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Adult braces- elastics time!

Why was I suprised today when my lovely ortho decides to swap one torture instrument for another! A few weeks ago I had my metal bar removed from the top of my mouth because it had started to dig in causing a nice little hole in the roof of my mouth. This was great news and my mouth has felt free ever since. Apparently this is not great news and I still need torturing- I mean my teeth straightening, further, this time in the shape of elastics!

I thought I had escaped this joy but no, I now have to wear one on each side day and night. I’ve pretty much got the hang of putting them on already but I’m not looking forward to removing them every time I have to eat and clean my teeth and changing them every morning.

Apparently I will always need my trusty bag of elastics wherever I go as they can snap frequently and I should never go very long without them in or my teeth could move back. (They love to scare you in that place!)

It turns out you can’t really see the elastics much as they are right at the sides of my mouth so that’s a bonus, it just feels weird having them in at the moment.

Asking about time scale, it will be 2 years at Christmas since I got my braces on, she ummed and ahhed about Christmas but doesn’t think it will be much longer after as all we are doing is closing gaps now. This is good news as I can finally see an end in sight.

Here we are, my latest pictures!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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Adult Braces 11 months in

Today was my 8 week orthodontist appointment and I was quite looking forward to this one! (I had obviously gone too long between appointments, who looks forward to that chair?!) The reason I was looking forward to it was because my last remaining tooth had moved into the space made for it and was today being attached to the wire. When I look back at my day 1 photo 11 months ago it’s so hard to believe how many different directions my teeth faced in, some were infront some behind and all different lengths and angles. Now my top teeth are almost all forward facing and with this last tooth being brought forward my bottom teeth will be too.
But obviously this movement comes at a price and today the instrument of torture was a chain across my top 4 teeth to bring them back into my gaps. The chain is clear so it’s only slightly visible when you get close and most people won’t even notice it’s there I doubt. Once this moves my teeth into the gaps where my extractions were there will be small gaps at the front which my orthodontist will then work on closing.

On the bottom I have a “piggyback” link which is pulling my one remaining tooth forward into line with all the others and once this happens she will work on getting them all the same height.

So with these new devices all fitted and my orthodontist very happy with my progress off I skipped to enjoy my day! Now I’m getting used to the pain part and know I’ve got a good few hours before it kicks in so I got as much done as I could possibly fit in before said pain hit. I even had a friend round with her boys who had a play with T and ate tea at ours. It was all going well until they left and then bamm it hit me like a freight train! Maybe it was because I stopped and actually started to notice it but wow notice it I did!!

Right now the pain is travelling down my jaw and up across my face. Moments like this it have to focus on how far I’ve come in the last 11 months, my top teeth look amazing and I’m actually smiling with my mouth open at times, a complete no no for years before this.

So here it is my 11 month progress picture!

Onwards and upwards with this process!

New glasses this week to complete the geek chic!
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Adult Braces- loose wire the update

So a couple of days ago I shared how I had a loose wire at the back of my mouth which kept coming out of place and digging into my cheek. Well after 2 days of being uncomfortable and struggling with it I booked an emergency appointment at the orthodontist. This was much easier than I anticipated and she was just happy to help get it fixed. She was so happy to help she actually did a full wire change and tighten! 

So really it was like a free appointment and I’m now moving along slightly quicker as a result! The downside is I am not used to going straight to work after an appointment and with the full afternoon training my mouth quickly became very sore. Wax was applied as soon as i got home but then as usual the pain started to travel down my jaw line on both sides of my mouth. This again was managed with pain relief and wasn’t too bad.

Until the standard morning after tightening waking up feeling like you have been hit by a bus. My whole face aches and now I have to go to work and take an important call from a new customer testing our system. Normally after an appointment I have a day off because there is no way I want to be in work like this so today will be a challenge.

I just have to keep in my mind how pleased with my progress my orthodontist was and this will be so worth it in the end,(while I eat soup and drink tea at work.) 

Have a good day guys I hope it’s better than mine!

Lou x

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Adult braces- 7 months in and a loose wire!

So I can’t believe it’s coming up to 7 months I’ve had these things fitted to my teeth now and it feels like I’ve never been without them! I’m pain free, I have a way of eating where I can mostly manage everything I want but I know what should and shouldn’t be eaten in public to avoid awkward food in brace situations and I’m even smiling in some photos with my braces out! 
So it was all going so well until a couple of days ago I felt a sharp pain while I was eating and realised a wire had come loose at the back of my mouth! It hasn’t broken and I can pop it back in with my finger but now it mostly does this every time I eat which is very annoying!
I’m going to see how long I can last without booking an emergency appointment at the orthodontist because that’s just a pain but it is so sharp on the end!
Has anyone else had this?

Overall I’ve seen so much movement in my teeth I’m so happy with the process especially the ones that have been fitted recently into the wire, I can’t believe that in just a month they are now almost aligned with the others!

The difference in my teeth so far is amazing and I’m so excited to see what they will look like once this is all over, hang on in there guys it’s worth it!

Before braces!
7 months in!

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Adult braces- the first tightening 

So today I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be until about an hour before the appointment, I guess I have being busy at work to thank for that. Sitting in the waiting room I saw the same nice dental nurse take a woman upstairs for her appointment that I had when I had my braces fitted. This calmed me slightly as she really couldn’t have been nicer at explaining the whole process to me when I was slightly emotional at my new look. 10 minutes later she came and collected me, Scott was with me today because he had a day off and plus he likes to see how it all works, I guess it’s interesting when it’s not happening to you 😉  After apologising for leaving in a bit of a state last time, which they were all so nice about, we got down to business. 

First some wires were cut off in little pieces and dropped on the tray and then the main wire came out on the top. As soon as she started attaching the new wire I could feel the tightening, I was immediately remembering the previous appointment and the pain that came after and just thought ‘oh god here we go again!” Each section was tightened and reattached to each individual bracket, cue repeating the process on the bottom teeth and we were done! 

Well I say done, as I sat up I asked if my lower front tooth was included in the braces wire this time as this is where I have to place wax every night to stop it cutting my mouth to pieces. (I’m not just talking a tiny cute little ball of wax either, no I look more like a rugby player with a gum shield on! Good job I’m already married because this process is not attractive at the best of times!) So my orthodontist stops the chair from moving up and tells me there is a rubber coating you can have fitted to the wire to stop it cutting your cheeks so much and that shouldn’t be happening so before I know it back down I go and on it pops! It really doesn’t look great but it’s only on a very small section at the bottom and I’m hoping next time I will be able to have it off.  That particular tooth can’t be included in the wires just yet as there isn’t a big enough space for it apparently. 

So now I’m home and I attempted some soft food, ran my tongue round the edge of my mouth and oww there is a sharp piece of wire right at the back of my mouth which cut my tongue! Out come the nail clippers and I try to cut it off but it’s not budging so I will just have to try and avoid it from now on! 

One thing I am pleased about is my white wire is back along the top ☺ with all the brushing the coating had come off to leave it silver but it looks so much nicer white so that makes me happy. Now I’m just waiting to see when this tender feeling will wear off whenever I bite down again. I’m currently cooking the most delicious looking chicken dinner so fingers crossed I can eat it ok!

Here is a progress picture from day 1 until today with my first tightening at almost 3 months in.

Thanks for reading I will keep you updated! 
Lou xx

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Beautiful with braces

So its been 4 weeks since I had this contraption fitted to my mouth! 4 weeks since I could bite down properly on food, smile without feeling self conscious and get through a day without a pain somewhere of some sort!
Every single day I’m finding foods still I can’t eat without it hurting my teeth, gums or lips and some foods I can eat but still get caught up in the braces more than others.
I have no need to take pain killers any more but still every single day I will be in pain with my lips rubbing on the braces, always in a different place it seems! I guess this is because my teeth are moving so different areas of my mouth will get irritated on my wires all the time.
Bongela is still my best friend and I apply it first thing each day after cleaning my teeth, then again after cleaning them at work at lunch- not easy in a 30 minute lunch but has to be done, and then again before bed time.
I can now get through the day without using wax and just apply it overnight over all my main sore areas otherwise I start the day with deep lines in my inside lips where I have had my mouth closed all night.
There are some days I’m applying bongela more as I’m talking more in my job role some days more than others and some days as soon as I get home the wax goes on and it’s instant relief!
I’m slowly feeling more confident in my skin with my braces on. I’ve lost a lot of weight and so now feel uncomfortable in some clothes as they are too big on me but I’m finding I worry less about what people are thinking as I’m talking now. Although my hand still comes up to cover my mouth if I am full on laughing because I’m wary it’s quite a sight with a full on mouth of braces!
When it comes to eating I mostly cover my mouth if I have anything I have to chew much just because a lot of the time I’m worried about biting down too hard and braking my wires and it just doesn’t feel right biting down, it’s hard to explain.
Over the last week I’ve started to accept compliments on how I’m looking so much happier lately and how healthy I look along with even some saying my whole smile looks different already!
I think I can it takes time and the first month has been really tough at times but with the right support and encouragement you can feel beautiful with braces ❤

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Adult braces- here we go!

Well the day had finally arrived where I was able to have my braces fitted. I was fine up until an hour before the appointment when I got so unbelievably nervous I had butterflies.

I arrived at the the appointment and they were all very lovely and told me how it wouldn’t hurt. I didn’t really know what to expect today, and what did happen I could never have imagined. First of all no one told me about the huge plastic mouth opener you have to suffer so that your teeth stay dry while they fit the braces . Then there is the water. Lots of cold water sprayed over the gel they put on your teeth, so much water I had to keep telling myself I wasn’t going to drown! A little dramatic I know but I think the fact my face was being pulled apart by this cheek opener and my tongue was kind of crushed by something else it felt like I could hardly breathe so the water really didn’t help! Once the water stopped she applied the little ceramic squares. Once they were all in place they were set with a UV light pointed at each tooth. After this I could sit up and rinse before having the wires fitted. Again no one told me there would be long wires sticking out of my mouth and pinging against my face while they were twisted in place! This didn’t hurt until the last twist when I felt my teeth really tighten!

So this was the point I was done. I felt like I had this alien in my mouth and I had to struggle to get my lips over it.I asked for a mirror, took a deep breath had a look then burst into tears! I was not expecting what looked back at me. I mean I knew there would be braces but all the pictures you see are of braces on straight teeth.  No one said now remember when you get your braces fitted it will really accentuate how wonky your teeth really are, be prepared for that! Nope no one thought to tell me that.

The dental nurse was lovely. She took me aside and told me exactly what to do to look after them and how I would notice a fair bit of movement before my next appointment so I should be pleased.

A few more tears in the car and when I got home and then I had my first visitor. My next door neighbour came round with T’s Christmas present. She told me they don’t look anywhere near as bad as I thought which was nice. I took a few pictures and sent them to my family and they were all very encouraging too. I think it was just the initial shock of seeing all this stuff in my mouth that did it. If you are getting braces just prepare yourself you will not like them when you first see them! I’m hoping over the next few months and years I will see a lot of change and become used to my braces as I have the metal bar across the roof of my mouth.

I have to remember this is long term investment not an instant fix.

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Little by little

So today I have managed my pain relief much better and it has worked out a better day. Work passed uneventfully with soup and a shake and this evening I helped T finish her homework project and then washed and dried her hair. This is something I’ve loved to do since it started to grow long. Tonight she looked like Rapunzel, there is no other word for it, I’m totally in love with her beautiful hair and won’t ever let her cut it!

My little Rapunzel

After bath time I wrapped presents then curled up with a peppermint tea after a recommendation from a friend.

I think it’s fair to say I still have a way to go but I may have turned a very small corner.

Thank you for all your support everyone

Lou xx

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Bye bye evening

Yesterday was hard. my gums are so sore all I dare eat at work all day was a shake and some soup. I did the salt rinse at lunch time which as always made me feel sick. After I got home I made dinner for Scott and T, walked the dog, helped T do some homework and then attempted to eat just 2 scrambled eggs on their own on a plate. This was a bad idea. Just the action of food going in my gaps is painful let alone the feeling I get when I have to use my tongue to get it out. After eating I have extreme soreness and some shooting pains in my gums which only subsides after a minimum of 4 pain killers. Last night I sat down and after getting T to bed and felt exhausted. Just physically drained from eating 2 eggs. I fell asleep for an hour and a half. This is not me. I’m not just a fall asleep anywhere kind of person. This is taking it out of me and I wish it would start to turn a corner soon.

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Adult braces- the metal bar

So today I got my metal bar fitted ready to get my braces and oh my word this us going to take some getting used to! It feels like right now I have this alien object in my mouth which prevents me from swallowing properly, eating and gives me a slight lisp!

I just tried to eat my first meal of soft white fish, broccoli and new potatoes, so I could basically suck the potatoes and fish until it disappeared but I don’t think I will ever eat broccoli again after it got completely tangled in the bar and I had to go look in a mirror to remove it! 😯

I’m actually worried I’m never going to be able to eat anything in public ever again that isn’t soup! Thank god it’s getting colder now so that doesn’t look so out of place! I still haven’t told anyone at work what I’m doing so we will see if they notice the slight lisp that seems to now come out on certain words! Typical I started training two new people today so surely they will notice a difference in my speech tomorrow? Guess I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it! At least you can’t see anything yet unless I do a huge smile but I cant see that happening any time soon!

Now to wait for my teeth to come out and braces to be fitted just before Christmas, the journey continues!