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Being outside of your comfort zone

Every day we all have to do things that take us outside of our comfort zone, whether it's present in a meeting full of people who could potentially decide if you stay in your job role or something much more mundane like pull out of a busy junction at rush hour. The fact is no… Continue reading Being outside of your comfort zone

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Always over thinking

I've been wanting to write about this for some time but haven't had the time to do it properly. This is a post about me admitting I over think, I don't know if you would call it anxiety, certainly years ago it was never called that but these days that's what everyone seems to name… Continue reading Always over thinking

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Wish that I took more photographs of us

This week Professor Green released his new single Photographs. I've always loved his raw and emotional lyrics and this song in particular has really hit home. It's about family we don't have here any more, his father died a few years ago and he has always struggled to come to terms with his death. For… Continue reading Wish that I took more photographs of us

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I am not superhuman

I am naturally a very busy person, I plan, prep, clean, cook, walk, run, sing, work and parent every week and try to do everything I do to the fullest. Our house is always clean, the clothes are always washed, the dog gets walked regularly and I support T and Scott in their hobbies where… Continue reading I am not superhuman

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Why I love an anniversary

Anniversaries for me are a time to reflect, to take stock of what has passed and what is to come. To remember the good times and the memories we have made, to wonder what is to come, and hope for for more of the same. Anniversaries are like Christmas before Christmas day, reflecting on what… Continue reading Why I love an anniversary

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Burghley horse trials- our third year!

Today we visited Burghley Horse Trials for the 3rd year in a row. We love this place, T has ridden since she was 5, she is now coming up for 9, and so is in heaven with the shops and horses everywhere. As for the adults we love watching the show jumping, treating T to… Continue reading Burghley horse trials- our third year!

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Letter to my daughter at the end of the school year

Dear T, From starting as a year 3 last year and your first excited day of being in key stage 2 you have loved year 3. You have taken on challenges that daunted you until now, worked harder than ever before and remained a great friend to everyone you know. Now the school year is… Continue reading Letter to my daughter at the end of the school year