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Mrs M is back!

Hi guys! I’m back from a wonderful week away feeling refreshed and ready to write! Well truthfully at the minute I have holiday blues big style and am tired from my first day back at work today but I have lots to write about that’s for sure! I just need a couple of days to get back into routine and I will have a few posts coming up for you.

These are some of the things I will be writing about;

Holiday to Nissi Beach, Cyprus

Are I Pads replacing our parenting skills?

Aiya Napa Monastery

How to beat the holiday blues

My fitness goals for the rest of the month and beyond

And that is just for starters 😁

I’m going to try and catch up on as many blogs as I can and will look forward to reading what you have all been upto, meanwhile here are a few pictures from our week away!

Thank you for sticking with me through my week long hiatus!

Lou x

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Mrs M is taking a break!

It’s that time of year again, the time we look forward to all year, the reason we work so hard and spend so much time away from our families, its holiday time!! 😁

Little T is back from holiday number one to France with her Dad and we are getting ready to set off tomorrow. (I’m so happy she’s back you wouldn’t believe, no one understands unless they are a parent just how much it hurts to be parted from your child for a long period of time.) Now my girl is home, I’m happy and the fun can really begin!

This year we are lucky enough to be going to Cyprus on holiday and my Nan is also coming too. We are so excited not just for the sun, swimming pools and all inclusive but also for the week we spend together. Our holidays mean no phones, well we may use them to take a photo in the evening but during the day they are locked away in the safe and Scott’s is turned off so work can’t get to him! The only time we will use social media is to maybe post a happy picture at the airport and that will be it for a week.

It does us all so much good to just be, without our phones, the outside world and interruptions. Scott will spend hours upon hours teaching T new tricks in the pool and I will pop in and out inbetween catching the rays and spending time with my Nan.

We will explore our surroundings and relax in the evenings with a well deserved cocktail and a kids disco before playing cards and games till late.

The one thing I am super excited/nervous about is trying a jet ski for the first time! The beach near our hotel has a vast array of watersports but sadly for Scott, no windsurfing. (He is a great windsurfer and spends a week of the year away with his Dad out on the water for hours at a time, so I’m pretty glad there aren’t any or we wouldn’t see him much!) He has promised to take me on a jet ski though so I’ll let you know how that goes when I get back!

For now Poppy has been dropped off for her holiday, we are mostly packed, I did my last HIIT session before my break this morning so that just leaves that evening the night before you go to get through, pottering about not really doing much and wishing it was morning already!

I hope you all have a wonderful week and I can’t wait to tell you all about our trip 😊

Lou x

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7 things that made me happy in 7 days week 18- last in the series!

Hey all, I’ve been writing this little series for 18 weeks now,that’s over 4 months. Crazy really when it started as a way to help me appreciate the good things in life, no matter how small, when I was going through a particularly lonely time.

This doesnt mean every week for the last 18 has been all rainbows and unicorns but it does mean that even if me and Scott do argue, work is stressful, money tight or I dent my car(oops), I am able to see that over a 7 day period there was a lot to be happy about and it has helped me to put it all in perspective.

I’ve loved doing this little series but now seems a good time to stop as in a weeks time we are going away so I will miss a week. I intend to think of a new idea to keep me posting every week and keep me sharing what I’ve been up to but I would encourage anyone who is struggling to find their place, thinks they don’t have a lot going on or is just feeling lonely to try this style of writing. Even if it’s just for a week, it made me feel so much better for a long time just seeing it all down infront on me was the realisation I needed that ok, my life wasn’t as full as other people’s and hey some people may not ever text me first but really I have a lot to be happy about and life is good!

If this blog can encourage or help someone that is also going through a particularly lonely time I would be so happy.

I would encourage anyone reading this to share this post and spread this idea to as many people as you can.

Anyway here is my last list of 7!

1. Choir. A few months ago this was the something I needed, my thing/hobby/interest and I love singing with these guys! Even if I’m shattered by 7.30 on Monday night I always get myself to choir and am just immediately happy I went. Singing just makes me happy 😊

2. Cooking healthy meals for my family! This has probably been a regular in my list but I really do enjoy making interesting, tasty meals with as much colour in as possible. If I haven’t seen either of them for a day or so because of work or commitments I love that I can make them a good tasting meal and they will be just happy to be home and I feel like my job as Mumma bear is done.

3. Being spontaneous! Sometimes you just have bite the bullet and get out of your comfort zone. I think this all started when we received an invitation to my cousins 21st birthday party this coming August, its a black tie event something we are not used to dressing for! This will require talking, socialising with a side of the family I’ve not seen in years, the worry is already creeping in if I let myself think about it for too long but most importantly what am I going to wear!

Having this as a starting point meant that this week has just kind of snowballed into a series of spontaneous events!

Wednesday we booked a theatre show for an Elvis tribute! I’ve always secretly loved Elvis songs and have wanted to go and see one of these for years but is it really the done thing for a 30 something? I’m so excited for this in October!

Thursday I was checking Twitter and saw Joe Wicks- The Body Coach had advertised a FREE 2 hour workout with him and others at Chelsea football stadium,London this Monday! A goodie bag is included and there were only 1000 places. I think this was meant to be because I don’t go on Twitter much and just happened to see this tweet minutes after it was posted.

After some convincing from Scott and him treating me to the train ticket I am going, Monday, on my own to London to do the first HIIT workout in a football stadium with 1000 other crazy people!

Now I did try to get people to come with me but let’s be honest who doesn’t already have plans with their family on a bank holiday Monday, cue my friends panicked face as I asked her Thursday evening as she tried desperately to think of reasons she couldn’t come, as is standard everyone is usually working or having a family day so it’s just little old me and this guy! Wish me luck!

4. T’s class assembly. We have been hearing the songs and listening to the line for this assembly for weeks so to finally see it all put together was lovely. T did her one line very well and they all performed brilliantly.

5. Hard work pays off! Last year before we went away we just happened to pop into River Island and T saw the children’s section for the first time. She was obsessed and was desperate for her holiday clothes to come from there, I was desperate to win the lottery but hey that wasn’t going to happen!

So we decided to set her chores, each one would be worth a small amount and however much she earned she could take it and spend it in River Island. This went down a storm and soon the house was cleaner than a whistle and she ended up with a cute little playsuit, sunglasses and cardigan.

Cue this year’s holiday approaching, out comes the jobs list “I want to earn money again Mummy”. So for the last 4 weeks she has been clearing the garden, putting washing in the machine, clearing the table to name a few and loving it at the same time! With jobs being paid between 20p for clearing the table and £2.50 for helping wash the car she had a way to go before she could buy anything but she is a trooper and managed to rack up an impressive £24! (Now time for the bank of Mummy to come up with the goods!) So off to River Island we went and she came away with this little set which she is thrilled to bits with.

6. Sunshine and cider. After having a particularly low afternoon yesterday sitting in the sun drinking this raspberry cider and reading my book was just what I needed. If it wasn’t for the price tag, comfort shopping is a dangerous thing, I think this would be my new summer drink!

7. Saving for a treat. The last few weeks I’ve been saving to make sure we have enough money to eat something nice at the airport before we go away and on the plane journey, (for anyone that doesn’t know airports are generally the most expensive place to eat in the world, followed by aeroplanes, the only place where it’s acceptable to charge £5 for a tub containing 6 Pringles.)

This year my lovely Nan is coming on holiday with us so I want to show her a good time from the minute we get in the airport, we always usually eat breakfast but this time it will be lunch followed by a snack on the plane and having said I would fund this the saving began a few weeks ago.

This week I reached my goal and and super happy we can start our holiday from the minute we pass security.

It’s true you do appreciate things more when you have to work hard to pay for them.

Well that’s all folks, thanks for sticking with me through this series and I hope I can find something equally as interesting when I get back!

Lou x

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7 things that made me happy week 16

1. Church fete fun. Last Sunday was the annual church fete which we are invited to every year by our friends. The children are given a little score card and have to visit 6 game tents where they receive a stamp for each game they complete,once their card is full they get to visit the prize tent. There is always a lot to see, do and eat there with donkey rides and a climbing wall along with a hog roast and candy floss stall it’s no surprise we had a great few hours.

2. Watching Scott run his marathon. As you may have seen in my previous post I’m just a teeny bit proud of Scott for completing the Milton Keynes marathon in 3 hours 49minutes. Still proud today 😊

3. Frozen fruit! It may seem like a small thing but over the last couple of weeks I’ve started buying bags of frozen fruit, We love soft fruit but often with T at her Dads on the weekend and Scott working it either goes off too quickly or I end up eating it all! Frozen fruit I’ve decided is the way forward! This week we have frozen mango and pineapple and when we want some I just empty it into a bowl and a couple of hours later it’s ready to drizzle some fat free yoghurt on or just eat as is!

4. Reading. This week I have been reading The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks. Now I’m not one for soppy films or books usually choosing to avoid them but this book has me hooked! I only started it last weekend and I’m already on chapter 15, if I have to stop reading and come back to it later I’m finding myself wondering what is going to happen next! I can’t wait to read a bit more when I’ve finished this post actually 😂 Nicholas Sparks you have converted me!

5. An unexpected evening! One evening this week we decided to take Poppy for a walk over to the field near where we live, only this particular evening a hot air balloon was setting up to take off from there! We had all never seen one so close so stayed and watched while it was set up and eventually took off! Poppy ran around in circles with another cockapoo and we were in awe of the balloon!

6. Holiday shopping! Who doesn’t love buying summer clothes for their holiday?! When this time of year rolls around we all start to get excited because we know our week away can’t be far off! Here is the little haul T came away with!

7. Tiana’s riding. This week I had asked if they could use the poles in their lesson as T really enjoys doing that, so out the poles came and all 4 girls had such a great lesson riding over them. T just looked happy and confident this week,like she really knew what she was doing and was happy doing it.

There are my 7, I hope you have all had a great week and are still enjoying some nice weather!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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7 things that made me happy week 14!


Hi everyone, well it seems this week has flown by and it has been overall a great one with lots to feel happy about. Here are my 7 things that have made me happy this week;

  1. A great Saturday night spend at a friends house eating pizza while the kids played outside. This was such a nice evening, we managed a fair amount of actual conversation before the kids got bored and wanted us to play with them and it really was great to catch up. 20180421_191821108984665.jpg

2. Cooking healthy food. This week even more so I have really focused on healthy eating in our house. With Scott training for a marathon and just a month until we go away on holiday we could all do with cutting out the sweet treats and focusing on healthier living. This week I tried a recipe from a great blog tweedandthebeard of prawn, veggie and egg rice with chilli flakes and soy sauce. It was so quick and easy to make and I managed to prep lots for the freezer too and with the most expensive ingredient being the prawns this is a real budget friendly meal! I have also introduced Rye bread into our diet because I had heard it has great health benefits such as extra fibre and doesn’t bloat you like regular bread can. I have found it a taste that has grown on me and after making Scott toasted Rye bread with quark, chopped banana and cinnamon I think he has come around to it too. The sunshine also re-ignited my love for salads and I have made us a couple this week with eggs for extra protein.


3. Spa day! For Christmas my best friend and I decided to buy each other a spa day voucher and this week we got to use it! With it being at a local gym we started the day off with a 30 minute workout before using the sauna and Jacuzzi before our treatments of a mini back massage and facial. Afterwards we picked T up from school and went to watch her ride before having a film evening in together. It was so nice for us to spend the day together and T really enjoyed the time too.

4. Tiana received an honours award at school! Throughout the year 10 honours awards are given in each class at school. The school call you up and tell you that your child has been selected for one and the assembly is the following week, you are not to mention anything to your child as all the parents of the children receiving awards enter the assembly together while the children are singing. If the child spots their parents they know they are getting an award. The excitement nearly kills us when this happens and we all say bye to T, have a nice day, see you later, the usual, then walk round to the school reception where we wait to go in. The awards are given for all different subjects and this one was for concentration. The children one by one are called to the front of the hall where they are given a sticker and a certificate and a hand shake from the head teacher. Their teacher then proceeds to read out a paragraph explaining the reasons they have been given this award. It really was a great assembly and T was so happy to be up there, very proud parent day!20180427_0939241674965484.jpg

5. A long overdue catch up with a friend. Sometimes life just takes over, its no ones fault, people are busy, things like moving house, stress at work and changing jobs mean there is little time for socialising and so it happens that months pass before you see each other again. T actually really started to miss Kali and Kaleb, my friends two children and so it was really great to see them again. We were lucky to become Guideparents to Kaleb last year and so we know that he will always be a part of our lives, more so if T had her way as she wanted to take him home!20180428_1139271043211323.jpg

6. Cheese and Prosecco evening! This evening at my friends house had been planned for a little while and turned out to be a lot of fun. We were treated to ham, olives, peppers, tomatoes and so many different types of cheeses! After a fair few glasses we ended up giggling the evening away. An extra workout and a 2 mile walk today and I’m feeling the cheese may be a small way to being being burned off!


7. Flowers. Scott surprised T and I with flowers this week and these are mine. I think they look so pretty in one of the jugs we used on our wedding day.


I hope you have had a great week, thank you for reading,

Lou x

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7 things that made me happy week 13

1. New wellies day! During the winter I live in my wellies, to walk our dog in, to go to the stables to take T riding in, even just to do the school run in when it’s rain and snow. My lovely wellies have been through a lot with me, and it showed! Over the last couple of months more and more holes have developed until Scott could take my complaining no more and used a recent sale to buy me some more! Now we have the hottest day of the year so far I’m really pleased I have new wellies 😂

2. Date night! Wedsnesday evening was lovely and after a healthy dinner of grilled chicken and rice we walked to the local pub and had a drink next to the golf course. I’ve missed sitting in a beer garden relaxing in the sun and am so happy these days may be coming back!

3. Our Ed Sheeran tickets arrived!! 😁 You know when it gets close to a gig and you start to worry if your tickets will arrive ok? Well no more worrying for me because I think the neighbours in the next street now know they have arrived! Super super excited for this day to come around.

4. Warm weather! Our day off this week was a beauty! 24 degrees and wall to wall blue skies meant to was time to turn the heating off and dust off the shorts! ☉After spending the morning stocking up on suncream, school summer dresses and sunhats for T I mowed the lawn and cleaned the fire place out ready for Summer! We had lunch in the garden and it really felt like summer was on its way!

5. Our tree came into blossom. It’s always this time of year it really starts to feel like warmer weather is on its way when our tree blossoms. It just makes our garden look so pretty and I love the couple of weeks we get of it.

6. We had our first dinner in the garden! It was so nice to eat outside again and we all really enjoyed it.

7. I had friends over for dinner! Friday I had three friends over for pizza and drinks and we had such a fun evening! It’s been ages since I had an evening like that where everyone turns up, everyone is in a great mood and everything just goes to plan! After a few people people letting me down at the last minute for a night out last year for a little celebration meal I had felt disheartened and haven’t really tried to arrange much with more than 1 or 2 people since. Last night reminded me why it is good to have friends and it really was good for my soul.

I hope you have all had a great week and I would love to hear what you have got upto that made you happy!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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7 things that made me happy week 12

1. Cooking for my Nan. My Nan has lived on her own a long time and doesn’t have anyone cook for her much so I was really pleased to be able to make dinner and get all tidied up without her having to do anything.

Here is the chicken, garlic and thyme traybake I made with squash, tomatoes and new potatoes. Served with soft fresh bread it was so tasty!

2. Seeing the bond between these two. T and Poppy are best friends. They adore each other unconditionally and there is nothing that could replace this bond. T won’t ever have a brother or sister so she treats Poppy very much like a baby at times cuddling her and carrying her around but she has also had a big part to play in her training and is great at telling Poppy what to do, I don’t know where she gets that from! The responsibility of having a pet is something I am so glad we have been able to give T and she has developed this and not only has a dog but also a companion for many years to come.

3. Watching T and Scott’s together. T is very much a Mummy’s girl but if we have a week off she will often end up a lot closer to Scott by the end of the week. This week has been no different. Yesterday Scott bathed her and washed and dried her hair while showing her how to use her new snorkel in preparation for holiday and I washed my car. They were completely fine without me and got all cuddled up together on the sofa watching tv in the evening. I love their bond and feel blessed they have been able to get so close up until now. Here is a photo of them back in 2014.

4. Spending time with my Nan. It’s no secret I’m not close to my Mum and often think of my Nan more as my Mum. I ring my Nan a couple of times a week,She’s the one I text if anything is wrong or one of us has had an achievement. She is a massive part of our lives and knows what we are all doing because she involves her self. The only thing is she lives 2 hours away so we don’t see her anywhere near as much as we would like. I often envy Scott being able to go and see his parents on a day off as I would love to just pop to see my Nan but have to make do with video calls. Spending these few days with her was really great and I now can’t wait to take her on holiday with us in June.

5. Feeling closer as a couple. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say this but life is busy, tiring, stressful and sometimes hard work. We all need time away to unwind, relax and remember why we chose to spend the rest of our lives together in the first place. Having this time together makes us feel more connected because there is no rush to get things done before going to bed early to get up for work, we can take the time to just enjoy being together as a family and as a couple. Things are so often all about being parents that it’s hard to make time to appreciate each other but this is important. Just for a few days to put aside all the stress makes the world of difference and before you know it you have fallen in love all over again.

6. T’s innocent and funny little mind. A few days ago we were all watching TV and someone said ‘if there is something you want to do you should just go and do it, don’t let anyone stand in your way’, She sat up and said ‘ Well that’s not right because I want to be a unicorn but I can’t can I!’ 😂

Yesterday she was eating breakfast when she dropped her toast in her beans and just said ‘faceplant!’ 😄 I didn’t even know she knew that word.

7. Attending a Christening. Today was our friends little girls Christening and it was a lovely little ceremony. T loves Sienna to bits and enjoyed giving her a little cuddle afterwards. It was really nice to see so many people showing love towards this little girl and I was very impressed with how brave she was when the water ran down her head during the ceremony! I always get a feeling of security after a Christening, It’s like you know that little person will be alright now, They have Godparents to help guide them through life too.

This is one of the reasons I decided to give T Godparents even though she wasn’t Christened. It’s nice to know she has people in her life who she can turn to should she need them that aren’t her parents.

T and Sienna

I would love to hear something that has made you happy over the last week, looking past the obvious usually makes me realise there is so much more to be happy about than you first think.

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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7 things week 10

1. Completing our 40 Random Acts of Kindness! I was so happy we finished this on a day where we could get out in the sun and feel like we made a difference. This project showed my little girl that giving is just as much fun as receiving and it’s not about getting things back in return but making other people happy with our random gifts. This is something that will stay with us for a long time.

2. Workouts with my girl. This month we smashed 13 workouts using kettlebells and our own body weight. A combination of HIIT and Ab workouts with some cycling and walking thrown in has meant this has been our best month this year and I am so proud of T’s commitment and enthusiasm even when she has had a long day she will always do just a few little exercises. Her confidence is improving and so is her strength. Next month we plan on changing it up a bit with new exercises to beat the Easter chocolate bulge!

3. New hair day! I decided to go lighter for the summer months and am so happy I did. Not only am I pleased with my hair but I also got a really good deal at the hairdressers so ended up getting two items for free which made my day even more!

4. My little ballerina made her Grade 1! 4 years of ballet and 4 exams later and she is now a Grade 1 and finally got her shield. Happy days!

5. Girls day. Friday we played beauty salons and made the most of no school for two weeks with hair chalks, braids and painted nails! After a great riding lesson we watched David Walliams Mr Stink and played games until T went to bed. I loved this day with my girl and will keep remembering it all week while she isn’t here.

6. Easter playdate! Our friends Zoe and Ruby came over for lunch and Easter fun, the girls had a great time making lots of Easter crafts and hunting Easter treats. I made the hunt a bit more testing this year and they had to complete an exercise for 30 seconds for every treat they found and with about 7 treats each that really got them moving! They were giggling and I felt good they managed to squeeze in some exercise even with the terrible rain we have had for the last two days.

7. Easter day with my girl. I picked T up from a sleepover this morning and when we got back the Easter bunny had been so we had the wettest, coldest Easter hunt I can remember round the garden! After counting up the bounty we stayed in the warm colouring for a while before braving a 2 mile walk with Poppy. We found a love rock on the way so it was all worthwhile! T was super happy with her new body warmer we got her for Easter too even if it wasn’t quite warm enough to wear it on the walk!

We were really pleased with how our Easter table turned out!

I will miss this little face now until Friday, it’s been so great spending the last few days with her but I know she will have a lovely week and hopefully I will get to talk to her at some point.

Being happy isnt as easy when you are suddenly all alone but it’s these times when it’s good to look back on the fun you’ve had and the happy memories you’ve created together. Still, sharing never gets any easier and I will be counting the days until she is back home again.

I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter and I’d love to hear what you got upto,

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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Today is a good day!

There are new books in our library! We only created the tiny community library in the shed next to our house yesterday and there are already 3 new books there! We are all so happy! I feel inspired that people have taken to our idea, Scott feels inspired to start reading again and T is thrilled to bits people might have read her sign!

We have been listening to the soundtrack to the Greatest Showman on repeat since we watched the film yesterday and the words of two or three of the songs just make me feel empowered!

‘This is me’ has to be my favourite,

“When the sharpest words wanna cut me down

I’m gonna send a flood, gonna drown them out

I am brave, I am bruised

I am who I’m meant to be, this is me

Look out ’cause here I come

And I’m marching on to the beat I drum

I’m not scared to be seen

I make no apologies, this is me”

T and me just did our 4th HIIT work out of the week! Ok we had coffee and cake on Friday but it’s half term and it’s rare we go for a treat like that, plus with how much we have taken her out on her scooter this week I think we have burned off the cake 😋

It’s a grey, miserable, foggy day outside and I have a few hours where I will be on my own today but I feel good.

I’m going to catch up on my guilty pleasure of “my 4 wives” and get in that reading nook and carry on reading The Hobbit so I will soon be able to start one of the new books that has been left in our library!

Have a great Sunday everyone,

Lou x

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7 things – No 2

Hi guys,

I enjoyed sharing my 7 things that made me happy in 7 days last week so I’ve decided to make it a regular feature on my blog.

It’s so good to look back at the week and say ‘meh, I didn’t get up to much’ when if you look back at all the little things there is a lot to be thankful for.

So here are my 7:

1. Having a family party for Louis 18th. Last Sunday we all suprised a very embarrassed 18 year old with balloons as big as him, Well almost, a cookie cake which is his favourite, a few token ‘You are 18 now so you need one of these’ gifts and a big fat family sing along. It was cheesy, embarrassing and he loved it. Job done.

2. T got over her sickness in just one day! The little trooper took just one day in pjs to kick that nasty bug into next week and was back at school before we knew it. A day off work affects the whole household and having a poorly person to worry about does too so I’m so pleased she didn’t take long to bounce back and is now eating normally again, which brings me on to my next point….

3. Cooking good food. This week has been one for tasty meals that you can’t wait to eat. Food that you are desperate to be ready and sad when it’s gone. The sort of meals you take your time over every mouthful and make those ‘mmm’ and ‘oooohh’ noises when you eat. We started the week with Tarragon chicken, had a delicious steak with sweet potato jackets Wednesday and today had slow cooked gammon, delicious!

4. Watching T in her ballet. 4 years ago this week my little dot started ballet lessons. She was so excited to go and do ballet like she had seen Darcy Bussell do on her ballet DVD and hasn’t stopped loving it since. In this time she has been in 3 major productions and taken 3 exams with her 4th scheduled in a months time. Sometimes she might get a little grumpy if she can’t get a step right at first but she is a determined little thing and won’t give up on something until she gets it right. I was so proud watching this week, we only get to watch the lesson right before an exam, with Scott, his Mum and Ts Dad all there to see her too I was beaming and so happy to see her enjoying her dancing so much.

5. These pictures.

I got sent them and told how much I was loved and it made me very happy ❤

6. T had a fantastic riding lesson and her confidence continues to soar 😊Today they did pole work for the first time and she had a great hour. Her instructor is leaving at the end of this month which we are very sad about but I’m hopeful whoever takes over the class will see how much she tries and how far she has come.

7. A Friday night movie night in with my family. Usually every Friday Scott will work a late and T will be at her Dad’s so I am mostly alone. Tonight they were all home 😁 We lit candles, had a fire and watched UP while munching on fruit pastilleeees- fruit pastilles to the rest of the world that aren’t 8 years old. It was so nice to have them here.

8. I know it says 7 but I had to mention I finished my book and it was good I have a whole post planned for it this weekend so watch this space.

Thank you for reading,

Lou x