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40 Random Acts of Kindness complete!

Wow we have finished 40 Random Acts of Kindness of kindness for lent! We did it and I’m so pleased we did. It really has given us such a great feeling leaving random gifts around and passing on kindness to people that deserve it. T has spent time and effort completing each little act knowing she isn’t going to get anything out of it herself and it hasn’t bothered her. Now we have done this I don’t see why every now and then we can’t just do something nice randomly, kindness doesn’t have to cost anything and I really hope our 40 acts have made a difference in a small way in our little part of the world.

Here are our final 4!

37. Help others have a positive year– I left this little diary in a bathroom some where and hope it made someone smile when they found it. Every month has a new inspiring quote inside, I wanted to keep it so much but already have a diary and thought it could really make someone happy so I parted with it.

38. Buy someone their favourite thing– I gave my best friend this packet of wasabi peas, yuk, but she immediately opened them and started eating! Job done!

39. Let someone know they are appreciated– I left this little box in a bathroom cubicle, it contained a really cute little moisturiser and I hope someone found it and took it home.

40. Leave a rainbow to brighten people’s day! This we made this afternoon and took to our local country park to stick on a notice board there. I think the rainbows turned out great and hopefully they get taken away and make people smile!

Now to look forward to our Easter break and feeling great about all the little things we have done over the last 40 days! 😁

Spread some kindness if you can, it might make someone’s day!

Lou x

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What Sundays are all about

This has been a cosy weekend of fires, hot chocolates, biscuits, catch ups and getting organised. Having some time to myself today I woke up with a positive outlook on the day I was going to get things accomplished so when everyone gets home we can just have fun. Well it’s not long until this house will be full again and I’m sitting here in front of my fire relaxing in my new socks having cuddles with our bundle of fluff. With dinner soon in the oven this is what grey winter Sundays are meant for.

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Precious pumpkin memories

Today has been filled with the joys of pumpkin picking! 🎃  now our house is filled with all sorts of squashes, pumpkins, gourds and is looking beautifully autumnal I’m sitting with a mug of tea feeling happy with our achievements today. We didn’t do much in the way of  chores and the DIY didn’t get done but we made the little one smile, lots, and that is far more important. I had my hair put in 4 different plaits, we walked the puppy, picked pumpkins and she had a great riding lesson this morning. Sometimes we just have to prioritise, so guess who will be catching up on the chores all week while munchkin is away for half term? 😉 sacrifices worth making when I see that smile.20161023_141730