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My Career…or not.

So today was a particularly testing day the office and it got me thinking, what do I want to do when I grow up? I mean I am a grown up but I often don’t really feel like I have a career. I fell into this job by accident, I work in a call centre and 6 months after starting there I was given the job of training someone new. It just carried on from there and I’ve been training for nearly 6 years now. Mostly I enjoy it, its a challenge getting given this blank canvas and by the time you have finished with it, it knows how to do a job which you taught it to do. There is satisfaction. Then there is the building a bond part, I like that I have the first week or two with the new members of staff, I get to show them around, introduce them to people, and help them feel at ease in their new job. This often means I still talk to people even when they move off to different departments because I was the first person they met on day 1 at their new job. I like that.

Then there are the downsides, you have to repeat yourself a lot with the high turnover that we have so I don’t just meet a few new people, I meet a lot. This is fine but the subject matter stays the same, I have read these same slides a million times and only show them on the screen for the benefit of the new person now. This is manageable as I like consistency and thrive when i’m confident in myself and what I’m doing but by the end of the week I am always sick of the sound of my own voice. I often wonder if other professions get the same, teachers, hairdressers, anyone else that talks about the same thing all day must feel this way too. Another downside is not everyone gets my training. Now what I do isnt rocket science, it really isnt and I am a very patient person, (at work), but some people you can give all the training in the world to and it just doesn’t sink in. I used to take this as a personal failure and spend as long as was allowed to with this person but these days I have more staff and less time so cant afford that luxury. I do think there is a job suited to everyone out there, some people just arent suited to this.

So back to today and I started to find myself daydreaming about what I would really like to do with my life, while I was waiting for this poor person to finish the task I had set them, again. This is a job I do because its works for me. I have flexible hours, good pay and I work with some decent people but I didnt grow up wanting to be a staff trainer in a call centre, its not my lifes ambition.

So did I actually have a lifes ambition I begin to wonder, I’ve always loved history and wanted to be an archaeologist until I realised there wasnt much work and it would involve a lot of digging in the ground, my parents were great at reminding me how much I hated spiders. Before this job I worked in a childrens home for vulnerable young women, this is a job I will never forget, these girls had experienced the worst of life to get where they were and had such deep seeded issues they were extremely hard to get through to in many ways. That said when I wasnt being attacked or injured I loved this job. There were days when I really felt like I had got through to some of the girls and we would work on things and they would smile and life was good. Unfortunately the bad outweighed the good and I left this because I couldnt cope with the injuries I received on a regular basis and looking after a small child at home. This isnt to say I wouldn’t go back to something like this in the future just maybe not such an extreme setting. Some of those girls faces and stories will never leave me, the good and bad, and in some small ways I hope I made a difference to their lives. I think I want a job where I feel I am making a difference again. Not just churning out yet another employee that will only leave within a few months anyway for greener grass.

One day when I dont need the flexibility and security this job gives me, when T is older and doesnt need me so much, I might be able to look for something where I can make a difference. For now I feel like I need a project, something I can be proud of, make a mark on, to get my teeth into, but where to go from here. Who knows? Volunteering? I dont know where to even start.

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What Sundays are all about

This has been a cosy weekend of fires, hot chocolates, biscuits, catch ups and getting organised. Having some time to myself today I woke up with a positive outlook on the day I was going to get things accomplished so when everyone gets home we can just have fun. Well it’s not long until this house will be full again and I’m sitting here in front of my fire relaxing in my new socks having cuddles with our bundle of fluff. With dinner soon in the oven this is what grey winter Sundays are meant for.

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Sunshine Bloggers Award

Sunshine Award
First of all, I am so chuffed to have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Savy Geekmom ☺ Kat.


Technically this isn’t an official “award” per say, but it is an award in terms of spreading good cheer and passing on great bloggers who have inspired you, made you laugh, or simply touched a part of your life. That said, I think this is a great idea to spread the cheer and discover other great blogs and talented bloggers.

So here are the “rules” to the Sunshine Blogger Award.

* Thank the person(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.

* Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.

* Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.

* List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or on your blog.

I hope we can spread the cheer and make blogging a positively inspiring community!


Savy Geekmom

1.Tell us about your blog.

I started my blog as a way to communicate with other braces wearing adults, so I could find out what it was like before I started my journey and get help and advice during it. Since then I’ve started using this space as an almost diary, I talk about subjects close to my heart and am enjoying sharing my experiences and opinions with those of you that like to read!

2.Tell us the most awesome thing about yourself. It can be anything from a talent, a characteristic, a look, etc. As long as it’s something POSITIVE about yourself!

I’m great at raising a daughter! (I honestly think I would suck at raising a son!)

3.What was the happiest moment of your life so far?

The moment I first set eyes on my daughter and the moment I walked down the aisle a wife.

4.What cartoon character would you want to represent you in a cartoon show?

Lara Croft! Haha apart from owning a few pairs of brown knee highs in my lifetime I’ve got nothing in common with her apart from I like to pretend to be her when climbing round waterfalls in Devon! Can’t believe I’m admitting this 😂

5.Share a favorite song that you love to help you relax or get you motivated.  If you can find it on YouTube, link to the video so we can hear it.

Kodaline – The One

I walked down the aisle to this song and it still makes me tear up when I hear the first verse.
6.What object or pet in your life could you never live without because it makes you happy?

Poppy our puppy, our adorable bundle of fluff we have had for 5 months now!

7.Are you a morning person or a night owl? Is this when you are inspired to blog the most?

Hmmm I’m productive in the mornings but think more at night and that is usually when I write.

8.What colour makes you happy and motivated?

Pink makes me happy when I see my little girl wearing it.

9.What scent makes you smile because it reminds you of someone or something in your life?

Cinnamon makes me happy around Christmas time as it reminds me of our open fires and Christmas trees.

10.What blog post did you have the most fun writing?

I really loved sharing about my day in London recently, I don’t think I’ve ever added so many pictures and really enjoyed writing it.  I also was bowled over by the response I got when I wrote about my braces getting fitted. I wasn’t expecting anything much than to maybe help someone somewhere with my experience but I the positive comments and advice I received was amazing so thank you!
11.Share a favorite inspiring quote.

Friendship isn’t about who has been there the longest but who has said I’m there for you and proved it.

Here are my sunshine award nominees, please go and read their fantastic blogs, follow them and continue spreading the Sunshine blogger award!


One Blue Sail

PT contender


Muma on the Edge


Chai & biscuits

Bug Bytes

My perfect breakdown
I’ve only listed 9 blogs so here are my 9 questions

1. Tell us about your blog

2. Tell us your favourite quote from a movie and why?

3. What favourite item or pet could you not live without?

4. What is your greatest achievement? It can be big or small, just something you are proud of.

5. When are you most happy? Do you mostly blog at this time?

6. Share a favorite song that you love to help you relax or get you motivated.  If you can find it on YouTube, link to the video so we can hear it.

7. What was your favourite blog post to write and why?

8. Name something you still want to achieve in life, anything from building this blog to doing a skydive!

9. What is your favorite wintertime family activity?

I hope you enjoy taking part in the Sunshine blogger award as much as I did and keep passing it on!

Lou xxx

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I’ve been thinking about writing a blog about friendships for a little while and how we all change over time as we grow and evolve into different people. Some people don’t change, some stay the same as they always were. Others find they place in life, their happy and change to fit their lives around that. Because of this some friendships are built to last and some are not. Some people change with you, some do not. Then you meet new people with the same thoughts and values as you and start to realise the world is a big place and there could be more people out there like you its just a case of meeting them and starting a friendship. The ones that stick around, that accept your changes and are happy for you they are few and far between but that’s ok because life is full of people we meet and are in our lives for a purpose at that particular time. Some of these people end up in our lives for longer than others, some we become close to but then eventually drift away from. Some there are just too many differences to be close for ever. Some no matter how hard you try seem to want to close the door and say goodbye. Others the time comes when closing the door is the only option as the differences are too great.
All this is only important in a small proportion of our lives because the most important thing is family. When I had my daughter my world immediately revolved around her, then when I separated from her father my friends helped me get through tough times and my world still revolved around her. Now I have found my husband I have someone who wants to share her childhood with me and it’s amazing. If we are lucky in life we find friends who want to share this journey with us but building lasting friendships is just like building a lasting relationship, it takes work,  commitment, give and take, on both sides and most of all effort. Once the cracks start to show sometimes this is the beginning of the end, sometimes not.
The main thing is we surround ourselves with people we can be honest and open around and who make us laugh. Life is too short and full of too much stress to let anyone or anything else unnecessarily bring you down.
Be happy, if you can’t it’s time for a change.

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Our day in London

So Saturday was a day Tiana and I had been looking forward to since her birthday, we were off for a girls day out to London as her main present was a ticket to see Matilda the musical! All our family put towards her ticket and Scott and I paid for the rest of the day. T was so excited she had a countdown she had been checking off since her birthday on 2nd January and had her outfit planned and little bag packed ready!

Off we went at 9am ready to get the train, this is something she has only done a handful of times so she was already excited! On the train we played games and treated ourselves to a chocolate muffin to share during the hour trip.

On arriving in London we had a planned route of places to go before the show at 2pm so we could fit in as much as possible into our day. We started at the monument, T’s last topic at school was the great fire of London so she was really excited to see this as she already knew it’s significance. It really was something, taller than the surrounding buildings it hits you as soon as you step out of the underground.

After this we were back on the tube to Westminster to show T Big Ben and the London Eye. The first words were “wow that’s so tall!” ,again, I was loving showing her the sights.

After taking some photos here we were off to see the Queen! Well Buckingham palace anyway. T was just as impressed by the huge gold gates as we walked across Green Park but we were lucky enough to see some of the Queens horses as we walked up to the gates of the palace. A quick wave to the Queen and were were off again!

We stopped for some lunch after this and then had a quick chance for some photos with a street performer on the way to find the biggest toy store in London, Hamleys! T had some birthday money to spend and chose to buy a London bear and a new outfit for her build a bear Hollie.

After this it was time to get to the show! After a quick stop to get T a keying for her collection we took our seats. I would recommend this musical to anyone! Its a fantastically fun filled story with adventure, courage and a little bit of naughtiness thrown in! We loved it! We really did have a fantastic day and all T kept saying on the train home was how sad she was it was all over! I feel the same and enjoyed so much my day getting my little T round London that although we were both exhausted I cant wait to take her back again.

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Just for me

Today I received a parcel I’ve been waiting for and was so excited to get, I received my prize for winning a competition on the brilliant Muma on the Edge  blog!

All lovingly wrapped in pink tissue paper my Muma’s winter survival kit is just what I needed and best of all its just for me! 😍 I can’t remember the last time a parcel came in the post for me that I didn’t buy or wasn’t for someone else so thank you Muma on the Edge I’m loving it! 😙


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Beautiful with braces

So its been 4 weeks since I had this contraption fitted to my mouth! 4 weeks since I could bite down properly on food, smile without feeling self conscious and get through a day without a pain somewhere of some sort!
Every single day I’m finding foods still I can’t eat without it hurting my teeth, gums or lips and some foods I can eat but still get caught up in the braces more than others.
I have no need to take pain killers any more but still every single day I will be in pain with my lips rubbing on the braces, always in a different place it seems! I guess this is because my teeth are moving so different areas of my mouth will get irritated on my wires all the time.
Bongela is still my best friend and I apply it first thing each day after cleaning my teeth, then again after cleaning them at work at lunch- not easy in a 30 minute lunch but has to be done, and then again before bed time.
I can now get through the day without using wax and just apply it overnight over all my main sore areas otherwise I start the day with deep lines in my inside lips where I have had my mouth closed all night.
There are some days I’m applying bongela more as I’m talking more in my job role some days more than others and some days as soon as I get home the wax goes on and it’s instant relief!
I’m slowly feeling more confident in my skin with my braces on. I’ve lost a lot of weight and so now feel uncomfortable in some clothes as they are too big on me but I’m finding I worry less about what people are thinking as I’m talking now. Although my hand still comes up to cover my mouth if I am full on laughing because I’m wary it’s quite a sight with a full on mouth of braces!
When it comes to eating I mostly cover my mouth if I have anything I have to chew much just because a lot of the time I’m worried about biting down too hard and braking my wires and it just doesn’t feel right biting down, it’s hard to explain.
Over the last week I’ve started to accept compliments on how I’m looking so much happier lately and how healthy I look along with even some saying my whole smile looks different already!
I think I can it takes time and the first month has been really tough at times but with the right support and encouragement you can feel beautiful with braces ❤

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Best laid plans

When I started this blog I knew it would be honest if nothing else, so here goes today has mostly been a pretty rubbish day! Waking up to another grey and wet dreary day instantly put a block on my plans to test out my new walking boots and find a new place in the countryside to walk as it was a morning just us two. Instead as the rain came down we decided to work out our money situation up until payday, this was not a great start to the day. As usual we spent out over our Christmas ensuring our friends and family got everything we wanted to buy them but as usual we left ourselves short for January. Every year is the same and January is always a struggle but today working out just how much we dont have until we get paid really brought me down. I think it was a culmination of a few things that added to how much it affected me, I had a couple of friends that for various reasons let me down at the last minute on plans this weekend and as a large part of it was spent on my own that meant it was quite lonely at times. When this happens and I dont have T at home I just miss her even more and I found myself sitting in her room yesterday just longing for her to be home. On the flip side I did manage to arrange a couple of last minute plans with friends which worked out really nicely, I guess its not always the best laid plans that work out the best. I’m struggling to see where I fit in and am having a lot of self doubt with friends lately so it was just nice to have a couple of impromtu meets with people who I could relax around entirely and just be myself. Another positive was Scott’s Christmas work do last night, again I was not feeling up for going out and especially being in a room of people I didnt know and who I’d never met, nervous braces talk again, but it was actually a really fun evening, and he works with a lot of very lovely people!

So back to today after we wrote our spreadsheet on just how much money we dont have we took the dog on a short walk and I worked on my 1000 piece jigsaw for over an hour until T came through the door! It seems feeling like I dont belong, the bad weather spoiling my plans and our lack of funds just put me in a really low mood and all I needed was my little girl to come home and be close to me. The minute she walked in the door my mood improved, I was kissing her face, holding her on my lap while asking all about her weekend then dressing her up for a family birthday tea this afternoon. I think I just needed to feel like I had a purpose. I felt like I had failed at managing our money, failed at arranging an activity for me and Scott to do because the weather was awful and failed at meeting up with friends as for whatever reasons they cancelled on me. I needed the one thing here that I know I havent failed at, being a Mummy.


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Happiness Jar

So I saw this on lizalizaskysaregrey blog and decided I had to do it. Instead of a new years resolution you forget in a few months I’ve written all my hopes and dreams for this year along with a few positive vibes I need to focus on when things get tough. I’ve put a few pretty things in there along with lots of little hearts so it makes me smile when I look at it. It’s going on a shelf where I can see it and I’m planning to look at it every now and then and see how I’m doing and if there is anything I can add to it. I just really liked the idea of a different way to look at 2017.


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Winter hibernation

These past few weeks I have mostly been focusing on myself and my family. Friends have been easy to keep in touch with via text but to actually meet up, no. Christmas and New year is meant to be a time for family anyway and then we have T’s birthday which took a little while to plan and pull off and my sister visiting all last weekend. Now we are back at work and school and the weather has turned cold and is mostly dark I just feel like most evenings I don’t want to do anything but sit and play with the puppy or carry on working on my 1000 piece jigsaw I got for Christmas, it might be finished by next Christmas at this rate. My point is once you are in from a day in the cold and it’s dark outside, I mean really dark, I just don’t want to go out! Couple that with the lack of money we always have at this time of year and I have turned into a hermit unless I’m walking the dog or walking to school I’m not making any plans to go out!

But I’ll be honest the offers to catch up haven’t exactly been flowing in either so I’m thinking most people are just the same. We are all just on winter hibernation! I’m sure normal service will be resumed by Spring and I will once again want to make plans and see people outside of the playground and work but for now just call me a bear on winter sleep! 😄