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Today my baby girl turns 8

Today my baby girl turns 8!  8 years ago today I saw those big eyes looking up at me for the first time and I have been completely in love with them ever since. Somehow my squishy faced chubby cheeked little baby is growing into a funny, clever, loving, thoughtful and determined little lady. I love every minute I get to spend with this beautiful little human whether we are watching dvds, spending time as a family, walking Poppy, creating arts and craft projects, baking or just tidying up! Somehow this little human loves routine, planning and order as much as me and enjoys nothing more than a good sort out of a cupboard! Her determination and perseverance to do well in her school work and hobbies is something I am so proud of and the good friend she is turning out to be is the reason she is loved by many not just her family. 
All this said her cheeky comments and fun sense of humour keeps us on our toes daily and as much as we sometimes have to keep her in check we would be lost without her making us laugh all the time.

Happy birthday baby girl, we hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy your trip to London at the weekend, we can’t wait to take you!

All our love

Mummy & Scott

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Happy New year,so the festive season is over!

Happy New year to you all! It’s sad to think that in a couple of days it will be back to normal, back to routine, school runs, dog walking, chores and general adulting! 
It’s been a wonderful festive period in our house, we had a great Christmas day at home starting at 6am when the little person ran in excited that the big man had been! What followed was a couple of days of presents, followed by food and repeat! We really did have a great time and as always T had the best of both worlds with her time split between home and her Dad’s. It’s not always easy to let her go this time of year but I have to remember she deserves her time there just as much as here and so does he.

Here are just a few of my favourite pictures.

Christmas was quickly followed by T’s birthday  party, those of you that follow my posts will know I’ve been planning this for some time and I’m pleased to say it all went without a hitch! It was a Charlie and the chocolate factory themed party with myself as an oompa loompa and T’s Godmother as Voilet! We played burst the balloons on violet to find the golden ticket, make your own sweet necklace, pass the parcel, sort the good nuts from the bad, the balloon game, along with a Willy Wonka wordsearch, musical statues and eating doughnuts with no hands! It was a fab party and I’m so pleased we pulled it off. 

This New Years Eve was to be the first one we didn’t have T home since we have been together so we decided to make the most of it and went out. We went to a pub/restaurant not far from us and had a beautiful meal and drinks followed by a disco and the customary linking of arms with complete strangers at midnight 😁🥂

I’d just like to wish you all a wonderful 2018, I hope you all continue to have lots of adventures whether big or small, enjoy time with your families, learn valuable life lessons and make many happy memories and keep blogging about it all!

Happy New year and Thank you for your support in 2017,

Lou x

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The time has finally come after months of planning, excitement and waiting it’s that precious, wonderful time we call holiday! 

To me holiday means:

Hours of playing in the pool 

The excitement of exploring your destination 

Staying up late, no matter how little you are!

Dressing for the beach in the day and dressing up at night 

Trying the biggest ice cream you can, just because you can

Always finding out a little bit of history, still a history geek!

Trying all the cocktails on the menu, well it would be rude not to right?

Eating far more for breakfast than you would ever eat for lunch at home

Playing games by the pool, in the evening before the show starts, on the plane, in the airport…. tv? What is that?

Only having Wi-Fi once a day in reception or your room and not really caring!

Eating your body weight in food because after all it’s free! 

Dancing your self silly at a kids disco because you actually enjoy the music and the dance moves just as much as the little person!

Teaching the little person just a tiny amount of the local language but enough to make them feel proud 

Spending a whole week actually together, no interupptions, tiredness from work, no homework, routine or housework, just being a family and loving every minute of it!

Our last family holiday abroad 2 years ago

See you in a week guys!  😁

Lou xx

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Finding time to make memories because life is short

These days time is even more in short supply, with the constraints of a working life, hobbies, keeping relationships with friends close, adding in playdates for your children and just generally maintaining your house where do you find time to make memories and just have fun? 

We are all guilty of just wanting to sit and zone out while we mindlessly scroll through pages of social media, it’s just the way people relax these days but it’s far too easy to forget our little people grow so quickly and are not little for long. Time is precious and so even if it’s for a few minutes at a time I always make sure I take the time to put my phone down and actually listen to what T has to say, properly listen. 

Only when we are fully in the moment can happy memories be made and fun times had. 

Like when I climbed the tree house Sunday to eat my ice cream with T, there was no social media, no distractions, just for a few minutes it was just us two eating ice creams in her den. Perfect.

Don’t get me wrong little people can talk, and talk, and talk about mostly pointless things but sometimes it does us good to just listen. To remember what it is like to be little and how important it is to cherish those funny things they say because one day they will realise how silly they sound and stop saying them. 

T a couple of weeks ago ‘I am growing up you know Mummy!!’ We couldn’t stop laughing! 

So take a minute, inbetween loads of washing, on the way to school, after dinner and homework to just appreciate the little things, build those happy memories because life is short and moments matter.

RIP to the zookeeper that lost her life yesterday at the zoo we happened to be visiting at the time. 

Make every minute count, You never know what is round the corner.

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This Love

From the moment I brought you into this world I knew I would do anything for you. The pain I was going through to get you was nothing like I had ever felt before and I knew I would keep going because it was for you. That moment I looked into your eyes and got lost in those big beautiful pools of blue staring up at me, while asking why you weren’t crying like I thought you should be. Because she’s happy I was told. 

From that moment I was finally left alone with you and I knew you were mine to keep and that fear and panic crept in, no matter how many books I had read I still had no idea what to do with you! From then I knew I would try my damn hardest to do my best for you even when I didn’t know what I should do for the best. From the moment I made my first choice on how to parent you and held you close all night in that hospital I knew I would keep you close forever. 

When I first saw you smile at me and hold your arms out I knew it was because you felt the same. I was your comforter, protector and guardian and you felt safe with me and always will.

I’ve watched you fall over and I’ve picked you up. I’ve taught you rules I can’t remember ever not knowing. I’ve given you knowledge and shown you how to love. I’ve created friendships for you that have grown over the years. You have learned how to make people laugh and how to comfort them when they are sad. You know the value of money and have known when I’ve had limitations I’ve still always done my best to give you happy memories.

You know the difference between right and wrong and watch the news intently pointing out the wrong in this world and questioning me as to why it happens. My beautiful girl I wish I could hold you tight forever and it makes me so sad that one day you will grow into a woman and show all this to a family of your own. I long for these times but I also long for my baby to stay in my arms for ever. I’m torn between wanting you to continue to grow and nurture you through life’s experiences and keeping you small and protecting you forever. This love is endless and so for now I will keep you close and have another girls night and sleepover in my bed and wake up being smothered in kisses and cuddles for you are and always will be my angel, my perfect girl, my best friend, Tiana x

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Feeling greatful 

So I’m back after probably the longest break since I started this blog. It’s been a busy couple of weeks and the one word that springs to mind is greatful. 

I’m feeling greatful for the time T had off from school so we could use it to play, make hama beads, watch films and spend time walking Poppy together. 

For the high winds we had Sunday following on from the storm on Thursday so we could go and watch Scott fly the kite and laugh our loudest laughs at him being pulled along and then eventually right over with the wind! 

For time with my best friend, catching up over a few glasses of wine, watching strange but funny films and just enjoying girly time hanging out together. 
For Sunday evening meals at home in the warm with the heating on snuggling on the sofa all 3 of us together. 

For friends who can make time to spend with us, whether it’s to go for coffee or come over lunch I’m forever greatful to have a good base of people around me I can sound off to about anything on my mind and get honest advice.

For T to have such sweet little friends, I love to see her happy playing with her toys with friends, racing scooters or creating art for a friend and just seeing her pick them up and squeeze them to say bye makes me smile.

For my hard working husband, for who the hard work is finally starting pay off and is at last getting the recognition he deserves. Whether that means some tough choices to be made in the future we will see but whatever the decisions I know we will make them together.
Finally for this weekend, tomorrow we head back to Devon to the lodge we call our happy place. We are staying there for 4 days and plan to get to a few places in and around Dartmoor we haven’t seen before as well as stop off in Exeter for some shopping. This is our first time taking Poppy so it will be slightly different but I’m looking forward to showing her hills and scenery! (Where we live is completely flat and there and are certainly no wild ponies!) We are so ready for this busy weekend along with getting time to relax and enjoy just being together as as a couple, not parents or employees, just us and the puppy, should be bliss! 
Have a great weekend everyone 

Lou x

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All good things…

Well this weekend has been filled with fun times, friends and play dates for T, it has simply been great! I’m so used to sharing T for either part of or all of the weekend but this weekend I was lucky to have her right through until Sunday lunchtime. Anyone who is separated from their children’s father will know this is a luxury which needs to be made the most of and we did! 

Friday night we went to a friends and T had a great time catching up with a friend she used to go to school with. It’s so nice that they haven’t seen each other for a while and immediately ran upstairs to play without question or shyness. T then had a sleepover in my bed Friday night due to Scott being at work most of this weekend. Apart from her stealing the covers I love being in a bed with her and getting cuddles when she wakes up in the morning. Little people are so beautiful when they sleep.

Saturday we went to a friends for coffee then she tried ice skating for the first time in the afternoon, after some encouragement and a few tears she eventually enjoyed it and wants to go again, success. Later on we had a friend bring his children round for tea and another play. The kids loved making their own pizzas and dressing up was the favourite activity as usual! 

Yesterday we had another friend round and T spent 2 hours with her making a castle complete with draw bridge to take to school today and show their teacher! 

It really was such a great weekend that after Scott and I finally got to spend some time together last night I had a pang of wow I miss her. Every time she goes after we have had so much fun I get this, and I know she will be the same because she didn’t want to go yesterday. Just a day at work to go and then I get to kiss those little cheeks again. 

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Happiness Jar

So I saw this on lizalizaskysaregrey blog and decided I had to do it. Instead of a new years resolution you forget in a few months I’ve written all my hopes and dreams for this year along with a few positive vibes I need to focus on when things get tough. I’ve put a few pretty things in there along with lots of little hearts so it makes me smile when I look at it. It’s going on a shelf where I can see it and I’m planning to look at it every now and then and see how I’m doing and if there is anything I can add to it. I just really liked the idea of a different way to look at 2017.


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One more sleep till 7

So the festive season is almost over and it’s been a great one! I’ve learnt a few lessons along the way and had a lot of fun times and laughs with the people that matter to me the most.

Friday I pulled off a Princess Tiana party for my Princess Tiana! With 8 friends and a face painter she had a brilliant time and I felt incredibly proud that I did that, planned, invited, paid for and executed, (with a little help) the party she asked for. I know it doesn’t sound like much but all I want is for her to have each birthday just a little better than the last. It’s not about money spent as this party was at home but how much she enjoyed planning and making the decorations with me along with choosing the prizes for each game and helping select the food and design the homemade Tiana book marks for the party bags. This process has been something we have loved doing together and with each rsvp she got more and more excited. This is something I can say I did for her every year without fail and without compromise.

The next excitement is for her 7th birthday tomorrow! Just how did my tiny 7lb 11oz baby grow to be such a beautiful little 7 year old I will never know! Her cheeky little personality makes me smile every day as she tries to involve herself in adult conversation often just making us laugh! Her affectionate and loving ways not only to her family but also her friends also makes me extremely proud along with the way she has settled into the responsibility of taking care of her puppy daily. She is a strong willed and confident person and will try her hardest to achieve her best in everything she does before asking for help although she is happiest when in a familiar situation (we are similar there) T loves a list, a plan of the day, hour, week or month and loves to be busy(more of my qualities). Although she loves routine and structure she also copes so well when things change at the drop of a hat and thankfully hasn’t inherited my stresses and anxieties about this. I think it’s clear to see I’m incredibly proud of the little person she has become and am beyond excited to see what age 7 has to bring her.

Oh yes the lessons I have learnt over the Christmas break; ice is slippery, especially on a downwards slope, tiled floors are always cold, take slippers next time, other people’s animals can be unpredictable, be more alert and look where you are going when in a strange garden at 1am waiting for your dog to wee!

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Being Thankful

Ive seen a couple of these leading up to Thanksgiving but even though we don’t celebrate it I thought it was a nice idea so here goes, I’m thankful for:

My husband – he always know how to make me laugh, even when we are stripping wallpaper after a long day at work! He loves me without question and devotes his life to making us all happy.

My health – there is nothing more important than having healthy family and friends, literally nothing.

My beautiful daughter- some how I’ve been blessed with this little miracle of a daughter and she is my best friend. The love and respect we have for each other is unwavering and I cannot wait to live the rest of my life as her Mummy.

Our home- it took a while for us to get there but we have been in our home a year and a half now and are slowly making it our own! (We may even have a fireplace by Xmas if we are lucky!)

Days off- family days where we are all together are the best.

Chocolate – when I’m happy or sad, with friends or alone chocolate fits every occasion! 😂

Good friends! There really is nothing better than having people you know you can depend on in a crisis and are there whether you text them everyday or not and if don’t hold it against you if you are just really busy sometimes and you don’t speak for weeks! Just good friends who are good company!

Our jobs- even though we sometimes moan about them we are lucky to have good incomes and I’m even luckier to work part time too.

My Nan- she is my first contact when anything goes wrong and the first person I tell when anything goes right, I couldn’t be without her!

My puppy – the giggles and fun she has brought to our home is amazing, T’s bond with her is beautiful and I’m excited to see how she will continue to change and grow.

Date nights- a must, no matter how long you have been together you have to make time for each other.

Christmas spirit – this time of year it will soon be time to start getting in the Christmas spirit and I love making the most of every Christmas opportunity available from cookies to music to decorations our house just oozes Christmas from the minute you open the door and smell the cinnamon plug in! 😄

Braces – I’m thankful I’ve finally plucked up the courage/been supported enough/been financially able to do something about my teeth which I have always hated!

Thanks for reading my thankful list I would love to see anyone else’s!