful toy store you have ever been in! Of the 7 floors we spent the longest on the Build a bear level as T decided she wanted to make her own bear.

It really is such a cute process, You chose your bear then a sound for inside, name it, stuff it and put a little heart inside then it’s off to the outfit section before finally creating a birth certificate and buying a little travel bag for your new companion!

The rest of the shop really is worth a look even if you aren’t buying just to see the giant Lego structures and of course the star wars floor ๐Ÿ˜‚

Carl the camel will set you back a cool ยฃ1500!
From here we popped into Choccywoccydodah, a quirky little chocolate shop and cafe that I visited for my birthday in November and T really wanted to see.

This is something I spotted on the underground which really made me smile and our day ended up living up to.

The final place T wanted to go was Platform 9 3/4 so we went and the queue was crazy! There was no way we were going to make it to the front before our train came so I had a word with a lad who worked there and said we were there for T’s 8th Birthday is there any way we could get a bit closer as she would be so sad if we didn’t get a photo. He came back and whisked us away into the Harry Potter shop right to the front of the queue and announced to the photographer that she was a VIP and should go next! 

We couldn’t believe our luck and it made T’s day ๐Ÿ˜Š

And so our happy little Gryffindor caught the train home with two exhausted parents after a wonderful day in London ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Today my baby girl turns 8

Today my baby girl turns 8!  8 years ago today I saw those big eyes looking up at me for the first time and I have been completely in love with them ever since. Somehow my squishy faced chubby cheeked little baby is growing into a funny, clever, loving, thoughtful and determined little lady. I love every minute I get to spend with this beautiful little human whether we are watching dvds, spending time as a family, walking Poppy, creating arts and craft projects, baking or just tidying up! Somehow this little human loves routine, planning and order as much as me and enjoys nothing more than a good sort out of a cupboard! Her determination and perseverance to do well in her school work and hobbies is something I am so proud of and the good friend she is turning out to be is the reason she is loved by many not just her family. 
All this said her cheeky comments and fun sense of humour keeps us on our toes daily and as much as we sometimes have to keep her in check we would be lost without her making us laugh all the time.

Happy birthday baby girl, we hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy your trip to London at the weekend, we can’t wait to take you!

All our love

Mummy & Scott

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Happy New year,so the festive season is over!

Happy New year to you all! It’s sad to think that in a couple of days it will be back to normal, back to routine, school runs, dog walking, chores and general adulting! 
It’s been a wonderful festive period in our house, we had a great Christmas day at home starting at 6am when the little person ran in excited that the big man had been! What followed was a couple of days of presents, followed by food and repeat! We really did have a great time and as always T had the best of both worlds with her time split between home and her Dad’s. It’s not always easy to let her go this time of year but I have to remember she deserves her time there just as much as here and so does he.

Here are just a few of my favourite pictures.

Christmas was quickly followed by T’s birthday  party, those of you that follow my posts will know I’ve been planning this for some time and I’m pleased to say it all went without a hitch! It was a Charlie and the chocolate factory themed party with myself as an oompa loompa and T’s Godmother as Voilet! We played burst the balloons on violet to find the golden ticket, make your own sweet necklace, pass the parcel, sort the good nuts from the bad, the balloon game, along with a Willy Wonka wordsearch, musical statues and eating doughnuts with no hands! It was a fab party and I’m so pleased we pulled it off. 

This New Years Eve was to be the first one we didn’t have T home since we have been together so we decided to make the most of it and went out. We went to a pub/restaurant not far from us and had a beautiful meal and drinks followed by a disco and the customary linking of arms with complete strangers at midnight ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿฅ‚

I’d just like to wish you all a wonderful 2018, I hope you all continue to have lots of adventures whether big or small, enjoy time with your families, learn valuable life lessons and make many happy memories and keep blogging about it all!

Happy New year and Thank you for your support in 2017,

Lou x

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Christmas Eve Eve and one crazy week!

So it’s Christmas Eve eve and we have made it through this mad week! T finished school Tuesday and had a sleepover at her friends house until Wednesday. They had a really fun day all day Wednesday making Christmas crafts and playing at an indoor play. 
I finished work Wednesday after a really funny secret Santa and Christmas buffet where I must have eaten my own body weight in sugary foods! (Cue workouts beginning again soon)  I left work with a chalk board mug and gave out a novelty apron of a speedo clad man to a friend which they didn’t take off all day ๐Ÿ˜‚

Thursday was all great, me and T had done the Christmas food shopping and had a friend round for coffee, presents and mince pies with their two children. We had a great afternoon catching up and entertaining little Kaleb who is into everything! 

The evening was not so great. T is very funny about blood, injections and anything else like that. When she had her booster injection before starting school she fainted and had to be laid down in the nurses room for a little while, when her first few teeth came out she would almost faint with the blood and when she saw me have a blood test when I was in hospital last year she nearly fainted. This is said it’s been over a year since anything like this happened so I thought we were over it. Then Thursday evening she comes to me with a little cut on her finger, I go to get a plaster and by the time I come back she is hyperventilating, I try to calm her down but she goes pale and collapses on me in the kitchen. She is only out a couple of seconds but it’s the most scary thing seeing your childs eyes roll and watching them struggle not to choke on their tongue. So she came round and we got up off the kitchen floor and moved to the sofa where she fainted again and then was sick. After this it was like she was back in the room suddenly she was with it and everything was fine. Poor T had a bad headache and was very tired for the rest of the evening falling asleep on me watching The Grinch, something she’s not done in a long time. 

I now know I shouldn’t have moved her from the kitchen floor so quickly after she fainted the first time so this is probably why she went again. I just thought get off the floor and away from the bin she had knocked over but moving too quickly can cause fainting again I now know.

It’s clear she has no control over this and no amount of me saying ‘You’re ok, come on, you’re alright’ will help once she is like this I just need to try and find out the best thing to do when it happens.

Yesterday she woke up much better, she was just hungry! ๐Ÿ˜Š She spent the day with her Dad and we met again at her last riding lesson of the year where she tried really hard even though she was on her own! Today I can’t wait to get her back home because then I know she is home for Christmas. One more person and our little family will all be here- Scott is on 12 hour days until tomorrow when he gets home at 
6 for Christmas!

I’d just like to say thank you to each and every one of you for reading this year, I appreciate every comment, like and view of my posts and really enjoy reading yours. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year and heres to lots more blogging next year!
Lou x 

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Christmas Update!

So I’ve been a little quiet but it’s been all go around here full of Christmas activities, catch ups and just generally getting ready for the big day! 

Here’s a little update on what I’ve been up to;

Christmas date night- this time of year gets a little crazy with friends, family and Scott’s work being really full on so I decided a month or so ago we needed to make time for ourselves just to save the Christmas stress from getting too much. With a meal in and some Bailey’s hot chocolates along with the film Collateral Beauty we had a really relaxing evening by the fire. 

Christmas jumper day at school- T had her Christmas dinner and was able to wear her Christmas jumper in, she loves this year’s jumper and I’m sure you can see why!

Thursday was the last ballet lesson before Christmas so we decided to jazz up the ballet bun a little with some Christmas hair accessories!

Friday was a day for cake! Firstly Scott and I took advantage of a couple of hours before he left for work and grabbed a Christmas coffee at Starbucks with a glittery Christmas tree brownie on the side.

Then it was time for a catch up with two friends with tea, Christmas jumpers and mince pies! 

The evening saw a Christmas carol concert from T’s school choir at a local farm, although very cold it was so lovely to see them singing all the songs they had been practising ๐Ÿ˜Š I was very proud of T and the effort she put in, you could see she was really enjoying herself.

When we got home I got a little creative with my advent candle and made us a little table display. I’m planning to add some holly to it in a couple of days but for now I think it looks great.

Today was our first family get together this Christmas, we travelled to my Mums as a few weeks back she unfortunately broke her ankle and so has been unable to drive! With presents, food and a walk for my Mums dog Xena it was a lovely few hours. 

This week promises to be just as busy with T finishing school and me work and a few more catch ups scheduled along with wrapping the final few presents ready for a nice relaxing weekend before the madness starts ๐Ÿ˜Š

Have a great week and thanks for reading 

Lou x

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Week one of Christmas!

This week has been full of Christmas feeling, We have our trees up, we have one in the living room and T has hers in her playroom, and for the first time ever we have lights on the front of our house and a wreath on our door! Yep we are in full on Christmas mode! The morning routine now consists of turning off the outside lights that have been twinkling all night and opening the advent calendars!

We had our first fire of this Winter on Sunday and it was good! Until you have one you forget how good the crackle sounds and how the smell of the logs just reminds you of Winter nights in. Poppy particularly enjoyed this fire sleeping in her bed in front of it for some time!

This girl loves her cuddly reindeer and will sleep with him all through December!

Yesterday we went for the annual trip to see the Christmas lights in town with my best friend. We have done this every year since T was small and it’s always a lovely experience. We take in the lovely decorations inside and then always take a few pictures with the tree in town square.
This year we also handed in our gift to the gift tree so a little girl who might not get a Christmas present due to her family struggling to make ends meet will have present to open Christmas morning. We chose a few things to buy for this which she will hopefully like and enjoy doing. When we handed the gift in the lady at the desk told T she was very kind which made our day and we felt so proud we had made a difference.


Today was Christmas craft day! After helping out with the school Christmas sale and taking T to riding we had a girls evening in and made Christmas cards with ideas from Pinterest and baked Christmas cookies, something we have done since she was small. It was an exhausting but fun day and I loved spending so much time with her doing different things. Now we are both crashed exhausted ready for a weekend of wrapping presents and seeing friends!

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What Christmas Means To Me

Cosy evenings in– full on pjs on, open fire, hot chocolate, candles lit and cuddles in front of the Christmas lights.

Christmas activities with the little one
– anything from Christmas cookies to cards, seeing Father Christmas and the Christmas lights in town, anything with the C word at the start of it we will give a go!

Singing Christmas songs at the top of my voice, badly
– I will sing along to most songs when in my car but as soon as 1st December comes around my play list is nothing but Bublรจ, Nat King Cole and Slade and I will sing to these every opportunity I get, including Christmas morning while the dinner is cooking! 
Family gatherings– bring your earplugs because when the women im my family get together we get louder and louder the more presents we open the louder we get and that’s even before the prosecco starts! It’s not often we are all in the same room together so when it happens it’s nothing but loud, crazy chaos but it’s my family and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Making people smile
– giving presents to people I love makes me smile, no matter how tight things are for a few months after Christmas I will always make sure my loved ones know they are loved on Christmas morning. Whether it costs a little or a lot if you mean something to me you will have a gift at Christmas.

Time off work
– being only part time I don’t work as many hours as most but I always book my Christmas off as early as I can. It’s so important to me to be at home with my T as much as possible while she is small because these are the years she will remember and I want her to look back and just remember me being there.

Taking another chocolate from the box and not worrying one iota about it
– Christmas is a time for eating good food, cheese with crackers and chutney, chocolates, biscuits, nibbles and buffet food. Don’t get me wrong we do eat fruit too but no one can deny good food tastes better at Christmas and this is not a time to count calories!

New board games to play
– we love board games in our house but it’s always fun when new ones are thrown into the mix, there are usually tears or strops followed by me pacifying T while she learns the ropes but it’s all good fun!

Silly hats and bad jokes
– who doesn’t love Christmas crackers! They have been around since day dot and never seem to get any better no matter how much you spend on them but that doesn’t stop every table having some on at Christmas and everyone putting on ‘that hat’ to eat their dinner while making the rest of the table groan at yet another snowman joke!

That magic moment when Santa has been
– there are no words to describe the excitement when T realises he’s not only been and loaded her stocking again but it’s all the things she asked for! I live for this moment and I think I will actually cry when the magic is no more!

Making memories with my little family-
giggles, movies, excitement, happy times, smiles, fun and love. Christmas is all of these and more!

Merry Christmas to all of my 100 followers, thank you for following!

Lou xx

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Our trip to Father Christmas and our gift back.

You might think it’s a little early to visit a grotto yet but unfortunately with my husband’s work we don’t get a lot of free time together in December so we have to make the most of the time we do get as a family. 
We have been to the same Winter Wonderland every year since T was tiny and it’s perfect. There are moving and talking displays, singing reindeer, a ride, a wishing Well, flying reindeer aswell as real reindeer and the all important REAL Father Christmas ๐Ÿ˜Š

So it’s easy to see why T was counting down the days until we could go and ran home from school to get changed, grab her letter to Santa and the carrots for the reindeer and off we went! It was fantastic as always. Father Christmas had a real laugh and joke with T this year and as usual took the Christmas list and read it with interest, I can safely say the magic is still alive for another year! 

So something we are have decided to do this year is the Gift Tree in our local shopping centre. This tree is full of gift tags each with a child’s name and age on. These children will not receive Christmas presents as their family cannot afford to buy them so the idea is you take a tag and buy a present for them to open on Christmas day.

We picked a girl called Hayley aged 8 and T is really excited to buy her a present and drop it off back at the shopping centre soon. I think it’s a great idea to show T that not everyone is as lucky as her and how giving to others who aren’t as fortunate can make you feel just as good as if you were to receive a present yourself.

Today has finished off with the school Christmas fair which is always chaos but really fun at the same time! T had a friend round for tea so I herded them both round the packed school corridors until they had spent all their money and won lots of prizes to take home. Even though it was busier than a London tube station at rush hour we weren’t there too long and all enjoyed ourselves, I even won a bottle of wine so I can’t complain! The girls have been playing and giggling ever since we got home which is really great to hear. Not long until they both get picked up which just leaves me to pop on some Buble, pour a glass of wine and put the Christmas tree up! ๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ
Happy 1st of December everyone!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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Sleepovers for beginners – age 7

So having a girl it was inevitable that one day she would start to want friends over to sleep because the standard two hour playdate/coffee date would no longer be enough. Now I’ve had a few of these I feel I’m ready to share my knowledge of how these things roll with rookie sleepover parents! 

  1. Sleepover- Do NOT be fooled by this word- sleep will be minimal, for everyone.
  2. Excitement is the word of the evening/night/morning. This will be the state of mind at all times and will change normally calm children into balls of bouncing energy with a never ending battery life! 
  3. There is never enough time to do everything on the sleepover, I’m sorry kids but unless we stay up until 2am there is no way we will be able to fit in all your activities! 
  4. It will take at least 30 minutes to get ready for bed. By this I mean change into pjs, clean teeth and wash faces- 30 minutes people!
  5. Don’t be fooled by the fact the little people are ready for bed for it will take upto another hour for them to actually be asleep! During this time be prepared to tuck their cute faces in all snug and say goodnight, only for them to have multiple trips to the toilet, bed swaps, secret talks and anything else they can think of rather than go to sleep! 
  6. No matter what time they get to sleep- in my case only half an hour before I went to bed, yes they are 7- they will still wake up long before the sun the next day full of the joys of spring! 
  7. If you are lucky they will entertain themselves for an hour before the requests for help with activities start again! 

All this said I love that T has friends she can have sleep over because it is the closest she will ever get to having a sister and is the longest she has a play mate for other than in school. Also nowadays leaving them to get on with it and not getting too involved in any disputes encourages them to resolve their own issues which is good for them. 

So to close sleepovers are a necessary thing especially when you have an only child and now I’ve only managed 7 bullet points, who knows how many there will be once mobile phones and boys become involved! Hey it may be testing at times but that’s parenting so here’s to the next 10 years of sleepovers! ๐Ÿ˜‚ Wish me luck!!