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My weekly favourites

Hi guys,

I’m starting a new series as I have a lot of things I want to share with you every week and no time to write at the minute! This way I hope you can be inspired by recipes, workouts or just enjoy reading what I’ve been upto!

So my weekly favourites this week are:

Food & Drink

Overnight oats with Apple and cinnamon! My new favourite recipe, here is what I used and below a picture of how they turned out, they were so good!

Chocolate and banana protein pancakes! These I made using;

1 egg

1 banana

1 scoop of chocolate protein powder

Half a teaspoon of cacao

1 tablespoon of oats

All this in the blender makes enough for two small pancakes, serve with Greek yoghurt and fruit. So glad I finally tried these and can’t wait to make them again in the morning!


Yesterday I did a new kettlebell workout and it felt great to try some different excercises and was a really great workout.

Later on in the day I also did this legs, bums and tums workout which I really felt this morning! From such a short workout I was really pleased to feel such good results.

T Moments

This week there have been a few, we had sports day Wednesday 😁

Shopping for new trainers and sportswear Thursday evening,

And today was the 40th birthday celebration show at T’s dance school. She works so hard every week to learn the dance for this and I was so proud of her up there, with a massive smile through her whole group ballet performance she really loved every minute of it. My cousin Alice also performed her first time on poinnte! I was so proud of her along with Scott’s neice Amber who also performed! It was such a wonderful day 😊

Alice and T

I have to share the show hair which took about half an hour to perfect thanks to hot frizzy hair!

So happy it was finally done!


This morning after a tough 30 minute full body weighted workout I took Poppy for a leisurely stroll around the lake and sat at this point for a while drinking my shake and enjoying the sunshine. It was only 3 miles but it was really peaceful and not too hot.

Tomorrow we have a family bbq on the other side of this lake!

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend,

Thanks for reading,

Lou x

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Mrs M is back!

Hi guys! I’m back from a wonderful week away feeling refreshed and ready to write! Well truthfully at the minute I have holiday blues big style and am tired from my first day back at work today but I have lots to write about that’s for sure! I just need a couple of days to get back into routine and I will have a few posts coming up for you.

These are some of the things I will be writing about;

Holiday to Nissi Beach, Cyprus

Are I Pads replacing our parenting skills?

Aiya Napa Monastery

How to beat the holiday blues

My fitness goals for the rest of the month and beyond

And that is just for starters 😁

I’m going to try and catch up on as many blogs as I can and will look forward to reading what you have all been upto, meanwhile here are a few pictures from our week away!

Thank you for sticking with me through my week long hiatus!

Lou x

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7 things that made me happy week 13

1. New wellies day! During the winter I live in my wellies, to walk our dog in, to go to the stables to take T riding in, even just to do the school run in when it’s rain and snow. My lovely wellies have been through a lot with me, and it showed! Over the last couple of months more and more holes have developed until Scott could take my complaining no more and used a recent sale to buy me some more! Now we have the hottest day of the year so far I’m really pleased I have new wellies πŸ˜‚

2. Date night! Wedsnesday evening was lovely and after a healthy dinner of grilled chicken and rice we walked to the local pub and had a drink next to the golf course. I’ve missed sitting in a beer garden relaxing in the sun and am so happy these days may be coming back!

3. Our Ed Sheeran tickets arrived!! 😁 You know when it gets close to a gig and you start to worry if your tickets will arrive ok? Well no more worrying for me because I think the neighbours in the next street now know they have arrived! Super super excited for this day to come around.

4. Warm weather! Our day off this week was a beauty! 24 degrees and wall to wall blue skies meant to was time to turn the heating off and dust off the shorts! β˜‰After spending the morning stocking up on suncream, school summer dresses and sunhats for T I mowed the lawn and cleaned the fire place out ready for Summer! We had lunch in the garden and it really felt like summer was on its way!

5. Our tree came into blossom. It’s always this time of year it really starts to feel like warmer weather is on its way when our tree blossoms. It just makes our garden look so pretty and I love the couple of weeks we get of it.

6. We had our first dinner in the garden! It was so nice to eat outside again and we all really enjoyed it.

7. I had friends over for dinner! Friday I had three friends over for pizza and drinks and we had such a fun evening! It’s been ages since I had an evening like that where everyone turns up, everyone is in a great mood and everything just goes to plan! After a few people people letting me down at the last minute for a night out last year for a little celebration meal I had felt disheartened and haven’t really tried to arrange much with more than 1 or 2 people since. Last night reminded me why it is good to have friends and it really was good for my soul.

I hope you have all had a great week and I would love to hear what you have got upto that made you happy!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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40 Random Acts of Kindness complete!

Wow we have finished 40 Random Acts of Kindness of kindness for lent! We did it and I’m so pleased we did. It really has given us such a great feeling leaving random gifts around and passing on kindness to people that deserve it. T has spent time and effort completing each little act knowing she isn’t going to get anything out of it herself and it hasn’t bothered her. Now we have done this I don’t see why every now and then we can’t just do something nice randomly, kindness doesn’t have to cost anything and I really hope our 40 acts have made a difference in a small way in our little part of the world.

Here are our final 4!

37. Help others have a positive year– I left this little diary in a bathroom some where and hope it made someone smile when they found it. Every month has a new inspiring quote inside, I wanted to keep it so much but already have a diary and thought it could really make someone happy so I parted with it.

38. Buy someone their favourite thing– I gave my best friend this packet of wasabi peas, yuk, but she immediately opened them and started eating! Job done!

39. Let someone know they are appreciated– I left this little box in a bathroom cubicle, it contained a really cute little moisturiser and I hope someone found it and took it home.

40. Leave a rainbow to brighten people’s day! This we made this afternoon and took to our local country park to stick on a notice board there. I think the rainbows turned out great and hopefully they get taken away and make people smile!

Now to look forward to our Easter break and feeling great about all the little things we have done over the last 40 days! 😁

Spread some kindness if you can, it might make someone’s day!

Lou x

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The time has finally come after months of planning, excitement and waiting it’s that precious, wonderful time we call holiday! 

To me holiday means:

Hours of playing in the pool 

The excitement of exploring your destination 

Staying up late, no matter how little you are!

Dressing for the beach in the day and dressing up at night 

Trying the biggest ice cream you can, just because you can

Always finding out a little bit of history, still a history geek!

Trying all the cocktails on the menu, well it would be rude not to right?

Eating far more for breakfast than you would ever eat for lunch at home

Playing games by the pool, in the evening before the show starts, on the plane, in the airport…. tv? What is that?

Only having Wi-Fi once a day in reception or your room and not really caring!

Eating your body weight in food because after all it’s free! 

Dancing your self silly at a kids disco because you actually enjoy the music and the dance moves just as much as the little person!

Teaching the little person just a tiny amount of the local language but enough to make them feel proud 

Spending a whole week actually together, no interupptions, tiredness from work, no homework, routine or housework, just being a family and loving every minute of it!

Our last family holiday abroad 2 years ago

See you in a week guys!  πŸ˜

Lou xx

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And our garden is complete!

Three weeks ago Scott and I decided we wanted an arbour seat for our garden. Off we set to the garden centre to see how much it would set us back. We quickly left again once we realised we didn’t have a spare  Β£350 to spend and Scott came up with the grand idea of building one with his Dad! 

Three weeks later and every day off spent at his Dad’s and here it is at a fraction of the cost! To say I’m happy with it is an understatement! It’s like it should have always been there, it’s just perfect for the space we had and we all love sitting in it.

I love watching T sit in the seat in the mornings before school with Poppy and coffee there in the sunshine is just perfect 😊

So today I finally went and bought some plants to brighten up my garden, I love this time of year and getting pretty flowers out in the garden makes me happy so I am pretty pleased with what I achieved today.

Now after 2 and a half hours our side fence is also completely painted! It’s amazing what a lick of paint will do to a garden, yes it was a lot of work climbing round the bushes but it looks so much better now and really sets off the colours in the post I think. Another job done now time to sit and enjoy our pretty space! 

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17.23 miles in a week of beautiful walks

I would never have believed you if you had told me I could walk over 17 miles in a week and actually enjoy it! It sounds so far but it was helped by the bank holiday meaning we could walk 3.6 miles stopping for a drink on the way and the mornings without T meaning I could do 1 mile before work with Poppy. The lovely sunny evenings have also contributed massively as there is no way we would have walked 2 miles Wednesday evening before going out to our friends house if it was raining! As the sun continued Thursday it meant we could try a new route with Poppy, well i’ll be honest I was attempting a route we took at walking group a few weeks ago but I ended up going slightly wrong and we discovered Bluebell woods!

It really was a beautiful little walk and at 3.5 miles it is definitely somewhere we will go again, although hopefully next time Poppy wont end up so dirty!

Friday I walked with my walking group and with a record 23 of us this week they decided to just do a loop and walk back to our starting point instead of stopping half way for a rest. It was again a walk I hadn’t done before and I ended up chatting to quite a few people I hadn’t spoken to before also which was really nice. Another over 3 miles down.

Today I had my girl back so after a Mother/Daughter shopping trip to spend her hard earned pocket money on some new clothes for summer and stopping for a Costa as a treat we decided to take Poppy out for a little walk. T took her bike which meant I was able to get her much further than if she had walked, we explored our local woods much further than she has ever been before going down steps, up hills and along a river and finally coming out at the next village along Alwalton. We completed our loop home and brought in a 2.8 mile walk!

All this coupled with some little walks with Poppy has taken me over the 17 mile mark, I know this is in a whole week but from walking 2 maybe 3 miles a week with Poppy this is a huge jump and something I feel pretty proud of! Next week school and work return in full so there is no way I will be able to keep this mileage up but I intend to get miles in where I can and carry on upping my fitness ready for our summer trip to the Peak District.

Have a great week everyone!Β 

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7 mile Sunday and one great weekend

Today has been a beautiful day! The sun is shining and our beautiful blossom tree looks like it has pink marshmallows hanging from its branches. Not that we have had much time to appreciate it today as we decided to take a walk today and make the most of this beautiful weather. 

We walked from our house through Ferry Meadows country park and along the Nene Valley railway line to Orton Mere and finished up walking the length of the rowing lake and stopping for lunch at a lovely pub called the Boathouse. 

After we had time to refuel and get Poppy a drink we walked back a slightly different way which was still just as peaceful as we walked past the golf course and through the Ferry Meadows steam railway station until we finally made it home nearly 7 miles later! It really was so nice to just be out walking and taking in the sunshine, making the most of our Sunday together. 
Yesterday was Scott’s birthday so Friday we travelled to the coast to stay with my Nan. Once we had tired the doggies out we took a trip into town and spent some 2 p’s on the machines on the seafront. T loves winning the teeny toys that eventually fall out and we had great fun walking along the pier and playing games to win her more prizes for her haul! 

Yesterday we went for a Captians breakfast at a cafe we have been visiting for years on the seafront, this was a birthday treat for Scott and I think he enjoyed it, although he did wish he was taking part in the park run we were watching from the cafe! 

After another long walk with the dogs

and surprising Scott with his birthday cake we headed home and got ready for our evening out. It’s rare we get out for dinner together and even rarer that one of us doesn’t have to drive so we really did make the most of our evening with dinner at Prezzo and cocktails after including a cherry bakewell and an espresso martini! It was such a great day and night and I think we certainly made the most of the birthday celebrations. 

Im just impressed we went out for dinner, drinks and dancing and still walked 7 miles the next day! Peak District/ Lake District training is well and truly on πŸ˜‰

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Sunny SaturdayΒ 

So today I walked Poppy for over an hour round where we live. I walked a route round a beautiful area with pretty thatched cottages and huge set back homes with long driveways and expensive cars. It’s a beautiful area to walk round and in the sunshine especially. The way home I took a route I haven’t walked in 16 years, my old walk home from the school bus! It was so nice to walk round it again and have the chance to be a bit nostalgic about it all. Many memories were made walking this route from sharing a walkman earphone with friends as we walked along to laughing and joking about what had just happened on the school bus. I think about my school friends often and am always sad I am no longer in touch with any of them. (I moved away with my family at 16 and then moved back again later on.) This is why my best friend means so much to me I think. We have been friends since I was 20, wow I feel so old, and like any friends we have had our ups and downs but we always come out stronger. This weekend I’m looking forward to having her and her partner round for Sunday dinner so have been busy cleaning out the fire so we can make the most of our new fire place while the evenings are cold. 

I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday in the sunshine too!