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Adult braces- elastics time!

Why was I suprised today when my lovely ortho decides to swap one torture instrument for another! A few weeks ago I had my metal bar removed from the top of my mouth because it had started to dig in causing a nice little hole in the roof of my mouth. This was great news… Continue reading Adult braces- elastics time!

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Adult Braces 11 months in

Today was my 8 week orthodontist appointment and I was quite looking forward to this one! (I had obviously gone too long between appointments, who looks forward to that chair?!) The reason I was looking forward to it was because my last remaining tooth had moved into the space made for it and was today… Continue reading Adult Braces 11 months in

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Adult Braces- loose wire the update

So a couple of days ago I shared how I had a loose wire at the back of my mouth which kept coming out of place and digging into my cheek. Well after 2 days of being uncomfortable and struggling with it I booked an emergency appointment at the orthodontist. This was much easier than… Continue reading Adult Braces- loose wire the update