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Kids club abroad

So I have never been a fan of kids club abroad, I mean why pay for a family holiday if you are going to dump your kids in care several times during the week right? And whose kid really wants to go anyway? 
So the first two holidays we took to Spain T took one look at kids club and said nope, no way, She did absolutely no way, not one chance want to stay there! I could kind of see her point , It was full, and by that I mean crammed, of children of all ages who spoke all languages none of which seemed to be English. The workers weren’t English either and didn’t seem too fussed if we stayed or not. They had some activities out on tables and a play park attached but no real plan it was kind of just a free for all/do what you want sort of session and so for a 4/5 year old it must have seemed very daunting!

This year was 100% different. Firstly the welcome meeting at our hotel was a walkabout so we actually got taken to kids club where several staff members took the time to explain the sessions and how we signed up, What they do, How much fun they have. T was mesmorised! It was a boiling hot morning and she didn’t even once mention the glaring sun we were stood directly in while the explained, in maybe a little too much detail given the conditions, each aspect of the kids clubs for varying ages.
We took the forms and didn’t think much more of it, I wasn’t going to pressure T to go because being a family holiday I was quite happy to spend the whole week with her, after all it’s what I came away for right? But sure enough she asked to go. So the one day we knew would be cloudy I queued up first thing and got her a space in the morning session for 2 hours. She was thrilled.

We arrived and they took down our contact details and asked for T’s name and age and introduced her to the room, “This is Tiana from UK she is new today” 😊 She went in all smiles and seemed happy enough so we left.

Now what to do in a family resort without a child for 2 hours! We went and treated ourselves to a fancy coffee,took a walk along the beach, explored part of the hotel we hadn’t seen before and then waited until we could go and get her!

She had a great time! She came out with all sorts of artwork and had taken part in lots of team games inside, outside in the shade and in other areas of the resort. She had been given a t-shirt and water bottle that she was to wear to kids club if she went again and was hers to keep, again she was so happy about this and even bigger news…. She wanted to go again!!

I couldn’t believe it here was I doing everything i had ever stood against, putting my child in kids club on a family holiday! I wanted the difference to be that she wanted to go though, I was never going to force her. So again we left it a day and she asked again to go. One more morning session down and she had a great time once again.

As we were only there for a week I felt two sessions was enough not to interrupt our holiday too much so we didn’t let her go anymore and she understood why.

I am just still so shocked as to the turnaround in her this time. I think this was just the right kids club for her, the friendly faced encouraging staff really made her want to go and it seems so was made to feel so welcome she wanted to go back! The structure and controlled activities is just what she loves and I’m so pleased we let her have this positive experience, If she never goes to another one again she will always have that.

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Back from holiday, Back to blogging!

Hi guys I’m back after a superbly hot week away in Crete! What a beautiful place Crete is, We had a blast and I’m planning to tell you all about it over my next few posts. 

So firstly a bit about where we went, we stayed in Gerani, a small town just outside of Chania on the North of the island. It’s very mountainous there so the scenery on the transfer was stunning. As with anywhere in Greece there are a lot of unfinished buildings but if you look past that it is full of little local areas with a splattering of big, expensive looking villas with a sea view. 

As we went all inclusive we spent a lot of time in resort as we also had a beach belonging to the hotel so this was great. On one of the days we did venture out we went into Chania. 

Chania itself is a mix of old and new. We caught the local bus from near our hotel and took the journey through a few other resorts into the centre of town. The bus station is in a fairly new part of town but don’t be fooled as just a couple of minutes walk away we discovered the old town and the beautiful harbour. 

We wondered from one end to another looking at all the cafes and bars taking care to mind the horses and carts taking tourists along the front. We settled on a lovely little bar with a view right out onto the water. Considering the prime location the drinks were reasonably priced and the service excellent. 

This was our view from the bar, just picture post card really.

After our snack stop we wandered through the old towns narrow streets lined with multi coloured buildings often draped on colourful flowers. There were plenty of soiveniour shops but again all reasonably priced and also a town square which was lined with eateries.

We found Chania to be quaint, colourful and welcoming to visit and we would love to wander the streets again this time stopping at more of the bars and restaurants. 

More to come next time on our holiday to Crete 🏖

Thanks for reading!

Lou x