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9 things you didn’t know about my weekend

1. It was Scott’s birthday yesterday 😊 Me being me we had his presents bought several weeks ago and wrapped two weeks ago. Along with some clothes we got him a mug with Tiana’s hand print on, me and a few family members have had these since she was tiny and It felt really special to get him one. We also did a cookie jar where her hand prints made all 4 of us into elephants and Poppy a dog 😄

2. I have been to bed at 9pm the last two nights in a row. Not only have I been super tired due to a few awful nights sleep but the golf has been on so Scott has been left to watch it on his own until midnight! (Sorry any golf fans, It’s just not my thing!)

3. Saturday T and I went to our friends where we did arts and crafts and made cornflake cakes. We had a great afternoon.

4. I replaced the Christmas tree T got from father Christmas last year, I left it too long before planting it and it died, bad Mummy. She also got 3 free bunches of daffodils as it was in a layby local to us and towards the end of the day, She was so pleased and they are sitting on her desk in a jar.

5. My braces have been cutting into my mouth all weekend and every morning I wake up I pop my cheeks off the wires, ouch indeed. It’s crazy how I can go weeks without any pain then wake up one morning covered in sores and lumps before it all disappears again about a week or two later.

6. My Mum travelled to see my brother in Japan yesterday. He is there for a year at uni as he is studying Japanese. The only reason I know she went yesterday was because of Facebook. We haven’t spoken in months and haven’t text in weeks and even when we did she never mentioned she was going I found out from family. This is just the way things are with my Mum, I haven’t seen her since Christmas and I only live an hour away. It’s something that bothers me deep down but mostly I try to forget about it. I just know when T is older I will be on the phone all the time and will never go months without seeing her of my own choosing.

7. Yesterday we spent a couple of hours with my best friend and her partner at a bar we haven’t been to before. It was really nice just chatting and catching up because we don’t see the both of them that much since they live an hour away and both lead really busy lives.

Apart from a minor meltdown on the way to the bar because I knew one way to go and was happy to drive because I knew the way then Scott suddenly telling me to go a different way- I am not a confident driver and if I don’t know the way I generally don’t drive somewhere. I also don’t deal with change well at all, if things aren’t planned to perfection I get panicky and last minute changes really stress me out. Anyway we sorted it out and got there fine and had a really nice time.

8. I was really happy Scott’s son took the time to message him and post a picture of them both as he is on holiday with his girlfriend at the moment and is your typical 18 year old with keeping in touch usually. Scott was thrilled and it meant a lot.

9. Yesterday marked the start of our week off as a family. Ok we only spent a couple of hours together just us three but the main thing was Scott had a great day. Now I’m looking forward to having a week where we actually spend some time together. It’s been tough on us over the last couple of weeks with Scott working every day of the Easter bank holidays and I worked his day off in the week this week as extra. It’s ok to say it was worth the money which it was but it always takes it’s toll on us and really towards the end of a period like this we end up distant and unappreciating of each other. Anyway we have recognised this and it’s clear this week could not have come at a better time. T has been all over Scott the last day or so having hardly seen him so it’s clear she is going to enjoy this week just as much as us.

Anyway guys thanks for reading all that and I hope you had a great weekend!

Lou x

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7 things that made me happy week 11

So this week hasn’t been my happiest because I haven’t had my girl home, but I think looking back at the little things will make me realise that it’s not been all bad and there are still things worth appreciating even when you are missing your little person.

1. A sunny after work walk with Poppy. Tuesday was one of those days, no one wanted to be back at work after the Easter bank holidays and it was crazy busy with a load of extra work thrown in for good measure. Things weren’t as I was expecting when I got into work which didn’t set me up in the best mood and the happiest I was all day was when I stepped foot out of that building at 5pm. I don’t hate the place but sometimes it’s like that for everyone right? Me and Poppy just took off and walked round the field for a little while making the most of the sunshine while Scott was on a run. It was so great to be outdoors and I could literally feel the stress blowing away with the wind.

2. Progress pictures. No I’m not about to post them on here but I have been taking them every month since January when I started working out again. Progress for me is motivation, when I can see a difference I am so much more likely to continue working out. This month I really saw a difference and it felt good! Gone are the Christmas inches and there are now clear lines running down my abs! This has spurred me on even more and I’ve worked out 3 times again this week even without my little workout buddy.

3. My squat challenge. How can squats make you happy? Well because a few months ago I really wasn’t very good at them, then I got to doing them with T and improved slightly. Now I’ve set myself a challenge to do one more every day in April starting on 30 and I’m so far really enjoying it! I’m now up to 35 and still feeling good. Scott is doing the same with press ups so we are both encouraging each other and reminding the other one to do it which is also great motivation. Here’s to still feeling happy about it next week! 😂

4. Being implusive. So yesterday I worked and when I came out I was meant to be going food shopping but when I rang Scott to check if he wanted anything he was down at our local country park with his parents taking Poppy for a walk round to see the floods. It was a beautiful day down there and I was so jealous that I decided the food shopping could wait a day and came home, got changed and speed walked down to meet them! It was a lovely 2 mile walk and was nice to chat with both of them in turn while walking along, sometimes things can be more than a little chaotic when all the family are at their house so it’s not often we get to chat like that and it was way more fun than food shopping!

5. My beautiful flowers. Monday my best friend came round to see me and thought I sounded a little fed up on my blog so bought me a gorgeous bunch of flowers and a little bottle of prosecco ❤ They have come out and now look stunning and every time I look at them I think of her, Thank you Em xx

6. Scott made the 20 mile mark. My husband is training for a marathon and yesterday hit his longest run so far at 20 miles. I was so happy for him as he’s had a tough week with flooding everywhere stopping him from going too far and injuries that keep rearing their heads so it was touch and go if he would even run yesterday but he did and I’m so pleased he’s that one step further in his training.

7. T had a fantastic pony day. So today T came home!! 😁 Well for all of 20 minutes before we took her over the road to the stables where we left her until 4pm! No we didn’t abandon her to the horses, not that she would mind one bit if we did, but she had booked on an Outdoor Adventure day with a friend who rides in her lesson. She has done 3 pony days before but this was the first Outdoor Adventure one and her first this year. It’s no secret horse riding isn’t a cheap hobby so we tend to wait until the warmer weather comes before we start these not just because she will enjoy it more when it’s not -9 out there but also because we can usually stretch to one by around the Easter holidays. So after dropping her off and getting this one picture of the girls grooming the ponies she tells me she rode a 2 hour hack before more grooming, lunch, feeding the horses, a lesson in the school which was more of a fun games lesson really, more grooming and tacking up ponies for lessons! She had a great time and was so pleased with everything she had done when she came home which makes spending another day without her totally worthwhile 😊

That’s it, there are my 7, I would love to hear what has made you happy this week, however big or small!

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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I feel like I have been thinking about a lot of things this week, there have been days where my mind is so busy I forget to eat much and my brain is so full I can’t sleep properly.

There is nothing in particular wrong I just seem to take on the troubles of the world and everyone in it. The recent murders in London have been playing on my mind a lot this week.

The poor families of the 16 and 17 year old boy and girl that died of gunshot wounds after being shot within hours of each other. You just can’t even begin to comprehend their feelings but I have been thinking about them a lot.

How do people manage to drive past young adults walking along the street and gun them down and seemingly get away with it? The police have still arrested no one in connection with these deaths but have of course stepped up their stopping and searching powers because of the media attention. Weapons have been taken off the streets and people have been searched under an Act the police have put in force for several days where they don’t have to have any suspicion, the people just need to be in an area where violence has taken place.

Yes this is all great but the fact remains London has had more gun related murders every month of the year than New York this year.

Surely something can be done to stop this horrendous trend and prevent more families from losing their babies in nothing more than a postcode war.

These latest victims were not involved in gang violence and were both suspected of just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. How will their families ever get over this? How will they live in the same place knowing the same thing could happen again to another member of their family for absolutely no reason?

Where is the justice in this? When does it end?

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How I’ve beaten the Monday blues

But it’s bank holiday Monday, no work, there shouldn’t be any blues right? Well laying in my bed this morning it dawned on me today was one of those days where being by myself all day I was going to have to make a choice. I could either chose to stay in my bed and listen to the rain and be miserable all day missing my girl and wishing my husband hadn’t agreed to work or I could get off my backside and make the most of this time off. I chose the latter.

Here is how my day has panned out so far;

  • Firstly I got up and dressed, This in itself was effort seeing as I had no one to make myself look nice for apart from myself and no reason to drag myself out into the rain apart from to push away this lonely mood.
  • Lonely mood pushed away I went out to do a couple of errands and had a great time singing to power ballads in my car! (If you ever needed someone to shake you out of a slump Witney Houston has to be the one!)
  • When I got back I grabbed Poppy and took her round to see my next door neighbour. She loves Poppy and we ended up chatting for about an hour, I think we both appreciated the company.
  • Then I made lunch and forced myself to get straight back up and onto some ironing otherwise I knew I would start to get fed up again. During ironing my Nan skyped so we chatted for a while which was nice, She always knows when I’m on my own and checks in to make sure I’m ok.
  • Next I did some choir practise, we have broken up for Easter but we have a few gigs coming up starting with a charity ball in a posh hotel on the 12th May so she asked us all to keep in touch with the songs over the break. I felt really good after this and was so pleased I practised.
  • The rain stopped so I took Poppy out for a mile walk. Of course she was soaking wet and needed a wash when we got back but I didn’t let this dampen my mood- sorry bad joke- and after I got her all cleaned up I went straight upstairs and got changed for a workout.
  • This month is squat month for me! I’ve set myself a challenge to do one more every day starting with 30 yesterday. I know that’s quite a high number to start on but I can do 30 so I thought why start lower? So today I did 31 squats and a 25 minute ab workout and felt really good after.
  • Now I’m sat in our reading nook with a cup of tea and am going to read a few chapters of “I am Malala”. This book is already proving a powerful read and only up to chapter 4. It’s one that was left in my community library so I thought I would give it a try and I’m really pleased I did.

Now there are several things today I’ve felt anxious about doing;

Calling on my neighbour- what if she’s busy/ doesn’t want to talk to me/has a guest?

Practising for choir-what if I can’t remember the songs, I’ve not practised all week, I probably shouldn’t commit to the gigs because I will just mess up and make everyone else look bad.

Working out- why am I even doing this? Who will know if I don’t do it? Do I need to fulfil a challenge every month to keep myself happy? Do I focus too much on my body shape?

All these things I just went ahead and did anyway, I forced myself to do them because I knew I would feel better afterwards.

Spending time on your own isn’t going to be easy but today I overcame the anxious, lonely and unmotivated thoughts and became driven and proud of what I achieved.

It might not seem a lot for some people but this could have been a whole other day if I hadn’t forced myself out of bed this morning.

Get up and out, set yourself goals, even if they are only little ones, it will be worth it and you will feel better!

Lou x

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7 things week 10

1. Completing our 40 Random Acts of Kindness! I was so happy we finished this on a day where we could get out in the sun and feel like we made a difference. This project showed my little girl that giving is just as much fun as receiving and it’s not about getting things back in return but making other people happy with our random gifts. This is something that will stay with us for a long time.

2. Workouts with my girl. This month we smashed 13 workouts using kettlebells and our own body weight. A combination of HIIT and Ab workouts with some cycling and walking thrown in has meant this has been our best month this year and I am so proud of T’s commitment and enthusiasm even when she has had a long day she will always do just a few little exercises. Her confidence is improving and so is her strength. Next month we plan on changing it up a bit with new exercises to beat the Easter chocolate bulge!

3. New hair day! I decided to go lighter for the summer months and am so happy I did. Not only am I pleased with my hair but I also got a really good deal at the hairdressers so ended up getting two items for free which made my day even more!

4. My little ballerina made her Grade 1! 4 years of ballet and 4 exams later and she is now a Grade 1 and finally got her shield. Happy days!

5. Girls day. Friday we played beauty salons and made the most of no school for two weeks with hair chalks, braids and painted nails! After a great riding lesson we watched David Walliams Mr Stink and played games until T went to bed. I loved this day with my girl and will keep remembering it all week while she isn’t here.

6. Easter playdate! Our friends Zoe and Ruby came over for lunch and Easter fun, the girls had a great time making lots of Easter crafts and hunting Easter treats. I made the hunt a bit more testing this year and they had to complete an exercise for 30 seconds for every treat they found and with about 7 treats each that really got them moving! They were giggling and I felt good they managed to squeeze in some exercise even with the terrible rain we have had for the last two days.

7. Easter day with my girl. I picked T up from a sleepover this morning and when we got back the Easter bunny had been so we had the wettest, coldest Easter hunt I can remember round the garden! After counting up the bounty we stayed in the warm colouring for a while before braving a 2 mile walk with Poppy. We found a love rock on the way so it was all worthwhile! T was super happy with her new body warmer we got her for Easter too even if it wasn’t quite warm enough to wear it on the walk!

We were really pleased with how our Easter table turned out!

I will miss this little face now until Friday, it’s been so great spending the last few days with her but I know she will have a lovely week and hopefully I will get to talk to her at some point.

Being happy isnt as easy when you are suddenly all alone but it’s these times when it’s good to look back on the fun you’ve had and the happy memories you’ve created together. Still, sharing never gets any easier and I will be counting the days until she is back home again.

I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter and I’d love to hear what you got upto,

Thanks for reading

Lou x

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A well needed Easter Weekend and a proud Mummy moment.

I love Easter weekend, ever since I’ve had T I’ve been excited for it to come around. The promise of Easter playdates with friends, arts and crafts, Easter baking, hunts, making our little Easter display on the coffee table and of course the Easter bunny visiting!

This year is no exception, We have all of the above planned and I can’t wait! With T being on a residential trip last week and then at her Dad’s for most of the weekend I feel like it’s been a long time since I spent a whole day and night with her so I can’t wait to just have some fun times together.

It’s been a stressful week at times with money stresses causing me and Scott to snap at each other. With a two week half term it’s easy to get caught up in the “how many expensive activities are you doing this half term” race. We are very lucky for two reasons; T doesn’t expect anything expensive to happen. If we come out and say we are going to do an activity for the day she would be super happy and very greatful but she isn’t someone who wakes up asking to do expensive things like go out for dinner or go to the cinema. Secondly she is easily entertained and doesn’t need these activities to be entertained. She is just as happy going on a nature walk round the local country park as she is at a bowling alley, I could make cakes with her at a cost of £1.50 and she would be as happy with her creation as if we had gone and made some expensive pottery some where.

She’s a good kid and I’m thankful with how she’s turning out.

This weekend is going to be spent appreciating my time with her as per usual I have to share so from Sunday evening she is gone. Unfortunately this weekend isn’t one we can spend as a family as Scott works the whole weekend so we just have to make the most of doing things just me and her.

Today has been a great start, she got her Grade 1 ballet exam results and she passed with Merit 😁 She is super happy as you can see and so are we. What better way to celebrate than a fish and chip dinner! It’s been a long time since we had fish and chips and we don’t really buy takeaways so this was a real treat for both of us!

I hope you all have a great weekend planned with your loved ones and I would love to hear what you are getting up to.

Lou x

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40 Random Acts of Kindness complete!

Wow we have finished 40 Random Acts of Kindness of kindness for lent! We did it and I’m so pleased we did. It really has given us such a great feeling leaving random gifts around and passing on kindness to people that deserve it. T has spent time and effort completing each little act knowing she isn’t going to get anything out of it herself and it hasn’t bothered her. Now we have done this I don’t see why every now and then we can’t just do something nice randomly, kindness doesn’t have to cost anything and I really hope our 40 acts have made a difference in a small way in our little part of the world.

Here are our final 4!

37. Help others have a positive year– I left this little diary in a bathroom some where and hope it made someone smile when they found it. Every month has a new inspiring quote inside, I wanted to keep it so much but already have a diary and thought it could really make someone happy so I parted with it.

38. Buy someone their favourite thing– I gave my best friend this packet of wasabi peas, yuk, but she immediately opened them and started eating! Job done!

39. Let someone know they are appreciated– I left this little box in a bathroom cubicle, it contained a really cute little moisturiser and I hope someone found it and took it home.

40. Leave a rainbow to brighten people’s day! This we made this afternoon and took to our local country park to stick on a notice board there. I think the rainbows turned out great and hopefully they get taken away and make people smile!

Now to look forward to our Easter break and feeling great about all the little things we have done over the last 40 days! 😁

Spread some kindness if you can, it might make someone’s day!

Lou x

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Goodbye Winter hello workouts!

It’s amazing how different just a few pounds in weight can make you feel. It can be the difference between feeling confident and attractive to uncomfortable and unhealthy. As we shift our clothing to cover our problem areas and change how we sit to show our body at its best while comparing ourselves to others it becomes clear we are more unhappy than we thought with the recent changes.

Only we can motivate ourselves to say goodbye to recent weeks of hot chocolates and cakes. It’s time to step up the workout routine which due to commitments -homework/choir/ residential trip packing- has not been as full on as the previous two months.

It’s time to start filling my spare time with workouts for me. Working out with T is fab, she is more confident and stronger and we enjoy workouts together but she is isn’t always here and it’s time for me to stop slacking and start working out alone again.

Just this week I have walked 8 miles and that is only the walks I have tracked, the school runs and general daily activity aren’t included in that. I’ve also managed to fit in 3 ab workouts with my kettle bell, one with T before she went away and two on my own.

Of course I’m not seeing a difference just yet but I feel pleased I have motivated myself to do it. I know my walking will only increase now the clocks have changed and the evenings will be lighter, I can’t wait to be able to walk to a pub 2 miles away on an evening have dinner outside and walk back again. I have a walking challenge to beat this year also, last year I challenged myself to walk as many miles as I could in a month and was amazed I walked 81 miles!

Is everyone more motivated to excercise in the summer?

What motivates you to work out alone?

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7 things that made me happy week 9!

1. Hiding love rocks with these two. Sunday was bitter cold, There was snow on the ground and after playing inside for a few hours these two were desperate to walk Poppy so off we went and hid a few love rocks we had collected over the last few weeks. Even though it was freezing the girls had fun hiding the rocks and posting clues online so they could be found.

2. T going off on her first residential super happy and excited. Not only did she go off excited she came back having had a brilliant time! She has memories she will treasure forever and took part in some great outdoor activities along with filming in their little film studio. Apart from being completely shattered she loved it and so I’m so happy she had the chance to do it.

3. Playing monopoly. What’s the best way to cheer yourself up when you are missing your little person? Monopoly of course! Just because Scott beats me every time we play scrabble it doesn’t mean he is going to beat me at this right? Wrong! Turns out I’m no property tycoon and end up winging my way through each round but still losing in a big way! What a giggle though.

4. A mini spa day! Friday my sister in law and I went for a spa treatment at a local spa. We both had vouchers to use and it was such a lovely morning finished by a spot of lunch at the nearby pub it was a perfect way to spend a Friday morning and I would like to do it every Friday please! 😁

5. Finding a bargain body warmer for T. I always like to get T a little present for Easter rather than a really expensive Easter egg and this year in particular I thought she deserved something nice after our 40 acts of kindness are drawing to a close. She’s been after a bodywarmer for a while and after searching around a whole load of shops I finally found one for a bargain price and I’m thrilled to bits with it. I can’t wait to give it to her next Sunday now.

6. Booking in lots of dates with my best friend. Now my best friend, who is probably reading this, is ditzy to say the least. The last two dates we have said we will visit her she has double booked us and cancelled and with her living 1 hour away now we don’t see each other anywhere near as much as we used to. Last night we actually booked in more than one date where we have plans together and with T also which is great as she is T’s godmother and T loves spending time with her. Now I’m not holding out much hope that all of them will happen but I’m hoping for at least 2 out of 3 so fingers crossed! 😂

7. A coffee date with a friend. This morning I met up with a friend for coffee at a new Costa near us. It was great to chat and enjoy a vanilla latte for an hour or so and the amount of sugar in the coffee gave me enough energy to come home and walk Poppy for 3 miles! 😂

I hope you have all had a great week and I’d love to hear what you have got upto!

Thanks for reading,

Lou x

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40 Random Acts of Kindness almost over!

Wow I’m so amazed we are nearly at the end of 40 acts of kindness! I’m so proud of everything we have achieved so far, something I heard this week “we can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone.” I think this is a great reason for everyone to try and and do something kind for others if they can.

Here is our updated list!

29. Leave positive notes for people to find. So I found this passage online and just loved it from the start. I wrote it out three times and got T to decorate the paper then we folded them and left two on cars on the way to school and T left one in her school library which a teacher found and told me she nearly cried when she read it and thought it was so lovely!

30. This was a tricky day because I spent all day cleaning, walking Poppy then bathing Poppy after said walk! We decided to spend time this evening writing a card to a friend to let them know we are thinking about them. T enjoyed doing it and we posted it the very next day! Sadly we forgot to take a picture but I hope the pretty pink envelope has found it’s owner by now!

31. Take the time to listen to someone. My friend invited me over for brunch and I really had a lovely time chatting and catching up with her, We both had a good moan about various things and it was just a great morning.

32. Let someone go ahead of you in the supermarket. Scott kept things going with this one because I wasn’t there but he let a woman with a baby and only two items pass him at the checkout. I’m sure she appreciated it.

33. Think of our four legged friends. I left this little goodie bag at a popular spot for dog walks and when I checked on it the next day some treats had been taken and the following day it was gone. 😊

34. Offer to do a favour for someone without asking for anything in return- T gave up her swing in the playpark for someone that had no one to play with and looked sad. Then she let someone go infront of her in the lunch queue at school.

35. Promote good blogs so others can enjoy them too! So this week I took time writing nominations for the Liebster Award. I was so happy to be nominated so I could cross this one off my list and show others what great blogs are out there! I really enjoyed this one almost as much as I enjoy following these blogs 😁

36. Be kind to yourself. Today has been an up and down day. It started off well but I’ve been missing my mini me this afternoon and have been tough to be around so tonight I’m going to be kind to myself- no one is perfect all the time, sometimes being kind to yourself is the hardest thing to do and how can you carry on helping others if you don’t help yourself first.

Thanks so much for reading, the last few should be good ones and I will update you next week with our final post of 40 acts!

Lou x