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Adult braces- the metal bar

So today I got my metal bar fitted ready to get my braces and oh my word this us going to take some getting used to! It feels like right now I have this alien object in my mouth which prevents me from swallowing properly, eating and gives me a slight lisp!

I just tried to eat my first meal of soft white fish, broccoli and new potatoes, so I could basically suck the potatoes and fish until it disappeared but I don’t think I will ever eat broccoli again after it got completely tangled in the bar and I had to go look in a mirror to remove it! 😯

I’m actually worried I’m never going to be able to eat anything in public ever again that isn’t soup! Thank god it’s getting colder now so that doesn’t look so out of place! I still haven’t told anyone at work what I’m doing so we will see if they notice the slight lisp that seems to now come out on certain words! Typical I started training two new people today so surely they will notice a difference in my speech tomorrow? Guess I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it! At least you can’t see anything yet unless I do a huge smile but I cant see that happening any time soon!

Now to wait for my teeth to come out and braces to be fitted just before Christmas, the journey continues!

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Financial security over emotional security?

As I’ve moved through my adult life it’s always amazed me how much value people place on having financial security, me included.
I’ve been at both ends of the spectrum, a single mum working part time receiving help from the government to pay my rent and bills and actually having more money than I needed every month. At this time in my life I was lonely,  but I had no worry about my rent or bills being paid by the money I had coming in. I had the ability to work part time while my daughter was at nursery, we ate well and were warm.

Fast forward to now I’m happily married and we have a house I could only dream of but the only thing we ever argue about is money. Don’t get me wrong we aren’t financially unstable but every month we have to budget every penny to be able to save for the big things like Christmas and birthday and if an unexpected expense comes up we can struggle. But I’m happier than I have ever been and I am are extremely lucky to have a large, healthy extended family.

So this got me thinking, I know so many people who a have different views on money, for some it’s a commodity to be used and abused and worried about one day in the distant future, others will not even go so far as to spend on a seaside treat or takeaway meal without it being a special occasion.

I’m a worrier, any uncertainty causes me to need massive reassurance and explanation on how we are going to resolve things, I plan and re plan on a regular basis and often get made fun of for how organised I am but that’s just me. So right now I am the most emotionally secure I have ever been and even though we have far less disposable income than when I was on my own I feel ready to deal with any financial challenge life throws at me because I know I wouldn’t have to deal with it alone.

So what is more important? Being emotionally secure or financially secure? Or can you have both? Or are both equally as important?

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Childhood friendships

So my little girl is 6 and is lucky to have some very good friends. One of those very good friends she has had to sleep over tonight. Once she arrived it was talking at 100 mph, giggles, hugs and excitement like I’ve never seen. Plans were made and beds were laid out. Mid night snacks were discussed and beds were jumped on.  With this amount of energy it was time to take Poppy for a walk. 20161026_175118.jpg

After our walk the play room was decorated for Halloween and then it was pj time. There were snacks and drinks while secrets were written in diaries and then giggling and talking until I started to get sleepy!

All this makes me so happy.

My little girl doesn’t have a sister but this is probably the closest she will ever have to one and it makes my heart melt. The innocent fun of these two beautiful little girls is just simply what happiness is made 0f. Bonds like this are rarely broken and it’s my hope that this friendship remains long into their lives because they are both so similar in their interests and qualities they are like carbon copies of each other in many ways. Never a cross word between them and always thinking of each other they really are two selfless little humans and I can’t wait until they wake up to the surprise in the morning that we are taking them to see Trolls as a treat.

Send ear plugs for when I tell the little darlings please! 😊



Today I’m feeling mostly frustrated. Frustrated that I’m still waiting for my next orthodontist appointment as it got cancelled for another week away, that we had computer problems at work today so I couldnt train to my full potential and frustrated I seem to have had so much to do the last couple of days I haven’t had time to do the things I’d planned like finish my wedding album!

All this is finished off by the fact I don’t seem to have time to write anything constructive on my blog! So I’m sorry my lovely followers I will try and schedule some time in tomorrow to write worthwhile post!

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Precious pumpkin memories

Today has been filled with the joys of pumpkin picking! 🎃  now our house is filled with all sorts of squashes, pumpkins, gourds and is looking beautifully autumnal I’m sitting with a mug of tea feeling happy with our achievements today. We didn’t do much in the way of  chores and the DIY didn’t get done but we made the little one smile, lots, and that is far more important. I had my hair put in 4 different plaits, we walked the puppy, picked pumpkins and she had a great riding lesson this morning. Sometimes we just have to prioritise, so guess who will be catching up on the chores all week while munchkin is away for half term? 😉 sacrifices worth making when I see that smile.20161023_141730


The waiting game

Sometimes I feel like life is just a waiting game, here is a list of things I am currently waiting for;

The parent learning morning at my daughters school
Wacky socks day – again at school
My best friend to come back from holiday two more friends to go on holiday so I can wish them well
A friend to get back to me about dinner next week
My nail technician to let me know if I can change my appointment
My next orthodontist appointment on Friday
Discount day to start on Friday so we can order lots of our Xmas presents online
My husband to pick up his new car tomorrow
Tickets to come online so we can book for the cinema in half term and two packages to arrive!

And this is just in the next few days!

Anyone else feel like they ever just wish there was nothing going on? Or would life be extremely boring and uninteresting if we had nothing to remember/ write in our diary or on the calendar or make calls or send emails about?
Maybe I should go and live in a cabin in the woods for a month and see how I like it!

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He’s coming home

So my husband has been away this last week and although I have felt incredibly lucky to have had so many good friends come over or invite me out I have still missed him terribly.

Just in this last week it feels like the puppy has grown, our little girl has become yet more independent and I have continued to write more blogs that he tells me he is very proud of but nothing can compare to him being here. I can’t wait for our home to feel complete again instead of feeling like there is a piece missing out of everything we do. Today has been the longest day, although some of it was spent shopping for Christmas present ideas I just felt like there was a void at times only he could fill.

This reminds me just how lucky we are to have found him and how greatful we are for him every day.

So to all those whose partners are away long term or on a regular basis I salute you because this is not easy and it’s not fun! Skype is your best friend but nothing compares to that big squeeze at the end of a long day or that moment he lifts your legs over the top of his while watching TV because he knows you like to snuggle in or when something beautiful happens like the moment there is an amazing sunrise and you have no one to share it with!20161016_071941.jpg

So now as I go off to bed, which is currently filled with my little girl, I will be thankful for our last girly sleepover and also thankful that tomorrow night I will finally get that hug.

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Puppy love

Getting a puppy was always on the cards one day as my husband and I both had already owned dogs in previous years and so were excited to start the journey together one day. We have been telling people how she is going to grow up with our little girl and it’s mainly for her to enjoy 20161014_144039.jpgowning a pet and learning to care for one herself but as I sit here with my portable hot water bottle (the puppy) covering my lap I know I wanted this puppy as a companion for me just as much as my daughter did.

The love and affection a dog provides is similar to that of a child, they depend on you for not only food but love, stimulation and a safe and comfortable family home. Now while I sit here the greatful recipient of these puppy cuddles I am beyond happy we are starting this journey now and cannot wait for us to learn and grow together.

Here’s to many years of happy puppy adventures 🐾

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My happy place

My favourite happy place, because it’s not against the law to have more than one, has to be the first place my husband and I ever went away together. It’s a little town called Cullompton in Devon, we rent a lodge there for a long weekend in February and spend our days exploring the beauty that is Dartmoor and the surrounding villages and our evenings relaxing in the hot tub looking up at the winter stars or inside drinking tea by the log burner. It really is as magical as it sounds.

Here is where our love blossomed and we first truly knew we would be together forever. Exploring the wild beauty of Dartmoor and climbing past cascading waterfalls with rosy cheeks and breathless from the cold but loving every minute of being outdoors and each loving that the other loved it too was what really drew us together and pulled us into talking for hours while soaking in the tub in the evenings.

There is something about driving through the clouds on the mountain tops and stopping at somewhere you don’t really know where you are just to look around you and say “wow, this place really is amazing.” There is an awe that just gets me about the endless moors all around you for as far as you can see and how you are so cut off from the rest of the world, there is no 4G there, no Facebook, no WhatsApp and no phone signal! And what did we do at the top of this beauty spot in the middle of Dartmoor? We hugged and just took it all in.

Then we made our way back along the winding roads, following signs like people used to do because there is no signal for the sat nav over there, and gradually making our way back to our cosy little lodge which will always hold such a special place in my heart as being the base for the place our love was truly and really realised, Devon.

Where are your happy places and why?

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